Battle Programmer Shirase (BPS バトルプログラマーシラセ, Bīpīesu Batoru Puroguramā Shirase) is a Japanese anime television series that aired in 2003 and produced by AIC, with each episode being 12 minutes long.

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The "freelance artist", Akira Shirase is a very talented, yet mysterious computer programmer who lives along in a small apartment near his niece's house. Because of his incredible abilities, he's contacted by several individuals (curiously, all of them are very similar persons named Akizuki Kaoru) to do all sorts of strange computer-related hacking/security jobs for non-profit. What he does work for is certainly something that only people like him would appreciate. But, his demeanor certainly doesn't suit the jobs he is hired for. With the evil King of America causing trouble via the internet, Shirase is nothing but busy as each new adventure brings even more interesting people into the picture.

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