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Bloom into You

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Bloom into You (やがて君になる, Yagate Kimi ni Naru) is a Japanese yuri manga by Nakatani Nio. It began its serialization in April 2015 in ASCII Media Works' monthly shōnen manga magazine Dengeki Daioh. Seven Seas has licensed it for English release. An anime adaptation by Troyca ran from October 5, 2018 to December 28, 2018 for 13 episodes. A short spin-off light novel series Bloom Into You: Regarding Saeki Sayaka was released from November 10, 2018 to March 10, 2020 in 3 volumes.


Yū loves shōjo manga, and can't wait for the day she gets a confession that makes her heart flutter. However, when she is confessed to by a classmate in junior high, she feels nothing. Disappointed and confused, Yū enters high school still not knowing how to respond. Then, when Yū sees the beautiful student council president Tōko Nanami turn down a suitor with such maturity that she asks her for her help. But when the next person to confess to Yū is Nanami herself, what will she do?

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