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Beautiful People (ビューティフルピープル, Byūtifuru Pīpuru) is a josei manga by Mitsukazu Mihara. It is a collection of six short stories and was published by Shodensha on October 20, 2001.


Beautiful People consists of six unrelated short stories, a format Mitsukazu Mihara frequently uses for her narrative.

In "Princess White Snow" (雪白姫), a man finds an abandoned snow maiden. He brings her back to his apartment, but despite his efforts to keep her alive she dissolves into water after the air conditonioning is turned off. He uses the water to help grow a flower, something she had always wanted.

"World’s End" (WORLD´S END) focuses on the two survivors of a biochemical weapon: a spoiled lesbian and a male homosexual. Both live together but most of the time are annoyed by each other's presence. At one point the tension rises to unbearable levels for both and she forces him to leave, only to later realize that she needs him.

The third story, "Electric Angel" (アンチテレフォニカ), features a bullied teenage boy who discovers that his online friend might be his mother, who left him with his father when he was young.

In "The Lady Stalker" (ストーカーの女), a woman who believes she is stalked by a co-worker is later revealed to be delusional since the co-worker is in fact stalking her friend.

The protagonist of "Beautiful People" has plastic surgery done in the hope that she would become beautiful and loved, but after meeting a girl stitched from corpses, realizes that it was the girl who was truly beautiful since she gave love.

The last story, "Blue Sky" (空気の中を抜ける空), focuses on the lifelong relationship between an abandoned girl and a vampire.

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