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Akak ichi No Eleven (赤き血のイレブン, Akak ichi No Eleven) is a manga written by Ikki Kajiwara and illustrated by Mitsuyoshi Sonoda.

The anime series aired in Japan on Nippon Television from 13 April 1970 to 5 April 1971, every Monday. In Italy, it was broadcast for the first time in 1982, through local TV stations. Other transmissions aired on Super 3, Naples Channel 21 and TMC, with a different assembly of the opening theme and the end, and was better known by the title "ARRIVANO I SUPERBOYS".[1]

It is the first Anime dedicated to football. "Weekly Shonen King" serialized between (1970 and 1971). Anime version of was broadcast on TV Tokyo between April 13, 1971 up to April 5, 1971 through NTV with 52 episode.

It gained popularity among soccer boys at the time. The 1980s Captain Tsubasa has been described as a work that affected it when appeared, which was a fantastic play and shoots and which can not be imagined from the common sense. In addition, it has been pointed out the emphasis on the spirit theory, technology commentary and had been neglected.[2]

Plot[edit | edit source]

In the new neighborhoods sprung up in the countryside on the outskirts of Tokyo, the institution is located Shinsei Senior High Scool, frequented by the young and restless Shingo Tamai, student of 6th year, our protagonist. At the beginning of the school year presents the new teacher of physical education, Tempei Matsuki, former goalkeeper of the Japanese national football and bronze medal at the Olympic Games in Mexico. These intends to build a team that can arrivar institution to compete at the highest levels, the intent is immediately taken out of many kids except on Shingo, who sees the opportunity to affirm its leadership in a choral game (Team) such as calcium. He decides to boycott the team's "official" Matsuki and create your own ... which after a first and illusory victory will always be defeated by that of Matsuki, which begins to be seen by Shingo as an invincible enemy. Subsequently, the two will be able to clarify their conflicting relationship and Shingo will become the captain of the only school team coached by Matsuki.

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