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Ayane's High Kick (綾音ちゃんハイキック, Ayane-chan Hai Kikku) is a two-episode anime series produced by Nikkatsu Corporation and Rikuentai. It was originally released as an original video animation in Japan in 1997 and was licensed for release in North America by U.S. Manga Corps in 1998.

Plot[edit | edit source]

Ayane Mitsui is a 17-year-old very athletic high school girl who wishes dearly to become a great professional wrestler like her idol Manami Toyota of the All Japan Women's Pro-Wrestling circuit. However, despite many auditions, she cannot qualify. A brilliant kickboxing coach, Kunimitsu, notices potential within the girl and persuades her to train with him. Ayane hates kickboxing and is very vocal about it, but happens to have a greater potential with the sport and sticks with it. Meanwhile, some of the less-savory teachers from her high school have become aware of her extracurricular activities and threaten to expel her if they get proof. And if that's not enough, another kickboxer, 21-year-old Sakurako Miyagawa, has taken notice of the girl and wants to fight her in the ring to be her enemy next morning Ayane and Kayoko are still at high school when Sakurako show up at The high school and she asked Ayane want to fight at the kickboxing match at Three rounds so she can kill her in the ring when Ayane way to get Kunimitsu so he train her into a kickboxer again to fight Sakurako Miyagawa meanwhile at kickboxing match when Ayane was wearing her boxing top, her boxer shorts and her boxing gloves because she ready to fight Sakurako Miyagawa in the ring at three rounds when Two Boxing promoters end up speaking to each other About Ayane Mitsui fighting Sakurako Miyagawa in the ring but Ayane come on the boxing ring at 1st when Sakurako on the boxing ring at 2nd and she look at Ayane.

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