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The Brave Series (勇者シリーズ, Yūsha shirīzu) is a toy and anime franchise created by toy company Takara and animation studio Sunrise. Takara was the co-creator of the Transformers franchise. Although the popularity of Generation 1 lasted longer in Japan, by 1991, it was declining with the OVA Fight! Super Robot Lifeform Transformers: Zone only lasting one episode so Takara hit a deal with Sunrise, known for success in mecha anime, most famously, Gundam, to create the Brave Series as a result the Brave Series helped revitalize the demand for Super Robot anime in Japan during the 1990s. None of the Brave Series ever made it to the west although there was an attempt to dub The King of Braves GaoGaiGar in English, featuring the voice talents of Dan Green and Veronica Taylor.


Brave Fighter Exkizer[]

The Brave Fighter of Sun Fighbird[]

In 2010, an evil energy being called Draias comes flying to the earth. It co-operates with Jango, a wicked scientist, in secret to bring ruin to the world. Upon its arrival, the Space Police Force (宇宙警備隊 Uchuu Keibi Tai) put their spirits into special android machines built by Doctor Amano that have transformable bodies. Fighbird enters one such android and lives as the human Yutaro Katori. He transforms into the super robot Fighbird when the enemy attacks.

The Brave Fighter of Legend Da-Garn[]

Seiji Takasugi obtained a jewel called "Aurin" which is the earth's alter ego and it has elected him to be the commander of eight brave robots. The Brave robots are sleeping in many parts of the world as "Brave Stones". However, they become super robots by fusing with modern people and machines once Seiji awakens them and they soon follow his instructions. Their enemy is Lord OhBoss who is an invader who aims at stealing the planet's energy with the aid of his subordinates that Da-Garn and the other brave robots must stop in order to save the world.

The Brave Express Might Gaine[]

Maito Senpuuji is a billionaire crime-fighting teenager, taking up his father's company and assets at the age of only 15. Taking control of the Might Gaine team of robots that his late father created, Senpuuji and his free-thinking robot teams take on the crime lords that plague Neo Tokyo City.

Brave Police J-Decker[]

One day a fourth grader called Yuuta Tomonaga stumbles upon the police's new project, a sentient police robot called Deckerd, soon after he visits Deckerd several times via an underground facility and teaches him about life, and Deckerd's AI develops a "heart". But the day has come where he is to be rolled into action and the police are about to wipe his memory, including his friendship with Yuuta, Yuuta tries to stop this and is unsuccessful.

A criminal piloting a robot attacks the police parade presenting their robot police officer, Deckerd is dormant inside a truck. He hears Yuuta's voice and activates, saving the city and the criminal is arrested by the police. The police decide to hire Yuuta as the boss of the "Brave Police", an elite force of robot detectives, among which Deckerd is included.

The Brave of Gold Goldran[]

Three boys, Takuya, Kazuki, and Dai are from Ishinowa elementary school in the sixth grade. They are actively a strong, curious, mischievous trio. They obtained a mysterious jewel's "Power Stone". They bring back Dran, the golden robot, A brave who slept within a Power Stone and they became his master. However, Prince Walter Walzac, who aims at the Power Stone, has attacked them. They then go to an adventure for searching eight Power Stones that were scattered all over the world. They now aim at El Dorado's Legendra with Goldran.

Brave Command Dagwon[]

The King of Braves Gaogaigar[]

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