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Light Novel, OVA

10 Tokyo Warriors (倒凶十将伝, Tokyo Jushoden) is a Japanese light novel series written by Takeshi Shouji and illustrated by Satoru Yuiga. The novel was published to 13 volumes by Sonorama Bunko, gaining a 6-episode OVA adaptation from 1999–2000 (episodes 1–3) to 2001–2002 (episodes 4–6) by Zexcs. The series was licensed in English by Media Blasters and broadcast in the United States by Encore Action in 2007.

Plot[edit | edit source]

400 years ago in Japan's feudal era, an evil lord named the Demon King used his band of demons, the Kyouma, to wreak havoc upon the country. Only the combined bravery of ten warriors could stop him; and was sealed away and the Kyouma put down. But now in present day, Lord Shindigan, one of the surviving Kyouma, plans to free the Demon King from his imprisonment. The reincarnations of the legendary warriors must band together to stop him and save the world.

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