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Baby and Me (赤ちゃんと僕, Aka-chan to Boku) is a Japanese anime and manga series by Marimo Ragawa. It was published by Hakuensha in Japan, and Viz Media in North America both into eighteen volumes. In 1996, the series was developed into a thirty-five episode anime by Studio Pierrot.


Takuya Enoki is a normal elementary student who lives with his father, Harumi, and his 2-year-old baby brother, Minoru. After losing his mother in a car accident, Takuya was to care for Minoru who needs much attention. Takuya felt his life began widened between his new responsibilities and the time with his friends after school. One day after picking up Minoru from preschool, Takuya distress got to the better of him and wanted to distance himself from Minoru for taking up all his time. Takuya eventually realizes his mistake and understands that Minoru was just sad because he is just lonely. Takuya's new story begins as he learns what family is about.

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