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Amazing Agent Luna is an original English-language manga series written by Nunzio DeFilippis and Christina Weir with art by Shiei. It is published by Seven Seas Entertainment. It has also created a spin-off series, Amazing Agent Jennifer.


The story follows Luna, a genetically bred super-spy created by the US government. At age 16, Luna is given her toughest assignment yet: after being raised in isolation and only trained as a spy, she must now pose as a normal high school girl. Since she never knew real parents or friends, things quickly become very confusing for her. She makes friends with Oliver, a skater with a crush on her; and Francesca, a nice girl who used to be friends with Luna's rival. But she also has to deal with the emotions and events many teenagers face. To make matters much harder on Luna, the boy she develops a crush on, Jonah, is the son of her main enemy, Count Von Brucken.

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