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And2 Girls (安菟女团), also spelled And.II Girls, is a Chinese virtual girl group created by Mizhi Tech in 2015.

Plot[edit | edit source]

In Shangjing, a famous entertainment metropolis, Liu Ge followed in the footsteps of top superstar Feng Qingyun and entered the famous art school “Mingya High School”. Here, she meets the outstanding Feng Jiyue who lives in the shadow of her sister, the retired figure skater Bai Xiaojia who persists in her dream of dancing, the radio girl Le Yan, and the smart and unwilling ordinary Xing Xingmei. Because of their colorful dreams, in order to get the places selected by the "Super Idol", they formed the idol group And2girls. Starting from scratch, they faced negative voices, competition from their predecessors, hard training, and family obstruction.

Just before they were about to become school champions and get their places, the sudden restructuring of the idol elections has amplified the competition infinitely. At this moment, they can only rely on themselves and each other, and only believe in the dreams that will be achieved! What kind of choices and transformations do the girls have to go through, and how to find the original heart of the idol in order to be brave and become the most dazzling stage? An adventure that belongs to them has just begun...


  • Liu Ge (留歌)/Amy
  • Feng Jiyue (风霁月)/Fiona
  • Le Yan (乐颜)/Esmeralda
  • Xia Xingmei (夏行美)/Siren
  • Bai Xiaojia (白小葭)/Jane

Short film And2! And2! (安菟!安菟!, Ān tú! Ān tú!) is a 2018 Chinese animated short film produced by Virtual Andromeda and Seven Stone Entertainment, released on August 15, 2018. It is based on the virtual girl group And2 Girls.

Webcomic And2's Story (安菟之幸运的星, Ān tú zhī xìngyùn de xīng) is a webcomic based on And2girls.

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