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Android Kikaider (人造人間キカイダー, Jinzō Ningen Kikaidā), also known as Kikaida, is a tokusatsu superhero TV series, and the first to feature the superhero Kikaider. Created by Japanese manga artist Shotaro Ishinomori, the show was produced by Toei Company Ltd., and was broadcast on NET (now TV Asahi) from July 8, 1972 to May 5, 1973, with a total of 43 episodes.

This series was also one of the first tokusatsu to air in the United States. Known initially as Kikaider, Android of Justice, it has since been referred to there simply by its Japanese title, Jinzou Ningen Kikaida or Kikaida for short.

Plot[edit | edit source]

Dr. Kohmyoji is a scientist and an expert in robotics, who is being kept prisoner by the evil organization, DARK. Dr. Kohmyoji creates Kikaider in order to protect his children from Professor Gill. When Gill, the head of DARK, learns about this, he sends his androids to deal with Dr. Kohmyoji. Jiro (Kikaider) is able to rescue Dr. Kohmyoji's daughter, Mitsuko, but a fire separates him from Dr. Kohmyoji. Jiro is able to destroy Gray Rhino King, but is unable to locate Dr. Kohmyoji, who is wandering away with amnesia.

The series mainly deals with the constant battle between Kikaider and the Destructroids. DARK pursues Dr. Kohmyoji and his children, Mitsuko and Masuru. Hanpei Hattori, a detective who provides comedy relief, helps them. During some battles, Professor Gill uses his evil flute to stop Jiro from becoming Kikaider. Jiro manages to find a way to drown out or block the sound of the flute. Dr. Kohmyoji (wandering with amnesia) is usually a figure in the background. Mitsuko and Masuru often talk to people who have encountered him, but never manage to catch up with him. On occasion, when Kikaider is damaged, Dr. Kohmyoji manages to fix him, without quite knowing what he is doing.

Later in the series, Jiro is nearly overcome by Professor Gill's flute, and he attacks Dr. Kohmyoji. DARK captures Dr. Kohmyoji and makes it seem that Jiro killed him. Jiro is damaged and unable to speak, and unable to defend himself. He is pursued by the police. A new character appears, Hakaider. DARK forced Dr. Kohmyoji to build him and place his own brain in the machine, under control of an evil circuit, the opposite of Kikaider's conscience circuit. Kikaider fights the robot and is almost destroyed, when Hakaider leaves suddenly. When Jiro finds out that Dr. Kohmyoji's brain is in Hakaider's body, he realizes that he will not be able to fight Hakaider.

Mitsuko and Masaru see a leather-clad man walking down the side of the building. This man is actually an android, Saburo. He says that he is the creation of Dr. Kohmyoji, and that his job is to destroy Jiro, who he believes is now evil. Masaru allies himself with Saburo. Out of sight of Mitsuko and Masaru, Saburo reveals that he is actually Hakaider. He and Masaru pursue Jiro but realize he's still good when he surrenders.

The DARK androids capture Dr. Kohmyoji's children. Red Mine Toad destroys Kikaider, using a mine that is built into his body. Hattori collects the pieces of Kikaider's body. Hakaider goes crazy, because without Kikaider to fight, he has no reason to live. He destroys Red Mine Toad and attacks DARK. Hattori has found Mitsuko and Masaru and gives them the pieces of Kikaider. Mitsuko reassembles Kikaider. Gill convinces Hakaider to kill Dr. Kohmyoji, instead of attacking DARK. Hakaider locates Dr. Kohmyoji's body, and finds the partially reassembled Kikaider. Hakaider refuses to fight a helpless enemy, and allows Mitsuko to finish reassembling him. A rebuilt Jiro is unable to change to Kikaider, but he decides to lure Hakaider away to protect Dr. Kohmyoji and Kohmyoji's children.

Professor Gill sends White Bone Flying Squirrel against Hakaider, and Hakaider loses the battle. Jiro gives the body of Hakaider to Mitsuko, who puts Dr. Kohmyoji's brain back into his body. Dr. Kohmyoji recovers, and is able to fix Jiro's change circuit. The Kohmyojis are again captured by DARK, but are rescued by Kikaider. Kikaider destroys White Bone Flying Squirrel, and Professor Gill, rather than be captured, destroys himself and the DARK base.

Dr. Kohmyoji leaves Japan, and takes his family with him. Jiro decides to stay in Japan to work on improving himself.

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