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Animax logo
Animax Broadcast Japan Inc. (アニマックス, Animakkusu)
Established in May 20, 1998
Key People Masao Takiyama
Headquarters Minato, Tokyo, Japan
Services Provided Animation Studio Icon - Search
Parent Company Mitsui & Co.

Animax (アニマックス, 'Animakkusu') is a Japanese anime satellite television network, dedicated to broadcasting anime programming. A subsidiary of Japanese media conglomerate Sony, it is headquartered in New Pier Takeshiba North Tower in Minato, Tokyo, Japan, with its co-founders and shareholders including Sony Pictures Entertainment and the noted anime studios Sunrise, Toei Animation, TMS Entertainment, and production company NAS.

It is the first and largest 24-hour network in the world dedicated to anime, operating over Japan, Asia (four separate feeds for South East Asia, Philippines, Hong Kong and Taiwan) and South Korea, in addition to VOD platforms in the United Kingdom, Germany, India, Austria and Switzerland.

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