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Aventura is a manga series written and illustrated by Shin Midorikawa. It has been serialized in Monthly Shōnen Sirius. As of February 2009, Kodansha has published 3 bound volumes of the manga.


Aventura follows the story of young Lewin Randit - a student at Gaius School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Gaius consists of two main sections - the Magic Class and the Swordsmanship Class. Lewin, a member of the Swordsmanship Class, becomes friends with Chris Cottonburg and Soela Evenport, both member of the Magic Class. Lewin has previously shown a total (and unusual) lack of magical ability, but after his fateful encounter with the two magic students, some sort of special ability residing inside himself becomes apparent. However, something strange is going on at Gaius, and the trio get caught in the middle. Meanwhile Professors Chesford Arshes and Qualfer Riventzel are racing the clock in an attempt to find who or what is causing the trouble at their school, routinely crossing paths with Lewin and his new-found friends.

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