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Aim for the Ace!, known in Japan as Ace o Nerae! (エースをねらえ!, Ēsu o Nerae!), is a Jaapnese manga series written and illustrated by Sumika Yamamoto. The manga was adapted into an anime television series in 1973 by Tokyo Movie which was originally broadcast on Mainichi Broadcasting System between 1973 and 1974. Due to its initial poor ratings in Japan, the series was cancelled with half the original intended number of episodes. However, a few years later with high ratings in reruns of the series, a remake was announced. The second anime series was also produced by Tokyo Movie and was directed by Minoru Okazaki. Titled Shin Ace o Nerae! (新エースをねらえ!, Shin Ēsu o Nerae!, lit. "New Ace o Nerae!"), it was broadcast by Nippon Television from October 14, 1978, to March 31, 1979. It also spawned another anime television and an anime film in the 1970s, two original video animations in the 1980s, a live-action Japanese television drama in 2004, and many types of Aim for the Ace!-related merchandise.


Heroine, Hiromi Oka, has just entered a high school famous for its tennis club. She has started playing tennis yearning after Madam Butterfly. She was expecting to enjoy playing tennis with her best friend, Maki, but the situation changes when the new coach, Mr. Munakata, suddenly picks out Hiromi to be one of the players for the upcoming tournament and starts giving Hiromi tough lessons. She strives under any circumstance. The more the new coach gives her training, the better she seems to get. Finally she becomes the representative in the junior match tournament.

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