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Armitage III (アミテージ・ザ・サード, Amitēji Za Sādo) is a 1995 cyberpunk original video animation series. In 1996, the series was edited into a film called Armitage III: Poly-Matrix (アミテージ・ザ・サード POLY-MATRIX); this version was produced in English.

The series was followed up in 2002 with a sequel, Armitage III: Dual-Matrix (アミテージ・ザ・サード DUAL-MATRIX) set some years after the original story.

Plot[edit | edit source]

The year is 2046. Detective Ross Sylibus is transferred to Mars when a country singer on her flight is murdered. Making matters more complicated is that the singer is a "Third"—a robot that looks and feels like a human. Sylibus is partnered with Armitage—a beautiful female cop with a bad attitude. As they investigate the murder of the singer and other women on Mars, they uncover a conspiracy that can have them both killed by the Martian government.

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