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Angel/Dust (エンジェル/ダスト, Enjyeru/Dasuto) is a manga by Aoi Nanase. It was originally serialized in Newtype, and the chapters were collected into a single volume in June 2001. It has a sequel entitled Angel/Dust Neo. ADV Manga licensed this manga for release in English, and in 2005 it was serialized in the English version of Newtype.


Yuina Hatori is a shy high school sophomore who lives with her aunt because her mother is deceased and her father is too busy with his work to care for her. She dislikes speaking up for herself because she fears troubling others. Her one passion is singing, but as she is so timid, she is unable to sing in front of others. She believes her life to be normal, but then she has an encounter with Seraph, a humanoid android, an "Emulate" who is searching for Lucifer, the "black winged one." Things only complicate more when Yuina's childhood friend, Akiho Kudoh, transfers to her school.

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