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Eiyuu Kyoushitsu
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Classroom for Heroes (英雄教室, Eiyū Kyōshitsu) is a light novel written and illustrated by Shin Araki. It has three volumes, with the first being released on February 19, 2015, the second on May 22, 2015 and the third on September 25, 2015. It was adapted into a manga series written by Araki as well and illustrated by Minakuchi Takashi based off the original light novel. It has 7 chapters and 1 released volume. The manga version ended with chapter 7 but the story continues in the light novel.


A long time ago, there existed a Demon Lord who terrorized throughout the world, that was until a Hero stepped up to the stage and challenged the Demon Lord, ultimately defeating him and ending his reign. The Hero then created Rosewood Academy, an academy made to help heroes-in-training achieve supremacy and help defend the world when needed.

The Academy enrolls only the best of the best, and Arnest Flaming is the best of them all. She is the top student at the academy. A girl with a high sense of duty who was given the alias Empress of Flames who encounters the lively, carefree new transfer student Blade one day who seems to equal her in power which was very irritating for her. Although she has never seen him before, he only introduces himself as "Blade".

Arnest was then personally requested by The King to supervise, and show Blade around the academy during his stay.

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