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Cleopatra D.C. (クレオパトラD.C., Kureopatora D.C.) is a manga written and illustrated by Kaoru Shintani. The manga ran 1986 to 1991 and got 8 volumes. In 1989 a 3-part OVA anime series adaptation of part of the story was made.


Cleopatra, or Cleo as she's known to her friends, would much rather go on vacation in some exotic locale than concern herself with the business end of the Corns Conglomerate, which is the most powerful economic player in the United States. However, Cleo has a kind and forgiving nature, and will not shy away if trouble is near. And more often than she cares for, Cleo and her friends find themselves in all sorts of fantastic adventures, from putting out oil well fires to safeguarding a powerful telepathic girl.

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