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Akaboshi- Ibun Suikoden

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Akaboshi: Ibun Suikoden (AKABOSHI -異聞水滸伝-, Akaboshi: Ibun Suikoden, lit. "Akaboshi: Strange Tale of the Water Margin") is a shōnen manga series written and illustrated by Yōichi Amano. It ran weekly in Weekly Shōnen Jump beginning from May 2009. The story is based on a Chinese novel, Shui Hu Zhuan also known as Water Margin, and is set in the year 1112 in China. Amano Youichi is also the author of Over Time and various one shots such as Cross Beat, Live Alive, Season Call, Usagi to Kame to Strike. Akaboshi - Ibun Suikoden currently has 24 Chapters.


Taisou is one of the "108 Stars of Destiny" and is part of the chivalrous band of thieves, "Taiten-Gyoudou". He follows his master's orders and eliminates corrupt government officials. He has fought and defeated various officials until he is called for a more important mission. He was sent to recruit Oushin, the martial arts trainer for the government army, to join their cause. However, Oushin was too loyal to the government and refused. After their conversation, Oushin was attacked by the government for suspicious connections with the "Taiten-Gyoudou".Oushin was able to escape after Taisou and Rinchuu, Oushin's assistant, team up to defeat the assassin. After the battle, Oushin decides to remain neutral, but entrusts Rinchuu to Taisou and the "Taiten-Gyoudou".

Taisou, Suiren, and Rinchuu then gather together and head towards the secret home base of the "Taiten-Gyoudou". There, Suiren and Rinchuu meet many of the current members of the rebel group, as well as its leader. Taisou's next mission is to take over the headquarters of Ryouzanpaku, a group of thieves, and make it their new home. There, the trio needs to complete two tests in order to gain entrance to Ryouzanpaku. The group battles the thieves of Ryouzanpaku and defeat them. After they enter the mountain, the leader of the thieves reveals his evil intentions and allows government assassins to enter the mountain. A great battle ensues where Taisou, Suiren, and Rinchuu team up with the thieves to fend off the government attack.

Exhausted from their previous fight, Taisou and Rinchuu desperately needed reinforcements. At that moment, the rest of the "Taiten-Gyoudou" arrive and help. Here, Taisou learns of his innate "Star" ability and activates it. He defeats the rest of the assassins and secures the mountain for the rebel group.

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