Sonnen sturm 1

alias Stormy o. Sonne, nicht SonneN

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  • Ich lebe in every Wiki
  • Ich arbeite als the person who tells you that Inuyasha was probably not vaccined during all his visits to modern Japan, an isolated island. Now let that sink in.
  • Ich bin Kimu Possibiru
  • Biografie My name is Sonnen sturm 1 and I only installed the FANDOM app to fill in this space. I'm usually working in the german Warrior Cats Wiki as a content moderator. My main fandoms are the Warriors Series by Erin Hunter, Pokémon, Inu Yasha, Disney's Frozen, Animal Crossing, and a few more.

    Note: be careful when trading pokémon in the gen6 gts. There are currently several hackers around.
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