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Assault Lilyアサルトリリィ (Asaruto Riryi) is a Japanese mixed-media franchise. It mainly consists of two lines of toy figurines titled Assault Lily and Custom Lily. Two novels have been published; the first, titled Assault Lily: Ichiryūtai, Shutsugeki Shimasu! (アサルトリリィ~一柳隊、出撃します!~), was released in June 2015, and the second, titled Assault Lily Arms (アサルトリリィ アームズ), was released in July 2017.

An anime series adaptation by Shaft titled Assault Lily Bouquet (アサルトリリィ BOUQUET, Asaruto Riryi Būke) is scheduled to premiere on October 2, 2020 from its original July 2020 debut, but delayed due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Plot[edit | edit source]

In the near future, humanity faces imminent destruction from mysterious creatures known as "Huge." The world wages war against the Huge, and develops the anti-weapon "CHARM" (Counter Huge Arms) by combining science and magic. CHARM works more effectively when used by teenage girls, and those who use the weapons are revered as "Lilies." The Lilies are trained at military academies called "Gardens," which also serve as bases to protect and advise people. This is a story about girls who aim to become Lilies so they can protect Earth.

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