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Calamity of a Zombie Gir (あるゾンビ少女の災難, Aru Zonbi Shōjo no Sainan) is a Japanese light novel series written by Ryō Ikehata and illustrated by Hagane Tsurugi. An original net animation by studios Gonzo and Stingray premiered on July 4, 2018. A drama film entitled Fujimi-hime: Aru Zombie Shôjo no Sainan premiered on September 7, 2013.


For their first summer vacation night quest, a group of five male and female students of Kikuka University's Occult Research Club snuck out at midnight to search for the hidden Tokugawa treasure. The so-called treasure was purportedly located at the school's database room. No hidden money was found, but rather, two well preserved female mummies. Sayaka Kamoshida, who forced her friends to get into the database room, secretly stole a mysterious jewel called "life stone" that was inside the mummy. With no treasure found, the students left the room. However, the mummies returned to life after the jewel was stolen.

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