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The Small Sage Will Try Her Best In the Different World from Lv. 1! (ちびっこ賢者、Lv.1から異世界でがんばります!, Chibikko Kenja, Lv.1 kara Isekai de Ganbarimasu!) is an ongoing Light Novel and got adapted into a manga series written by Ayato Yume and illustrated by Juri Misaki. It was serialization in Dengeki PlayStation since December 28, 2018.

Plot[edit | edit source]

Yuri, an avid player of the MMO game Elyushia Online, successfully switches to her desired sage job. However, apart from starting at level 1, she suddenly gets transported to the real Elyushia! She must now brave a lifelike land of a video game in hopes that she can return to her own world.[1]

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