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Bokura no Polaris (僕らのポラリス) is a shōjo manga (with five different stories) by Author Fujii Aya (Story & Art). It was published from August 1, 2011 to October 24, 2012 and was serialized by Betsuma Sister.

Plot[edit | edit source]

1. Bokura no Polaris - Yori, a boy who is bad at expressing his feelings, Haru, a girl who's his childhood friend and Subaru, his best friend. When did the three's relationship change...? Like the star's light, our feelings guide us...

2. Bambi and Lion - Ojika, the Bambi and Raiou , the Lion. A simple and clever pun. But it doesn't quite capture the nature of their relationship.

3. A Letter From My Far Neighbor - Hina and Touma are chilhood friends who writes letter to each other but then one day they stopped talking and suddenly became strangers. What will happen when Hina finds a letter from Touma that was written a long time ago and says he likes her?

4. Takanashi Haine Doesn't Know Love - Haine thinks she's ugly and has difficulty in associating herself with males, that is until she mets Mori, a cute guy who Haine mistook as a girl when they first met.

5. 3 Years From Then - Tachibana and Yuuya have always likes each other since 2nd year of junior high. But when someone ask Yuuya what he thinks about Tachibana, he replied with a she's fine, which made Tachibana misunderstand him, thinking he doesn't really like her.

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