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Arcana Heart (アルカナハート, Arukana Hāto) is a 2D arcade fighting game series developed by Team Arcana. The first edition was released to arcades (mostly in Japan, but a few in other countries) in late 2005. The games feature an original all-female cast, and after choosing a character, the player chooses an "elemental alignment," or Arcana, which determines the character's special moves.

A manga adaptation based on the video game was serialized on the March 2005 issue of Comp Ace magazine. It was written and illustrated by Yuyuko Takemiya and was published on August 10, 2003.

Plot[edit | edit source]

In ancient time, the Elemental world and our world were joined. No one knows why or when, but at some point in the past, they split. Now we live in our world, and the Arcana live in theirs. Behind the scenes, the Ministry of Elemental Affairs (MEA) has been working to protect the boundary between the worlds, for they know if the worlds ever merged into one again, the results would be disastrous for humanity.

Now, in the skies over Tokyo, a dimensional rift is beginning to form, and the boundary between the worlds is in danger. Humanity's only hope rests with the Maidens, young girls who can communicate with the Arcana. What awaits these Maidens in the skies above...?

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