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BNA: Brand New Animal (BNA ビー・エヌ・エー, Bī enu ē) is an original Japanese anime television series produced by Trigger, directed by Yoh Yoshinari and written by Kazuki Nakashima.

The series is scheduled to premiere on April 8, 2020 on Fuji TV's +Ultra anime programming block, to be followed by a worldwide Netflix release later on in the same year. The first six episodes were released on Netflix Japan on March 21, 2020.


In a parallel 21st century, humanoid animals known as beastmen have been living in the darkness for centuries. And now their existence has been revealed to the world. One day, a normal high school girl Michiru Kagemori suddenly turns into a tanuki beastman. She ran away to seeks refuge in Anima City, a utopic place for beastmen to be able to live as themselves. While there, Michiru encounters a wolf beastman, Shirou Ogami, who assists her investigation about why she became a beastman, and while getting mixed up with even stranger events in the process.

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