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B-Daman (ビーダマン, Bīdaman) are marble shooting toys produced in Japan by Takara. Spin-offed from the original Bomberman franchise, they are deformed humanoids that shoot marbles from their torso and customizable with different attachments to alter their accuracy, power, balance, control, and rapid fire.


Super B-DamanEdit

B-Daman BakugaidenEdit

Revolves around the five main characters: White, Blue, Red, Yellow, and Black "Bombers", each piloting newer and stronger machines/battle suits as the series progress.

Crash B-DamanEdit

Battle B-DamanEdit

Raised by cats until he was five, Yamato Delgato's only dream was to play B'Daman-the official sport of the B'DaWorld. However, his dream comes true when he's chosen to wield the most powerful B'Daman ever; the legendary Cobalt Blade. Only he has skills to harness its power. This is his journey into the world of B'Daman as he learns valuable lessons and also tries to save the B'DaWorld from the evil clutches of the Shadow Alliance.

B-Daman CrossfireEdit

B-Daman FireblastEdit

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