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Ciel: The Last Autumn Story (씨엘) is a Korean manhwa written by Rhim Ju-yeon. It began serialization in 2005 in Daiwon C.I. Issue manhwa magazine. The first bound volume was released in December 2005 in South Korea; as of 2013, twenty-two volumes have been released, and it is planned to end at twenty-three. The manhwa has been licensed for release in German by Tokyopop under the title Ciel - Der letzte Herbst. Tokyopop licensed the manhwa to be released in English however it became postponed in 2008 along with many other Tokyopop releases.


With the author's characteristic humour and creativity, the work describes one girl’s fantasy adventure. Yvienne Magnolia's beauty widens the small villagers' eyes she is living but she never knew what her future would be, since it is destined too high to imagine for her at that time...

As the lord of the manor tries to kidnap her, Yvienne flees to Lowood Institution for wizardry and witchcraft she never thought to go leaving behind her family.

In the school, she meets interesting people, like, January Lightsphere who shines purple aura compared to his noble but peculiar family, and Lariatte, an orthodox fighter family's heir, who will be her closest mate.

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