Battle Athletes (バトルアスリーテス大運動会, Battle Athletes Daiundōkai) is a Japanese series produced by the AIC studio. An anime adaptation entitled Battle Athletes Victory aired on TV Tokyo from October 3, 1997 to March 27, 1998. A 6-episode OVA series was developed from May 25, 1997 to June 25, 1998 and a Dengeki-manga adaptation by Yūki Nakano was serialized from March 1997 – November 1998 for 4 volumes.

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In the distant future after many years of war with an extraterrestrial race, they agreed to settle disputes with a contest of physical strength between one representative from each race. Although the alien race is far superior to the humans, the human champion prevailed, marking an era of peace for humanity. A University Satellite is created where the greatest athletes of the age train with women competing for the title of Cosmic Beauty.

At present day, an aspiring teenager named Akari Kanzaki eagers to attend University Satellite excited. While training under many obstacles, Akari's greatest one is her fragileness as being the daughter of the legendary Cosmic Beauty, Tomoe Midou. She struggles from being the worst athlete to being a top competitor with the help of her team members and roommates.

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