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Please note that this is the Animanga Wiki, if you came to this page from a link on another Animanga wiki on FANDOM, then you should use the back button on your browser to return. The animanga sync que is a three part shared setup with a shared repo of css and js, as well as a list of templates which are synced from a central wiki out to all wiki in the sync que.

The sync que currently syncs the templates that are listed in w:c:anime:Category:TagSynced. Note that we have issues with the userbox bot, and image bots. So they won't be synced. You may have to upload the images used in the templates that you make use of.

Other than the templates, the shared css and js repos make these available:

  • Show/Hide JavaScript
  • Collapsible EditTools
  • Class based tabview (If YUI is enabled on your wiki)
  • CSS Visual classes
  • Userbox styling
  • Various styling enhancements (references, forums, Recent changes, etc...)

The sync que is available for any animanga wiki with a community that wants to use it. Sorry to the wiki with no animanga relation but the que is full of templates targeted specifically at animanga wiki, making it available to unrelated wiki would make the task more complex.

Adding it to a wiki[]

Adding a wiki needs a few small things done before the wiki is ready for the sync que.

Firstly, send a request to wikia staff using Special:Contact or by sending an e-mail directly to asking for a bot flag on [[User:AnimeBot|AnimeBot]] on the wiki you want to add to the sync que (If you don't get a bot flag on AnimeBot the work it does syncing templates will add so many entries to your recent changes you won't be able to see anything).

Secondly, you'll need to change some MediaWiki pages on the wiki (if your community doesn't have any active admins you can ask staff to give Dantman a sysop flag so he can do these things and help out with community requests for deletions, protections, and blocks; or if your admins just aren't comfortable messing with the technical stuff).

  • Create a MediaWiki:Siteid on your wiki using the wiki id found before the in your wiki's url (
  • Create a MediaWiki:Sitename on your wiki with the title of your wiki. Generally this is the same as {{subst:SITENAME}} but can be customized.
  • Edit MediaWiki:Common.js on your wiki and add this to the top of it:
/* Include Global Anime-Common.js Information */
  • Edit MediaWiki:Common.css on your wiki and add this to the top of it:
@import "";
  • Create MediaWiki:Sync groups on your wiki. This should contain a space separated list of tags from the list "anime manga games cards semantic" which are relevant to your wiki; For example, Narutopedia uses "anime manga lightnovel games cards semantic" (note that in this list "games" really means videogames) because the series has a manga, an anime, video games, card games, and the wiki uses Semantic MediaWiki. While the Soul Eater wiki only uses "anime manga games semantic" becase it has an anime, manga, video game, and uses Semantic MediaWiki but does not have any card games.

Finally, poke Dantman (preferably using his talkpage on the relevant wiki) asking him to add the wiki to the sync que (be sure the community is ok with it and make note of that). He can then add the wiki to the list and run the sync bot.