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Velveteen & Mandala, known in Japan as Becchin & Mandara (べっちんとまんだら, Becchin to Mandara) is a manga series by Jiro Matsumoto. It was serialized in Manga Erotics F.

Plot[edit | edit source]

Velveteen & Mandala takes place in a dystopian Tokyo that is in the midst of a war. The story focuses on the high school students Velveteen|, who lives in a battle tank on a riverbed in Tokyo's Suginami ward, and her frenemy Mandala. After a large air raid, zombies start to fall from the sky, and the girls get involved in exterminating the zombies in the dry riverbed area. Although they have to fight the zombies, most of the conflict is between them as they are both deeply disturbed.

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