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Thank you all for participating in our first Masters of Animanga Collaborative Writing Project! TAO: Rize of the Ying-Yang is now over but you can edit our next Writing Project -- The Fading Light: A Tale of Zan -- live now!

Welcome to The Masters of Animanga: A Wikia Collaborative Writing Project! Join with legendary icons of anime and manga to create three exciting, original stories based on their character designs and outlines.

The inspiration for our second tale, “TAO: Rize of the Ying-yang” comes from the mind of acclaimed manga artist and character designer Shin-ichi Hiromoto (Star Wars: Return of the Jedi, Pokémon Colosseum, Pokémon XD: Gale of Darkness)!

We want YOU to co-write this story! And you're also welcome to post any original artwork to illustrate it. Just take a few moments to read the rules, familiarize yourself with the world and characters, then edit this page to begin creating.

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All Images © HIROMOTO-SIN-ichi


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This is a struggle between white and black, light and shadows, exterior and interior, justice and evil. This is the tale of a transcendental battle between a Buddhist maiden (good) and a witch (evil).

Due to certain circumstances, our young hero is dragged into the “Battle of White and Black.” Plunged into the depths, he becomes a prisoner as he is entranced by both the Buddhist maiden and witch, with whom he also falls in love.

In the course of the battle, what is the youth’s relationship with the Buddhist maiden? What sort of woman is the witch? Will the grey-colored youth be dyed in white or black, or something else entirely?


  • Witch. Currently nameless. She’s eccentric, but sexy and a user of various magics. She’s a woman who’s difficult to dislike, cool, and somehow manages to play innocent.
  • Buddhist maiden. She exists as seven different characters. Here, she appears as the god of wind (named Fuujichan) and god of lightning (named Raijichan). She uses the statue of Buddha as a motif.



A single shard of light shined through the temple window as the seven forms of the Buddhist maiden encircled the statue in deep meditation. Fuujichan was the first to feel the dark presence. But just as she began to call on the power of the wind, the witch appeared in the doorway. “Seven months in the Darkness, thanks to you,” she said. “But now I’m free, and it’s your turn!” In an instant, the witch tossed what, at first, looked like a large rodent into the center of the room and vanished.

Just then, Raijichan realized it wasn’t a rat at all – she’d seen the witch’s tricks too many times before – it was a bomb enchanted with dark magic, and it was about to explode. Raijichan and each of the maiden’s other six forms appeared to fall into a trance all at once – quieting their mind, and focusing their light around the object. And just as the explosion began to flash, it was gone.

In the city, far from the chaos at the temple, a young man pulled off of the busy street and parked his scooter on the sidewalk. He walked inside the market, and emerged moments later with groceries spilling out of his backpack. He pointed his scooter towards home, but just as he was about to turn into the shortcut at the alley, he saw her standing directly in front of him. He hit the brake and nearly had to lay the bike down to avoid slamming into the beautiful, strangely dressed girl with green-tinted hair. “What’s the matter with you,” he yelled, trying to gather his things from the pavement. “I’m going to need your help,” was her reply.Then she kissed him. --Brian 18:17, September 13, 2013 (UTC)

“Help?” The young man asked, perplexed, “What do you mean?” He further studied the woman. She looked like she was dressed for Halloween, dressed as a witch. She wore a purple hat with a ridiculously large brim that was red underneath, and a tip who’s curl at the top. For some reason she had chains around her neck, wrists and ankles; she also carried what literally looked like a cross between a scythe on one end and a broom on the other! (Anonymius (talk) 17:18, September 13, 2013 (UTC))

A tall, slender being wearing a gas mask and wielding two large titantium khopeshes watched the two young people conversing. Perhaps he could learn something from them. "Killing them sounds like a fun idea, Khopesh," said a feminine, seductive voice. Khopesh looked to his left to see a beautiful, fiery witch with glowing, circular yellow eyes, but only for a moment. The man wasn't sure what she was, nor did he know whether or not she was real, but he chose not to listen to the witch. "The Legion of Swords must never find this place," said Khopesh, making his leave, "and I hope that Hope is nearby." --ScorpionTail (talk) 17:19, September 13, 2013 (UTC)

"Don't pretend you don't know about your abilities Onmyoji." "Onmyoji?" The young man, Ryusei Mibu, recalled a dream in which he encountered a large red fox who taught him a modern form of the ancient Japanese fortune telling art of Onmyodo. "Did Date send you, I should've never told him that dream." "This isn't a joke Mibu," the witch showed her scythe to Mibu's head, "Right now I'm being hunted unjustly by a vengeful maiden and I need your help." With the wave of her weapon, the Witch transported Mibu to an unknown shrine. "What are you?"--Zeromaro (talk) 17:29, September 13, 2013 (UTC)

But the witch wasn't listening she was pacing back and forth, muttering strange words under her breath. Mibu frowned, who was this "Fuujichan" who the girl was muttering about? What did this strange girl want him for? He backed away slowly, carefully placing his steps so the girl wouldn't hear them. He was a few feet away from the shrine now but he tripped over backwards and fell into a road where a blinding light was rushing towards his head. The witch dived for Mibu and crashed into him, throwing him into the bush on the other side of the road where they both landed. Their faces were inches apart, her body against his as she placed one hand over his mouth. "Quiet... Its them." Rainbow Shifter 17:50, September 13, 2013 (UTC)

An Arrival

With that, through the brush, Mibu spotted a strange, colorful stagecoach emanating light. The stagecoach was drawn by a pair of magical creatures -- bears with raccoon eyes and long ears, covered in coats that seemed to change color with the light -- but seemed to float above the ground all the same. The magical stagecoach came to a halt, parallel to the bush, and Mibu, perplexed, began to make a fuss before being muffled by the witch's hand. The doors of the stagecoach flew open in a flash, and a voice -- a soft, calm, resonating thing that rang in Mibu's head like a tiny bell -- called out from the depths of the dark cabin: "I know you're here, little. There's no use in hiding, my dear."
Mhadick (talk) 18:09, September 13, 2013 (UTC)

Out of the corner of his eye, Mibu could see a strange, gas masked man observing them. He looked toward Khopesh, who in turn teleported away to a new location the moment he was seen. "What are ya lookin' at, twinkle toes?" asked the witch's hat suddenly, startling Mibu. "Oh, don't mind Toppa," said the witch, "You get used to him after awhile." --ScorpionTail (talk) 18:19, September 13, 2013 (UTC)

Mibu's brain didn't have time to take in a talking hat before he felt the wind suddenly growing very fierce, followed by the sound of drums and a young girl’s voice crying out “Shining Strike of Divine Judgement!” “WAIT WHAT-?” Mibu had less time to take in what was being said before the witch girl threw him out of the bush. As he flew across the ground he heard what sounded like a missile striking the ground. He looked up to see the bush they had been hiding in was on fire. The Witch Girl had leapt into the air beore gracefully coming back to Earth. (Anonymius (talk) 18:26, September 13, 2013 (UTC))

Mibu ran as far away from the stagecoach and the witch as possible. What is going on?! He thought and another voice, from the depths of his head whispered to him, giving him directions and moving his body to follow those directions. Before the exhausted boy knew it he found himself stood in front of the girl who had emerged from the stagecoach. Rainbow Shifter 18:30, September 13, 2013 (UTC)

"Yasunori," said the girl teary eyed, "I have waited ages for this." "Who now?" "As a result of reincarnation, you may not remember me; but you promised me that when reunited you an I shall be together and rid the world of suffering." "Don't listen to her, Mibu!" The witch used a type of magic that repelled Mibu and the maiden away from each other. "It seems I should do more than just take your name," The maiden assumed the form of Raijichan with Mibu losing more of his mind.--Zeromaro (talk) 18:49, September 13, 2013 (UTC)

A dark figure watches the unfolding events and narrows her eyes upon seeing Mibu. "That boy will be a nuisance in the grand scheme of things... If he couldn't be used as a pawn. I'll let the cards decide." The woman summons a deck of cards and draws and ace and a joker. She smiles darkly as she forces the cards into the ball and watches the outcome of her action. --ChaosWyvern-i (talk) 18:50, September 13, 2013 (UTC)

“I should have known that you would survive that rat bomb!” The Witch snarled, “Where are your other selves?” “They’re around,” Raijuchan replied, “but I don’t need them to take you down!” The Witch let out a high pitched cackle, before raising her arms. “Shadow Witch Snare!” She cried, as nearby shadows took on lives of their own, tentacles shooting at the lightning girl, who suddenly blazed with electricity, driving away the tentacles. Mibu's mouth was open as he watched this spectacle. (Anonymius (talk) 19:15, September 13, 2013 (UTC))

Jokers Wild

"Yeesh all the fighting is chaos ain't it?" said a voice from behind Mibu. Standing behind was a boy in his mid to late teens with a shaved head wearing brown robes, but the strangest part of this boy's appearance was his long, pointed ears. Mibu simply stood there, mouth gate, causing the boy to laugh. "The girl with the lightning is a goddess of sorts and the girl in black over there's a witch," he continued, but Mibu still seemed confused by the boy's appearance, which caused the boy to say, "Hang on I'll see if I can get their attention to help explain things." The boy placed his hands together, bowed his head, and spoke some strange words, which in turn caused the mysterious man viewing to pause and look as both Raijuchan and the Witch appeared to be frozen in their tracks as though they were bound by a spell. The mysterious boy then rose his head and spoke bluntly, "Could you two please be kind enough to stop your fighting and give me and this man here an explanation on what truly is going on?" --Ezvil (talk) 20:05, September 13, 2013 (UTC)

Khopesh looked onward, fixated on the witch, who he could get a good view of now that he teleported to a safer location, where no one could see him. "It looks like that witch is at it again," said Khopesh, wondering if he should intervene, "The Legion of Swords are already seeking the Elemental Chosen Ones. It appears that I need to lend a hand in saving these youths." --ScorpionTail (talk) 20:15, September 13, 2013 (UTC)

In the dimension of the Elementals the Sage of the the Elemental Demon Gods sat on his throne, "Infernace, no good will come of your actions. The Witch of Shadows has set your mind to follow the path of madness, nothing will occur as you have planned. I command you as the Sage of the Elemental Demon Gods to cease your actions immediately, and continue with the plan of exterminating the witch and that Maiden. In the dimension of mortals, or Earth, Fujiwarra Akisame felt like he was in a dream. He had been kidnapped by a mud colored giant called Behometh, then he had been transported to another place where a guy in what looked to be an armor made of water had freed him and given him a pure blue sword called Kisara, "You have been chosen as the next Elemental Champion of Water," said the guy in the armor of water. Finally, he had been pushed through a purple and white hole which had taken him back to the steps of his house, where a fight between a witch and a lightning cloud had been taking place. User: Sunami King

The Witch looked at the boy, then Mibu, and shuddered, asking "You want me to explain?" She was struggling to move, like chains were holding her in place. "There is nothing to explain, nothing! How can I explain being trapped in a void for what seemed like an eternity?" The Witch's words were soaked with anger. Mibu didn't know much about magic, but he'd had his fair share of frustrations in life. "Don't act like you didn't deserve it," Raijuchan muttered. "You and your kind have plagued this world for generations. You bring calamity and death wherever you go." --Sawreese (talk) 20:20, September 13, 2013 (UTC)

The Witch felt strangely torn, as she weighed her options, never taking her eyes off the deity she had failed to eliminate earlier. She knew the vast powers her enemy possessed, their previous confrontation having resulted in the Witch’s imprisonment, and she never wanted to experience that again. On the other hand she needed Mibu to do something for her, she couldn’t afford to leave him behind, and the sudden arrival of that strange boy made things complicated. She felt the familiar presence of her magical hat, as it spoke irritably to her. “Are you running away again, girl, or do you plan to use my powers for once?” She tried to ignore the taunts, as she stood with a firm grip on her scythe, ready to make a gamble. Stefan (Shikai - "Rust & Shatter") (talk) 20:35, September 13, 2013 (UTC)

"Sister!" Cried a series of voices. Out of nowhere six girls wearing similar scathily clad outfits as the girl with the lighting. Mibu had never met septuplets before, yet this must bee what they are. All seven girls looked exactly alike, the only main thing that distinguished them was the colour and style of their hairs: yellow, grey, brown, red, blue, white, even one that was multi-coloured! The grey haired girl's was long and in pig-tails; the brown haired girl’s was short and cropped; the redhead’s was big and wavy; the blue haired girl’s was so long that it seemed to cover her back, whereas the white haired girl's fell beside her shoulders. They also bore different objects; what looked like a large pillow, a sword, a biwa, a hammer, a bow and arrow, a mirror as well as the lightning girl's drums and drum sticks. "Ah good," the pointed ear monk said cheefully, "The whole party's here now, perfect!" (Anonymius (talk) 20:48, September 13, 2013 (UTC))

The monk looked over to his left. Khopesh was standing there, as he was too late to actually do anything. "You're that "Khopesh" fellow I encountered earlier!" said the monk. "You're also that strange masked man I kept seeing," said Mibu, who was completely fixated on this strange new acquaintance. Khopesh looked toward Mibu, giving him a sense of emptiness and loneliness when Mibu looked into Khopesh's mask's eye coverings. Everyone stopped fighting to focus on Khopesh, whose presence was clearly intimidating. Finally, the witch spoke. --ScorpionTail (talk) 20:52, September 13, 2013 (UTC)

"Hey new guy who appeared out of no where, make yourself useful and tackle that guy in the gas mask will you? He's part of the Legion of Swords which serves as a part of the DAGGER division which is part of Isis's research facility which is part of the Elemental Demon Gods's group." The Witch calmly said all this as she was slowly getting out of her paralysis. "No way, I know you! You're Julia Arlstrom, the girl who was supposed to have died in that freak accident at school 2 years ago! I don't know what's happening, but I've been kidnapped and given swords and called an Elemental Champion of Water and been pushed through a portal. I have no idea what's happening but I'm leaving..." Fujiwarra slowly took a few steps backwards before turning around and going at a full sprint, but Julia (the Witch) was faster, "Hold up kid, I don't know who you are, but if you're an elemental champion, then I can use you too. --User: Sunami King

Meanwhile, Beyond the Monastery

His eyes opened again, for the first time in millennia. From that old, forgotten tomb, the king with no kingdom stood and left. He looked up at the sun, and it was bright, so bright. He looked at the world, green, so green. And he hated it, for going on without him. And so the last fairy, Lord Hoth Arboriusson II of the Shadow Throne, roared with anger, ready to kill it, all of it, and start again with a new army and a new plan. TheReturnOfTheKing - O_o I'm watching… 22:03, September 13, 2013 (UTC)

"This is becoming too complicated," said Khopesh, rushing toward Mibu, Julia, and the maidens, "and now you all need to stop!" Khopesh's assault left the youths unable to react, and then they stopped fighting out of exhaustion. "Take these," said Khopesh, giving Mibu and company three elemental items. Mibu was given gloves, Julia was given a bag of coins, and the maiden was given a platinum chalice. "While there are pretenders out there, you three are among the five Chosen Elemental Heroes", said Khopesh, "and so, to you, young man, I give you the Gloves of Aether, to your witch friend I give to her the Coins of Earth, and to you, maiden, I give you the Chalice of Water. With these, you must find the other two Elemental Heroes, for you are the only ones standing in the way of the Legion of Swords, and their destructive plans. I must leave you now, for I have a woman to find." --ScorpionTail (talk) 22:25, September 13, 2013 (UTC)

The Quest Begins

"Before I go, I must warn you," said Khopesh ominously, "dark forces are stirring, forces beyond even the threat posed by Erika. The Elemental Champions alone can stop history from repeating itself." And with that, he was gone, leaving everyone very confused. "What is going on?" Mibu yelled, confused and frightened. "Shut up, child," said the maidens in unison, which was… really creepy, "you three have a quest. Now go find the other two - the champions of Fire and Sky." TheReturnOfTheKing - O_o I'm watching… 23:20, September 13, 2013 (UTC)

"Everybody stop what your doing and explain to me in the clearest of terms what the heck is going on? I just went to get groceries only to be picked up by a witch who can't remember her past and tells me I'm some kind of wizard because of a dream I had, then some girl who can turn into seven other girls shows up, a monk who made 'em stop, and now some weirdo gives me something cuz I'm some kind hero. Did a convention with a Dynamic Productions and Toei lead just throw up over reality?" When people tried to answer, "One being at time, I'm looking at you seven-girls just one of you answers!" "Now, you're actually starting to sound cool," the witch spoke, Zeromaro (talk) 23:31, September 13, 2013 (UTC)

"Where do we start"? Said kopesh, "and do you think we can get Erika to work with us as well? Maybe I should go back to the Marigold guild mansion and talk to Erika, she and her Witches guild might prove to be powerful allies against this new threat”. “Thats a good idea” replied the maiden, so now, go find Erika The Witch and bring her to her senses, if she helps us, we stand a better chance to fight this new threat”. Kopesh left immediately and jumped on his scooter to drive to the Marigold witches guild mansion.(DuskNeo (talk) 23:33, September 13, 2013 (UTC))

All seven maidens eventually merged together to become one woman, a nineteen-year-old with dark red hair to be specific. Mibu was impressed. All seven of those girls were actually one person, but could seemingly split into seven smaller versions of herself. "My name is Mizuki," said the maiden, introducing herself to Mibu while examining the Chalice of Water. "I'm Mibu," said Mibu to Mizuki. Mizuki and the witch looked at each other, each one holding the elemental weapons that were given to them. Mibu needed to break this upcoming fight up fast before things got intense. --ScorpionTail (talk) 23:47, September 13, 2013 (UTC)

The dark figure continues to watch Mibu and the others, growing pleased with the situation at hand. "It seems like that boy may have more uses than it seems," she says pacing around her dark prison. "If I can get him and his companions to free me, I can finally fulfill my goal: destroying the Chaos that grips this world." She summons a gnarled staff and chants a spell before smirking. "Forsaking the light does indeed have its benefits." She gazes at her crystal ball and begins calling out to Mibu, using the spell she cast to ensure that she is heard by him. --ChaosWyvern-i (talk) 23:58, September 13, 2013 (UTC)

After mibu went convince Erika the witch to join them, the maiden used the wind magic to fly into the clouds and contemplate on what was happening. " These people are really weak at the moment" she thought to herself, "they really need my help more than ever now and I hope Erika can see past our rivalry and join together with me to fight the new threat" The maiden liked the idea of Erika joining forces with her! (OmegaHideki (talk) 00:03, September 14, 2013 (UTC))

"This is going to be interesting." A young man with guns at his side said watching the boy run off "Isn't it, Eugene?" he said with a smirk to the person next to him with a katana at his waist. "It seems to be, Recon." Eugene replied with a serious tone on his face. Forest Dragon Slayer (talk) 00:38, September 14, 2013 (UTC)

"So basically, you want me to cooperate with the woman who just tried to off me??" asked Erika to Mibu, "Are you out of you mind?!?!" Mikuzi descended with a satisfied look on her face, for she made up her mind about siding with her former rival, saying "Mibu, I have decided to apologize to Erika for attacking her earlier." Mikuzi the maiden approached Erika and offered her a handshake, which, after awhile.........Erika reluctantly accepted. "Well that changed rather quickly," thought Mibu, who was both happy and delightfully surprised that everything seemingly got better so fast. --ScorpionTail (talk) 00:50, September 14, 2013 (UTC)

"As cheerful as all this is," said Erika, "it's time to go. We have to find the champions of Air and Fire." Everyone could agree with this, but of course the 64-million dollar question was - where to start? "Not to worry," said Mikuzi, "I think I know who the Champion of Air is. We need to go to a place very different from the Earth." Before Mibu could ask what she meant, she turned back into her "seven maidens" form and surrounded the rest of the group, then linked hands and began chanting, and before the poor, confused boy could try and run everything was spinning and he fell unconscious. TheReturnOfTheKing - O_o I'm watching… 02:20, September 14, 2013 (UTC)

A Brave New World

Mibu woke up in a different area with a high altitude and the witch next to him, saying her name, "Don't say my name I can't hear it. Before you ask, let me explain: Mizuki here used some kind of divine spell that took my name away, whenever someone tries to say or show it to me I can't sense it, she pretty much censored my name away." "Only because you and your kind have done terrible things to the world." "I never did anything wrong you stripper goddess!" "How dare you?!"--Zeromaro (talk) 02:22, September 14, 2013 (UTC)

"Keep the peace my friends," a voice said, which turned out to be that of the pointy-eared monk. Mibu and the witch looked at him, a little surprised. "By the way, who exactly are you and how did you stop me and the maiden earlier?" the witch asked him, which surprised Mibu; he figured since the monk knew of her that she in turn knew him. "My name is Giota, and my techniques were taught to me by my fellow brothers," the monk answered vaguely. Mibu attempted to question the boy further, but he stopped him saying, "If we are to find this Air chosen, we must continue onward." Mibu and the witch reluctantly agreed, still curious as to who this boy was and why he was helping them. The group then began to investigate the area. --Ezvil (talk) 02:43, September 14, 2013 (UTC)

"There is a prophecy regarding the elemental heroes that dates back to the beginning of our civilizations," explained Giota, "It goes "The young hero of another world, heir to the power of Aether, with the four young women of Fire, Air, Water, and Earth, will bring about peace in both the ying and the yang of the world." If you saw the mural as I have, then you will know that you, the witch, and your maiden friend who should be arriving shortly, match the physical appearance of these people to a T." And sure enough, the maiden, who was now one being again, had returned. "I found something!" said Mizuki, pointing toward a stone wall. Mibu was amazed by what he saw: a mural of himself with four young women who looked around his age, fight an army of sword-wielding soldiers. --ScorpionTail (talk) 03:02, September 14, 2013 (UTC)

Deadly Alliance: Erika and Asura

Meanwhile, Erika called forth an almighty power from The Darkness that she had once escaped from. She started casting forbidden spells and a portal from the Darkness opened, “Come forth Asura, The God of Darkness, and do as I say” she screamed at the portal of Darkness. A voice came out of the portal, “I know you, you’re Erika Marigold, the witch who was locked in my realm of darkness, why do you summon me”? Erika shouted “I will give you a blood sacrifice of thousands of humans if you do as I say”. Asura was intrigued by her announcement, “blood sacrifice? You’re Interesting, you have my full attention Erika Marigold, tell me more”! The Asura could not wait to hear her plan.(DuskNeo (talk) 03:09, September 14, 2013 (UTC))

Mibu was getting a bad vibe before asking something unrelated, "There's something that's been bugging me, and maybe it's my world culture classes coming in, but don't these elements go more towards the Greek concept; I heard that the Yin-Yang aligns with fire, wood, water, earth, and metal, it's pretty much what puts them in the Onmyodo thing." "I see you are very knowledgeable on the concept of the elements; you are correct in that the mentioned elements align with the Greek model, and that Yin and Yang aligns with the Onmyodo concept, but it would be biased if this was based on just one culture's category. The Tao means 'way to be followed' in Chinese Confucianism culture, but in Taoism it is the essential principle underlying existence, similar to the Greek concept of ether." As Mibu attempted to wrap his head around everything he noticed one of his gloves had changed, it had a four-pointed star on the back side and had an overall high-tech look to it, "What the- Wait, I've seen this glove in that dream I had with the fox; he said it was part of the new Onmyodo." Mibu focused on a rock where by causing its molecular structure to heat it up it melted into a liquid before making said liquid evaporate and ionizing the gas into plasma. "Modern Onmyodo, it doesn't just provide insight to the past, present, and future; control shikigami, or protection from wicked souls; but control over matter and its states no what form whether its rocks, wood, metal, or anything else." As Mibu finished his explanation, the vibe came back with the glove glowing bright, "Asura The God of Darkness, Erika plans to slaughter a thousand humans as a blood sacrifice to him," Mibu's new power shocked him and the others but not as much as his prophecy.--Zeromaro (talk) 05:31, September 14, 2013 (UTC)

"So you've finally started to awaken your power?" a voice said as two people were entering the room they were in. The two people were Eugene and Recon. "And if what you said about Asura is true, then we have less time than I thought." Eugene said with a serious expression on his face. "Who are you?" Mibu asked in confusion of the new arrivals. "Welcome back Eugene, Recon." Giotta said with happiness. "You see, we have been raised together in this monastery in order to be able to help you on your journey and to teach you skills to make you stronger. It has been our destiny." Forest Dragon Slayer (talk) 05:48, September 14, 2013 (UTC)

Erika made a quick, better deal with Asura, now that she had thought things over a bit more. If she could offer the DAGGERs, the Legion of Sword's bug-like grunts, to Asura as a sacrifice, then she could get her eye back. "The Legion of Swords, you say?" asked Asura, "Why, those despicable cads are why I was trapped in the first place! I will gladly help you get rid of them, but betray me and I will wipe out humanity. Is that clear?" Erika simply nodded, and the deal was struck. --ScorpionTail (talk) 05:56, September 14, 2013 (UTC)

"For the love of everything," roars the figure when her previous attempt to contact Mibu fails. She decides to take a more drastic measure and creates a violet flame in her left hand. She then focuses on Mibu and thrusts her hand through her crystal ball, hitting the Champion of Aether in the forehead and merging the darkly colored flame with him. "Listen here, you are going to encounter a great trial in the future. During that, I want you to choose neutrality over light or darkness because it will benefit you the most," says the figure through the flames, "My time is short for now, so I'll contact you aga-" The dark woman curses as her connection is severed by her prison and mutters something about needing to tell Mibu more and the amount to time she can directly affect the world in currently. --ChaosWyvern-i (talk) 07:36, September 14, 2013 (UTC)

Erika needed her magical TAO tarot Cards to fully open the portal of Darkness and let Asura come into the Human world, “Asura, The God of Darkness, tell me where can I find my Magic TAO cards, without them you can’t step through the portal and come into our world”, Erika declared. Asura can sense energy signatures, “I will tell you where the TAO cards are, but you won’t be so happy to learn of the location, Your sisters have it back at the Marigold witches guild mansion”. Erika was shocked to hear this. “WHAT? My sisters had my TAO cards this whole time? Viktoria Marigold (Viki, nickname) and Wendelin Marigold (Wendy, nickname), you two are going to pay for your betrayal.” (DuskNeo (talk) 09:14, September 14, 2013 (UTC))

"Are you all right?" The seven maidens asked unaminously, helping Mibu up. "Yeah, I'm fine," Replied Mibu, rubbing his head, thinking about what the woman in the vision told him, "So, I've got to ask, what's with the seven people thing?" "Oh, right, I supposed it is confusing!" Raijichan laughed, "Well, we, that is Mizuki or "Hikarichan", are the Avatar of Light, the physical embodiment of all that is good in the world. And just as there are seven colours that make up the spectrum of light, there are seven virtues that make up the spectrum of good." (Anonymius (talk) 10:12, September 14, 2013 (UTC))

A scantily-clad young woman of the same age of Erika, which was eighteen, observed youth Mibu curiously. Of course, this was without his notice, so she remained completely unknown to him. However, she checked her sword, which she unsheathed, wondering if it were best if she abide to the mural she has studied for years. But shortly after this, the wind started to pick. And sure enough, the Elemental Hero of Air, the girl with the sword, was spotted. Although, at least as a side note in Mibu's mind, Erika's outfit was extremely hot to him... --ScorpionTail (talk) 10:33, September 14, 2013 (UTC)

"Should I introduce myself," mutters an oddly clothed young woman, sitting of an ornate staff that was floating high above Mibu's group. "No? Well that defeats the purpose of this operation: to observe and help out the Champion of Aether and eventually get him to side with us." The woman continues to talk to an unseen presence and fails to notice that Giota has seen her until he calls out to her, startling her and causing her to vanish in a burst of flames. "That was most likely the Elemental Hero of Fire," notes the monk, "Should I be more concerned with her alignment or the malicious shadow that is lingering about her?" --ChaosWyvern-i (talk) 15:19, September 14, 2013 (UTC)

"Forget that Erika's right here!" The witch attempted to attack the Air hero (who almost drew her Miao Dao) but was stopped, "Wait it's not her, this glove tells me her about her times; this girl's called Tang Chin she's known about the legend her whole life. She's the Air Hero, but it was kind of forced on her by a monastery; she was trying to change her fate." Tang Chin was surprised how Mibu knew about her, noticing his glowing glove. "Force or not, she was chosen for a reason, she must come with us; if she refuses we'll have to take drastic measures." "Mizuki, knock it off; we can't force her to do something she doesn't want to do."--Zeromaro (talk) 15:50, September 14, 2013 (UTC)

Tang Chin looked at Mibu inquisitively, very surprised now at his sense of compassion. Giota nodded his head in approval, but both Erika and Mizuki did not seem too happy about Mibu's decision. In fact, the two still tried to take Tang Chin by force, but they found themselves once again frozen by Giota's incantation. "Will you stop doing that?!" the two shouted simultaneously at him. "Sometimes, the best way to force one to follow you is to guilt them with compassion," Giota told Mibu whilst releasing both girls from their frozen state. Tang Chin then glided herself to the ground to discuss with Mibu and his companions about her potential decision to join them. --Ezvil (talk) 16:08, September 14, 2013 (UTC)

"I know much about the elemental weapons that each of us have," explained Tang Chin, "You see, they are all based on tarot card suits in the Minor Arcana, and I'm sure that you, being a witch, knows a lot about tarot cards, right?" Erika then responded with "Yeah, I know about them." "If I join you, I can teach you how to master your respective elemental weapons," explained Tang Chin. While Mibu was definitely appreciative of her wanting to help them, Erika and Mizuki, who were feeling a tad jealous, were a bit cautious about letting her join. --ScorpionTail (talk) 16:28, September 14, 2013 (UTC)

The Windy City

"If you're looking for the Champion of Fire," said Tang Chin, "we should go to Skylarian, specifically the Elemental Temple." Mibu was confused. "Wait, I don't know any Skylarian, and I know my cities pretty well." Mizuki laughed. "I doubt you'd know it, since it's on Mitrægaëyia, not Earth, as are we." "Wait, wha-" began Mibu, but just then a gust of wind sent them all flying through the air, towards the spires of mighty Skylarian City.

TheReturnOfTheKing - O_o I'm watching… 16:48, September 14, 2013 (UTC)

"whaaaaa" , screamed Mibu as the wind send them flying and reached in an unknown island . uhh !oouch! as they fall down .Whey got up they were in front of a beautiful city of an island. "What is this place? asked mibu. "Wait i know this"replied tang chin ,"We have reached Skylarian city!". 20:15 september 14 ,2013

"So," Mibu started to ask Mizuki, "Just out of curiosity what virtues do each of your selves represent?" Mizuki had once again split herself into seven. "I am Raijichan," the lightning girl explained, "The Lightning Maiden of Temperance!" "I am Fuujichan," the grey haired girl with what Mibu thought to be a pillow introduced, "The Wind Maiden of kindness!" "I am Suijichan," the blue haired version introduced, "The Water Maiden of Charity!" "I am Tsuchichan," said the brown, cropped-haired girl, "the Earth Maiden of humility." (Anonymius (talk) 17:24, September 14, 2013 (UTC))

Khopesh had been searching for Hope for a long while, his travels taking him to Skylairian City. He was delighted to know that his acquaintances from before had made it, too. But this he heard a laugh in the back of his mind, as memories of Hope began flooding in like a downpour. He remembered her platinum blonde hair and green eyes, the way she would always ask questions, the way she would compliment his skills in painting, the way she always brightened up his day, and most of all, the way that she was the only person who ever loved him, even though he was physically disabled at the time. "You'll never see her again," said the Fire Witch, who appeared right behind Khopesh, only to vanish seconds later. Khopesh managed to get his act together and he went to greet his old friends, doing his best to keep his mind stable, little knowing that the Legion of Swords had sent some of their DAGGER Units to find him. --ScorpionTail (talk) 17:43, September 14, 2013 (UTC)

Meanwhile, just outside the city, Mibu was about to ask the maidens something else, when he suddenly realized where he was, and swept his gaze over the impressive skyline of Skylarian City, marveling at its beauty and sheer size; this was nothing like the towns and smaller cities he was used to. He then let his eyes rest on Erika, who was watching the city, and he thought back to when they first met, and how ever since that faithful moment, his world had been completely upturned. She was to blame for all this, and yet he couldn’t help but feel attracted to her. Her slender figure, moving gracefully, her long, green-tinted hair, glittering in the sun and… Erika was studying him, and Mibu felt himself blushing, his eyes dropping for a moment, before finding her eyes again. When she smiled at him, he felt his heart beating faster as he smiled back. Stefan (Shikai - "Rust & Shatter") (talk) 17:48, September 14, 2013 (UTC)

"Aw, love, such a sweet thing," the Maiden interrupted sarcastically, which suddenly caused both Mibu and Erika to look away from one another and grow bright red in the face. Infuriated, Erika began shouting at her, until once again Giota intervened and encouraged them all to keep moving. As they walked towards the city, Giota inquired quietly to Mibu, "I've always wondered what it's like to love a woman." Mibu was about to deny the implication, but he then replied in curiosity, "Wait, you've never dated or even loved a woman before?" "I'm a monk, it was always forbidden for me and my brothers to have any sort of intimate relationship," Giota replied. He then quickly added whilst turning to look at the Maiden, "But just because one is fasting does not mean one cannot enjoy looking at the menu from time to time." --Ezvil (talk) 18:39, September 14, 2013 (UTC)

Mibu quickly turned his head away from the monk and walked up to the Maiden. "You know, you never finished explaining to me what virtues your other selves were," He told her. "Oh, the redhead's Hochan, the Fire Maiden of Fortitude, the white haired one's Yukichan, the Ice Maiden of Chastity, and the multi-coloured one who looks like a rock star is Otochan, the Sound Maiden of Patience." "Wait that's it? Just a quick explanation? No dazling spectacle of all of your separate selves announcing who they are?" (Anonymius (talk) 18:58, September 14, 2013 (UTC))

A group of bug-like infantrymen began to storm the plaza. Khopesh quickly noticed a young man with a claymore in his hands wearing a knight helmet who was seemingly ordering the infantrymen to search for something. "It's Claymore of the Legion of Swords," said Khopesh, "Now my efforts will be hindered. I'll have to warn those youths of this development before I resume my search." --ScorpionTail (talk) 19:07, September 14, 2013 (UTC)

Fujiwarra Akisame stood in front of a large pool of lava. After being kidnapped by the mud coloured giant Behemoth, the Sage of the Elemental Demon Gods had tricked him into thinking HE was the next Elemental Champion of Water - and that Mizuki was just an imposter. He wanted to reclaim his rightful place next to his ex-classmate, Mibu. His accursed blue blade, Kisara, thirsted for the flesh of Mizuki's neck. His body covered itself in water armor, and he jumped into the lava - and in a burst of steam, he was gone. --Zombomb (talk) 20:30, September 14, 2013 (UTC)

Mibu got another vibe coming on. "We've got company, the bad kind," Mibu readied his Onmyo Glove. Infantrymen came towards the group, only to have their weapons rusted and some of the scalded by a concentrated steam. Some of the infantry were cut with pressurized water. Mibu asked Mizuki, "Did Sujichan do that?" "No I did," Akisame revealed himself after transforming back from the water.--Zeromaro (talk) 23:08, September 14, 2013 (UTC)

"AKISAME?" Mibu gaped, "Is that you? What are you doing here? NO WAIT STOP!" He threw himself between Mizuki and his raging former class mate Fujiwarra Akisame, who had swung his sword at her, catching the blade in his glove hand. "What are you doing?" he demanded. (Anonymius (talk) 23:16, September 14, 2013 (UTC))

Mizuki was lost in thought. It was a brave thing for Mibu to try and save her the way he did. It was quite attractive to her. She liked brave men a lot. This was also something that Erika greatly admired. As Mibu and his classmate fought, it occurred to both girls that they were starting to develop feelings for Mibu. --ScorpionTail (talk) 23:21, September 14, 2013 (UTC)

"Getting rid of that impostor," yells Akisame, pulling himself away from his classmate's grip. "I'm the real Hero of Water!" Mizuki and the others become confused by Akisame's statement, allowing him to take a swing at her. Mibu once again defends his ally and feels a mixture of anger, confusion and empathy for Akisame. "I can't let you hurt her," states Mibu, filled with determination, "I won't let you hurt her or anyone else, so stop Akisame!"--ChaosWyvern-i (talk) 23:37, September 14, 2013 (UTC)

"Ha, you make me laugh, Mibu...These girls would never protect you if you yourself were to be in their exact situation." Akisame takes his weapon is his other hand, and tosses it at Mizuki. Just as the sword nearly sliced her, the appearance of a small child vanquished the presence of Akisame, and both he and his weapon vanished in a puff of dark smoke. "Mizuki, Erika, Mubi...I have been watching you for a time now, but I figured it was time that I let myself in on this little game of yours." He walked from out of the shadows, and revealed his full childlike appearance, " I am Nemoru Kirasaki, and I was sent here to help aid in forever ending this prophetic fight." --VictoriousBeckFan (talk) 01:11, 15 September 2013 (UTC)

"I don't suppose you know where the Fire Hero," Asked Mibu. "You actually met her earlier at your last stop," replied Kirasaki, :and she wants to help you Mibu, unfortunately she's being used." "You mean that girl who shot a flame at my head, didn't exactly look threatening anyway?" "She is not the only one you need to help, this young lady's name has taken form." "You know about that;" Erika was surprised, "it's courtesy of Miss Multi-face by the way." "Details please Mr. Kirasaki."--Zeromaro (talk) 01:45, September 15, 2013 (UTC)

"Well, maybe we should get running," said Erika, "if we're going to get away from those thugs. The temple's up on that ridge." She pointed at an old, Oriental looking stone temple, at odds with the beautiful, very new-looking city. "One of the oldest structures in Mitrægaëyia. It'll be nice to visit it again." They ran down the back alleys to escape the DAGGER warriors. TheReturnOfTheKing - O_o I'm watching… 01:47, September 15, 2013 (UTC)

Fighting in the Streets

Khopesh appeared behind Mibu, Mizuki and Erika. "I will bide you some time," said Khopesh as a mysterious man with a claymore in his hand appeared to battle Khopesh, "but I need you to focus on getting away safely!" Inside of the temple were two portals, one leading to a light location and another leading to a dark one. Promising themselves that they'd remember the claymore-wielding villain, Mibu, Erika and Mizuki entered the light portal, landing on a street in the middle of an enchanted city, and Tang Chin and the Elemental Fire Hero, a young twenty-year-old woman with a flaming wand, went into the dark portal, which Khopesh managed to enter as well. Just as the portals closed, however, DAGGER warriors entered the portal with Mibu and his lady friends. The fight wasn't over yet. --ScorpionTail (talk) 01:54, September 15, 2013 (UTC)

Mibu began to panic when he saw the DAGGER warriors, but his fear quickly changed into tranquility as he deflected the first few stabs made at him by the bug-like warriors. He managed to grab the weapon of one of the warriors and ionize it, but quickly realized that he and the others were severely out numbered. "Concentrate on blocking off the path," says the dark woman in Mibu's head, identifying herself as Hane, "The ace will handle the rest." Mibu's lapse in concentration allowed one of the DAGGER warriors to graze him, but he quickly focused his power and mind on blocking off his opponent's route to them. His gloved hand began to glow grey and white before a bright flash erupted from his hand, engulfing some of the warriors and part of the street --ChaosWyvern-i (talk) 02:23, September 15, 2013 (UTC)

Mizuki and Erika were fighting off warriors with their own magic, blasting and zapping away anything that got in their path. However, one particular DAGGER warrior managed to catch Erika off guard, cutting her left arm heavily. In the background, Giota noticed Erika's cry of distress, but he was unable to aid her; his numerous jabs and pressure points against his armored opponents took too long to take down enemies, as once he took out one, another replaced him. Mibu, however, let out a roar of anger and plowed his way through the crowd to successfully blast the soldier who injured Erika. The Maiden managed to hold off her enemies pretty well, until she too became overwhelmed; it wasn't long until the same thing happened to Giota. These soldiers, despite looking normal, just overwhelmed the four, or so it seemed, as Mibu's glove began flashing again and sent the remaining soldiers flying but at the cost of making Mibu fall to the ground in exhaustion. --Ezvil (talk) 05:00, September 15, 2013 (UTC)

"Are.... you.... all right,Mibu?"asked Erika whose left arm was bleeding heavily ."yeah,i think so",replied mibu."great from now on we will make sure to be aware of our enemies",said mizuki and continued their journey .-12:45 15 sep,2013 User:Karena561(UTC)

"Now THAT is a lot of blood!" said a shocked Toppa. "Gee, you think?" asked Erika sarcastically. Mizuki accidentally tripped as she ran toward her former enemy to help her, dropping the Chalice of Water and spilling the water on Erika's injury, healing it completely. Erika, Toppa, Mibu and Mizuki were all equally amazed by what they saw, making them know full well that they needed to start training with their elemental powers. Mizuki and Erika began thinking of ways that they could woo Mibu during this time now that they had time to get to know him. Conveniently, it seemed that they ended up outside an abandoned dojo... --ScorpionTail (talk) 07:29, September 15, 2013 (UTC)

In a dark room in the headquarters of the Legion of Swords, the Grand Master spoke to seven warriors concealed in black cowls. "It seems that dispatching of these heroes is proving more difficult than I thought," he told them, "That is why I'm sending you. Go, my seven swordsmen. Go, and do what the others have failed." The seven figures bowed to their master, and vanished. (Anonymius (talk) 09:29, September 15, 2013 (UTC))

Mubi, Mizuki, Erika and the Air Hero Tang Chin all went inside the abandoned dojo, followed by Giota and Nemoru Kirasaki. Khopesh stayed outside, saying "This is not my battle - I also have someone I need to save." Inside was like nothing they'd ever seen before, and they'd seen a lot of crazy things today. The floor was made of sand, magic carpets floated in the air, and dragons slowly wound their way through the walls. Recon and Eugene were already inside the dojo, guns and katana raised already. "You sure kept us waiting!" smirked Recon. --Zombomb (talk) 10:00, September 15, 2013 (UTC)

Enter The Battle Asura of the Darkness!

As the Dagger warriors overwhelmed the everyone, all hope had seemed lost, Erika looked at mizuki and smiled, “Now is the time to show you my secret weapon, I’ve been saving him, he wants the Daggers, and In return he has something as well” Erika announced to mizuki. Mizuki felt a cold chil run down her spine as a Dark Evil presence began to manifest in the room. Mizuki was shocked, “No it can’t be”, she gasped in horror. A Deep dark voice shouted “YES LITTLE MIZUKI, IT IS ME I HAVE RETURNED TO THE REALM OF THE LIVING”. It was Asura, The God of Darkness. “Dont worry little mizuki, this time I have come to help your world, instead of destroying it”. Mizuki thought to herself “ Erika do you realize what you have done”? (DuskNeo talk 10:59, September 15, 2013 (UTC))

“Erika what do you hope to get from this alliance with Asura”? Mizukis asks in shock and horror. Erika looked at her with anger, “Something I lost when you sent me into the darkness, the magic TAO cards that will complete my power”, Erika shouts at mizuki. Mizuki could see what Erika was planning; mizuki shouts back at erika “You intend to fully open the portal of darkness and let Asura through with the power of the TAO tarot cards don’t you”? Suddenly Erikas gives mizuki a cold hard look as if an essence of the darkness was in her eyes, Erika says in cold calculating voice, “And what of it? Just what do you intend to do about it?” OmegaHideki (talk) 11:19, September 15, 2013 (UTC)

TWENTY-FOUR HOURS EARLIER.... "So what is the deal between you and Witch Girl?" Mibu asked Mizuki as they started to train in the dojo, looking over at the witch, "I mean, why are you always at each other's throats?" "Well I wouldn't quite phrase it like that," Mizuki told him, "but as I am the Avatar of Light, the embodiment of all that is good in the world, Erika Marigold is the Avatar of Darkness, the embodiment of all that is evil in the world, and light and darkness have been natural enemies since time began." "I thought her name was Julia Arstrom?" Mibu asked her. He was pretty sure that's what the guy with the swords called her. (Anonymius (talk) 12:00, September 15, 2013 (UTC))

"Yes, her name is Julia as well. At birth she was given the name Julia, but, when I met her, her name was Erika. You see, we of the astral world always change our names to make sure we never get caught by The Elemental Demon Gods, or the Sage of the Elemental Demon Gods, you should call Erika Julia." "The Sage is probably the strongest of the Three Lords, the Sage of the Elemental Demon Gods rules over the Elemental Dimension, only minds of pure evil and elements gather there. Currently the king of the elemental dimension is Infernace, the Fire Elemental. Next the Sage of the Elemental Champions of Light is the Sage, who id he ever fought, could shake the world and crumble the millions of dimensions surrounding us with a touch of his finger, but he only trains the Elemental Champions, and finally The Sage of Chaos, he can cause billions to go mad with a snap of his finger, he can control the minds of millions and he is the reason World War II occurred." User: Sunami King

Asura, appeared as a tall dark shadow, not fully being able to come through the portal of darkness that Erika had previously used to summon Asura was however able to use some of his power which was more than a match for most people. Asura addresses everyone in the dojo “I currently use the shadows to travel in this world, and anyone who gets in my way will be consumed by the shadows and I will drag them into my realm of the darkness”. Everyone in the room even Erika felt the serious of his words and for a moment everyone was frozen in fear. “ why do you want the daggers Asura”? mizuki asked Asura. (DuskNeo (talk) 13:54, September 15, 2013 (UTC)

The Sage of the Elemental Demon Gods

Meanwhile, another servant of Asura was causing havoc in other parts of Mitrægaëyia. The Last Dark Fairy King had summoned many a dark follower, and they were currently fighting to take the city of Chai-gom, high in the Mountains of Steel. He grinned as flames consumed the city and his followers dragged the king towards him. He raised his sword and brought it down, severing the king's head from his body before he even had a chance to scream. He laughed evilly, and he turned to his generals. "Skylarian is nest."

TheReturnOfTheKing - O_o I'm watching… 15:44, September 15, 2013 (UTC)

A strange force teleported all of the other threats to the Legion of Swords' plan, such as Asura and the Dark Fairy King, leaving Mibu and the others, such as their friends Khopesh and the other elemental warriors, alone. And then in a flash, Asura, the dark fairy king and his followers were absorbed into a strange, fiery being. Infuriated, a second Erika appeared from the darkness, battling the first Erika. This was the Erika that initially made the deal with Asura, and whose mind was linked to her good self. --ScorpionTail (talk) 15:53, September 15, 2013 (UTC)

The Seven Swordsmen approached the area where our heroes were. “Who shall go first?” Said the leader. “I will,” Said one of them. Taking off his cowl, the volunteer ran at his target, two katanas drawn, before leaping and whirling through the air. “WHIRLWIND OF A THOUSAND BLADES!” (Anonymius (talk) 16:17, September 15, 2013 (UTC))

Wrath, the witch who had once been Erika, before that cursed maiden trapped her in an alternate dimension, held the deck of TAO cards in a tight grip; her face was twisted with an expression of pure rage. Before coming here she had gone to the Marigold guild mansion in search of Erika, and as she left, the mansion had stood engulfed in flames, and draped in the fire’s red glare, Wrath had sensed a trace of Erika and followed it, to settle the score with her. “I hate you!”, she screamed, and remembered how Erika had managed to escape her prison, leaving Wrath behind in the pitch black darkness. The prison had been designed to trap the dark sides of an individual’s nature, such as fear, envy, hate, and greed, and only by discarding those aspects of herself had Erika been able to escape. The pain which Wrath had felt when being severed from Erika, had been excruciating and something inside her had broken. She had later made a deal involving blood sacrifices with Asura, the God of Death who ruled over the dark dimension, and who was the one that set her free, impressed with Wrath’s dark potential for evil. Stefan (Shikai - "Rust & Shatter") (talk) 16:20, September 15, 2013 (UTC)

"I had a feeling that was you talking through Erika about the deal with Asura earlier," Mibu readied his glove on Wrath, "You're not just the embodiment of her hate and evil, you're also the name that Mizuki took from her." "You're more clever than I thought Ryusei Mibu, I can see why my former self likes you so much," Wrath disappeared before she locked lips with him the moment she reappeared much to the astonishment of the other girls, "Now what would happen if you were mine." Mibu started to cough up blood, "What did you do to him?" Erika shouted. "I gave him some of my power, and like all loans he has to pay for it; and my type of pay is devotion and pleasure (I can't wait to have this body and power), if he doesn't he'll die from the mutations taking place now (they go into the wrong places)." Mibu had grown a bushy tail and pointy ears while letting out a growl as Wrath just showed the other girls preview images of what she'll do with him much to their anger.--Zeromaro (talk) 17:41, September 15, 2013 (UTC)

Hane, observing the situation from her prison felt her anger boil dangerously. "That witch dared to curse Mibu, my only hope for freedom and the person whom I've grown attached to," she roars darkly, transforming slightly as darkness corrupts her a little more. "I have to do something, but my prison only allows me to use weak magic to affect the world... I'll slow down the effects of the curse as best I can." Hane begins to cast a spell that would hinder Wrath's power affecting Mibu's body, but only for a few minutes at most. Mibu, please hold on... --ChaosWyvern-i (talk) 18:02, September 15, 2013 (UTC)

For the first time since the whole mess started, Mibu fell to his knees. He was tired, he was confused, and now he had a tail and pointy ears..? He felt a lump in his throat appear as he saw how upset Mizuki and Erika were. He had just gone to buy some groceries... He still had them in his rucksack on his back! He didn't even know where on Earth he was, even if it was Earth anymore! He hadn't even met these girls before today, and yet... what was this feeling? Did he... care about them? --Zombomb (talk) 18:06, September 15, 2013 (UTC)

"Mibu, girls, hold on!" Nemoru Kirasaki relinquishes himself from his own silence, "PURIFICATION OF THE KIRASAKI CLAN!" At once, his purification summon purifies Mibu, as well as cleansing the dark aura surrounding Wrath, the cause of Mibu's new outward appearance. While Mibu was restored to his former self, Wrath underwent a massive transformation into what appeared to be an elderly woman; the form said to be her true and hidden form. "It's time we settle this once and for all...sister!" Rage in his eyes, Kirasaki charges at full speed towards Wrath. --VictoriousBeckFan (talk) 18:10, 15 September 2013 (UTC)

Wrath merely teleported away, but not before leaving the team with a foreboding message. "I will take over the Legion of Swords as Queen Urumi," said Wrath, "and when I am in control, no one will stop me!" It was clear that the witch Erika had split in half, serving dual roles as both ally and foe now. Only the prophecy would guarantee Erika's survival at this point. In a strange way, at least in Mizuki's mind, if was as if the ongoing struggle between her and the old Erika, now calling herself "Queen Urumi" hadn't stopped. But for now, she and this new, redeemable Erika had to start working together. --ScorpionTail (talk) 18:13, September 15, 2013 (UTC)

After the long, chaotic past few hours, Mibu and his friends decided to rest for the evening, knowing everyone needed time to take in the events that had just taken place, especially Erika. Having just been split into two different personas, she felt very beaten and exhausted, as though much of her energy had been sapped straight from her. "Is everything alright?" Mibu asked her. "I've just been split in 2, how do you think I'm doing?" she responded angrily, but the slight smile she still had on her face hinted to Mibu that she did appreciate his concern. Feeling left out, Mizuki asked cutely, "I took a beating too why haven't you asked me yet if I'm ok?", which Mibu stuttered saying, "Um I was just about to ask you," causing Mizuki to smile and Erika to groan. Giota and Kirasaki smiled as they watched things unfold, curious as to how things would eventually turn out between these three. --Ezvil (talk) 18:54, September 15, 2013 (UTC)

Time stopped for a moment; or rather Erika was transported into her inner self to meet urumi. They both stood in front of each other in this inner dimension filled with lightning and thunder. “Do you agree to work with me as one queen urumi? As one we will be stronger” Erika said to urumi. urumi looked at her and said, “We will fuse and become a complete being as we were ment to be, it’s actually what I wanted all along, it’s just that I was dormant inside of you, but when you crossed over to the darkness, something inside of you awoke, and that something was me”. "Together we will fully harness the power of the TAO tarot cards!" Erika announced. (DuskNeo (talk) 18:57, September 15, 2013 (UTC))

"Do you think that they will succeed," asked Hane, partially materializing next to Giota and Kirasaki. "It's possible, but they still have much to over come," observed Giota watching the trio of heroes quickly fall asleep from exhaustion, "You're the one who's been watching over the young lad like a guardian." "She is," said Kirasaki, somewhat tired from repelling Wrath, "It has been awhile Hane." "It has, Kirasaki. I'll continue watching over him, even after he frees me," says the spectral version of Hane before blushing a little, "I'll owe him that much..." Hane's returns to her prison, exhausted from projecting herself into the world, and observes Mibu while wondering why she began to blush when she talked about him... and what she heard Erika sleeptalking about. --ChaosWyvern-i (talk) 19:13, September 15, 2013 (UTC)

The vision of fusing with Urumi never happened, and Erika was thankful for it. She cast a spell on herself to make sure she'll stay the way she was, never to merge with her evil half again. She had become the neutral third, with Mizuki being the good side and the evil half of herself becoming the evil side that still longed to combat Mizuki, who in turn wanted to fight her. Erika looked at Mibu, wanting to take him on a date. --ScorpionTail (talk) 19:22, September 15, 2013 (UTC)

Meanwhile the Sage had recovered Kisara after Akisame was forced back home. Curse them, I was so close to getting that Mibu character; not only is he a powerful Onmyoji and the hero of Ether, but it turns out he has a dimensional nexus to that monster fox. That witch almost had the Onmyoji assume its form and use its power through him. So many have tried to harness that beasts' power and so many have failed miserably; the power to move entire planets, break the universe, send chaos into a plane of existence was too much for anyone who dared tried. But to properly harness this Mibu I'll need that monsters weapon, the yoto Kurenai. Back to the group, Erika had a nightmare of Mibu turning into a complete version of the monster fox after unsheathing a red katana; as she woke up seeing that Mibu was still human she clung to him in tears concerned about his well being.--Zeromaro (talk) 21:50, September 15, 2013 (UTC)

The Rise of Urumi

Urumi stood above the Fairy King, who lay bleeding in the snow, somewhere in the DAGGER headquarters. He looked up at the witch and smiled as she leaned in to kiss him. But something was wrong - their forms flowed together, and the Fairy King couldn't escape. As he screamed, the two shades of black flowed together, and so Urumi, now the Dark Empress of the Fairies, turned to face mighty Asura and bowed. "My lord," she said, "thank you, for the mighty cards of TAO. I shall serve you well." Inwardly, she laughed, knowing that once Mitrægaëyia and Earth bowed before her, then she would betray the God of Darkness and rule supreme. TheReturnOfTheKing - O_o I'm watching… 23:31, September 15, 2013 (UTC)

Asura could feel a presence inside of him. When they were seemingly destroyed earlier, he was, in actuality, absorbing the Demon Fire God within himself. Before long, they would become one being. He could tell because he was starting to gain hornet-like traits, such as a stinger and antennae. Now that the Legion of Swords was under Urumi's rule, she proceeded to make improvements to several of the DAGGER Unit's designs, and the four enforcers, Claymore, Scimitar, Dao and Zweihander were all given improved armor. Now that the gods of Darkness and Fire had become one, Urumi's fire powers became much more potent... --ScorpionTail (talk) 23:41, September 15, 2013 (UTC)

Mibu woke frightened, noticing Erika cuddled up to him, but that wasn't what frightened him. Even when asleep his abilities as an Onmyoji showed him the events that transpired, "Urumi," he said, "She's done it, she now controls the Sword people and Asura is growing stronger." However, Mizuki was busy trying to strangle Erika, "knock it off, this is serious!" "What's also serious is that this witch tried to sleep with you without your consent." "She was just concerned that I might turn into that fox from my dreams, the glove showed me what was going on both yesterday and when Erika came to me. Just who is he?"--Zeromaro (talk) 01:17, September 16, 2013 (UTC)

"The fox within your dreams is actually a version of you created from the dark emotions settling within your being," stated an awakened Kirasaki. He grabs a few materials from his bag and hands Mibu a small amulet, "Wear this amulet at all times, but do not let Urumi nor Asura catch you with it. As long as they feel powerful, they will not try to grow even more powerful than they already are." He looks towards Erika and Mizuki, "As for you ladies, you both must vow to help Mibu in this struggle to the end." Shedding a tear, Kirasaki gets up and immediately hugs the trio. "I hate to tell you all this, but whenever we arrive at the final battle, I must fight Urumi alone, for it is my own prophecy to destroy her once and for all; even if it means ending my own life in the process..." --VictoriousBeckFan (talk) 01:21, 16 September 2013 (UTC)

Mibu's and the others couldn't mask their shock. Though they had known him for a short period of time, Kirasaki had helped them tremendously and had acted as a guide of sorts to them, allowing them to grow attached to the male figure. "We could try sealing away Asura again," Erika said after a moment, "If he's gotten stronger, sealing him away will be much more difficult than it would've been earlier, but it should be possible and it should cripple Urumi, which will help you with your battle." "I agree, it's worth a shot," replied the maiden as Hane asks Mibu if he could relay a message to the maiden and witch regarding Asura's growing power and their chance of sealing him in the future. "As I stated earlier," began Kirasaki, "Urumi and Asura will not actively try to gain power unless they feel threatened; that will be their undoing because that is our greatest advantage." "H-Hane has something to say," said Mibu, gulping when he saw Mizuki and Erika's expressions upon hearing the name, "She says that we need to master our abilities before the next major battle or we will face dire consequences..." --ChaosWyvern-i (talk) 01:46, September 16, 2013 (UTC)

Welcoming Hope

The Elemental Hero of Fire sat down near the door, where Khopesh was resting. She overheard the majority of the conversation. Then Khopesh awoke and got a better look at the Elemental Hero of Fire. He hadn't looked at her well enough to recognize her at first, but then he saw it. This woman was Hope, the woman he was searching for for all this time! "Hope?" asked Khopesh, surprising Hope, as she never told him his name. But when she finally recognized his voice, despite Khopesh looking far different than how she remembered him, she responded with "...Is that you, Charles?" --ScorpionTail (talk) 01:56, September 16, 2013 (UTC)

Urumi could feel the ancient presence in her mind, the power of a thousand Fairies, all of them absorbed by their king who betrayed them to destroy a great empire on Earth and carry on his father's legacy. Urumi could feel 3,000 years of life in her mind, and it threatened to overwhelm her. But she knew she had to control that power, use it to finish what was started, and then she would take her place among the gods. But first, she would make the worlds pay for what they had done to her. She laughed, floating above Skylarian City, Asura at her side. "We'll attack at dawn," she decided, "and then the world shall bow to Ying and Yang, united by the power of TAO." She drew her Tarot cards and felt the power of them, the power of the Fairies, of the dark god, and she knew she was no longer human, a fact which somehow gave her… great pleasure. TheReturnOfTheKing - O_o I'm watching… 02:15, September 16, 2013 (UTC)

Mibu continued training with his glove's power whilst Mizuki and Erika took part in a practice duel in order to help them master their own abilities. Kirasaki attempted to help Mibu further his mastery while Giota watched the witch and maiden duel. Both of the girls fought with intensity, perhaps with a little too much intensity, as Giota eventually had to use his mysterious incantation to freeze them before they seriously hurt each other. "You are suppose to be fighting to help the other improve their abilities, not to kill them," Giota interrupted, this being the second time things got too violent. Erika tried to blame Mizuki and visa versa, but Mibu, distracted from his training, came over and said, "You too can go as violent as you want against our enemy, but for crying out loud we're all partners hear so stop trying to kill each other and get along!!" Both girls realized their error, reluctantly apologizing to one another. --Ezvil (talk) 02:36, September 16, 2013 (UTC)

Kirasaki, after resting a bit from helping to train Mibu, took out a medallion from within his bag and held it, whispering the chant, "...Kirasaki Family Revelation Connection..." At once, a portal opened within him and he entered the consciousness of his own sister. "Urumi, you may be a goddess now, but you are still a member of the Kirasaki clan, and that means our fates are eternally intertwined." Urumi, hearing her brother's voice, could do nothing but laugh at his expense. Her mind relentlessly sapped at Kirasaki's power until he was near-death. "Pathetic know you cannot win, even if you WERE to be the rightful heir to the throne of the gods," and with that, Urumi sent Kirasaki back to Mitrægaëyia, lying in front of the group, weak and drained from his recent battle against his sister. --VictoriousBeckFan (talk) 02:40, 16 September 2013 (UTC)

Mizuki, through hard concentration, was finally capable of making the water in the chalice take any shape she wanted, but she couldn't make the water freeze. She was yet to learn how to do that. Erika, on the other hand, could sense a psychokinetic energy from within the Coins of Earth. She knew she could somehow manipulate the psychokinetic energy, but the fact that it was taking so long to try and figure out how to use those coins was frustrating to her. Finally, in frustration, she somehow managed to fire one of the coins like a bullet, only for it to return to her hand, much to everyone's surprise. --ScorpionTail (talk) 03:03, September 16, 2013 (UTC)

"Kirasaki," shouted Mibu upon seeing Kirasaki, in his current condition, crumple to the ground, snapping everyone from their amazement at Erika's new skill. Giota quickly had Mizuki pour some water from her chalice onto the injured man to heal him slightly before rushing him into another room to rest. Mibu, quickly realizing who- or rather what- harmed Kirasaki begins to growl as uncontrollable anger swells within him. He begins to transform into a being similar to the one Erika saw in her dream, but he suddenly looks as if he was slapped by an invisible force and reverts to normal. "Calm down," shouts Hane, enabling herself to be heard by the maiden and the witch, "He'll be fine, the Kirasaki I know won't go down from something like that. This just means that you and the others need to train harder to prevent something like this from happening again, understood?" --ChaosWyvern-i (talk) 03:18, September 16, 2013 (UTC)

Tang Chin was annoyed at the fact that she was being ignored in spite of being the Air Hero and had swung her Miao Dao sword in anger releasing an air pressure wave that cut apart the ground. "Mizuki watch where your Fujichan self uses her wind powers!" exclaimed Erika. "That was me you witch!" "Oh sorry... uh who are you again?" Tang Chin was more frustrated, "Sorry Tang Chin, we've been occupied with some personal stuff," interjected Mibu, "Maybe you can help me train," Tang Chin blushed.--Zeromaro (talk) 03:59, September 16, 2013 (UTC)

"...Ha...and I shall help alongside you..." Kirasaki, still weak from earlier, struggled to get up, and stood smiling at both Mibu and Tang Chin, Kirasaki himself now dressed in his special coat. "Are you sure about that, Kirasaki? I mean, you are still pretty exhausted of your powers from what your own sister did to you within her mind." Kirasaki nodded and laughed, "Mibu, many days ago, you doubted any of this, and now you are thinking with the mindset of a warrior. Your mother, my previous caretaker, would be proud..." --VictoriousBeckFan (talk) 04:18, 16 September 2013 (UTC)

Mibu was stunned. His mother took care of Kirasaki? Not only had he not heard from his mother in years, but the fact that she took care of Kirasaki was a surprise in and of itself! "You know my mother?!" asked Mibu in shock. Then Khopesh caught his eye, as he and the Elemental Hero of Fire, Hope, were conversing, and something about this conversation interested him. However, he was more interested in Kirasaki's ties to his mother, which was obviously a bigger priority. --ScorpionTail (talk) 04:29, September 16, 2013 (UTC)

"Yes," Kirasaki said, "it was only a few years ago when I came here, wounded in battle. None of my clan's techniques could heal me. But your mother... she had pity on me and took me in and helped me to get my strength back. She is a very kind woman." "Yes," Mibu mused, "yes she is." SwordoftheSpirit (talk) 05:31, September 16, 2013 (UTC)

The Portal of Darkness Opens

Erikas power now re-energized with her TAO tarot cards fully opened the portal of Darkness, and the sky turned black, the seas and oceans started becoming wild, thunder and lightning was ripping the skies in half. Asura started coming through the portal and the world began shaking. Asura started laughing, “I grow tired of all these little spoilt children”, he announced. Urumi the little annoying child was sucking up to Asura, “almighty Asura please follow me now that you’ve been summoned.” Urumi said with her annoying voice. Asura looked at her like she was a piece of trash, “Silence child, you are nothing to me, disappear little brat you’ve been annoying me for too long”. Asura shouted at her, he clicked his fingers and urumi was devoured by the darkness -- Urumi died, and everyone was secretly happy to see urumi disappear! (DuskNeo (talk) 09:18, September 16, 2013 (UTC))

"Whoops," said Erika, "My TAO cards, used by Wrath, I mean Urumi, opened the portal and unleashed Asura...? But why would she do that if she knew she'd die...?" Suddenly a female hand ripped out of Asura's chest. He gasped. What was going on? He didn't have time to think - his being collapsed into himself in the shape of a 19-year old girl, who bellowed - "I AM REBORN! AS QUEEN URUMI-ASURA, COMMANDER OF THE LEGION OF SWORDS, THE KING OF FAIRIES, AND NOW THE GOD OF FIRE AND DARKNESS!" --Zombomb (talk) 11:40, September 16, 2013 (UTC)

"Mibu, it is just as your mother and I feared. Urumi has assumed full power from Asura, and nothing can stop her now...unless..." Kirasaki whispers to Mibu instructions detailing what would help at a time like this, "In order for that plan to work, it will involve combining your own powers with those of the Elemental Heroines!" Kirasaki motioned for the group to encircle him while he chanted a protection summon around the group, so as to protect them from any dark disturbances while powering up. "KIRASAKI PROTECTION!" At once, a beam of light bled throughout the area and protected the beings meant to end the battle against the evil queen. --VictoriousBeckFan (talk) 12:23, 16 September 2013 (UTC)

While safe inside this field of energy, the other inhabitants of the nearby city were being consumed including Khopesh as he had served his purpose. "What's the point of having this power if I can't use it," Mibu then foresaw an outcome that could work out, "Everyone stand back," Mibu made a sign on the ground that resembled the the Yin-Yang with a special stance. His glove glowed bright, "Mibu wait, you need your strength to fight against Urumi!" "I know the prophecy Kirasaki, I just don't like what's happening on the side and don't tell there are needed sacrifices Hope would lose faith if she lost this man. Now witness the power of the Balance Shifter," The darkness had lessened but not completely get rid of the darkness, just enough to make it harmless to the normal inhabitants but Mibu collapsed under exhaustion. "Alright, it's your turn," As if by some fourth dimensional effect Mibu had switched places with the monster fox from his dreams, who despite Kirasaki's explanation was actually his own person. "At least your brought me out to fight a powerful opponent, I'll fight you and your harem when your fully ripe," said the fox.--Zeromaro (talk) 14:10, September 16, 2013 (UTC)

"What the hell is he doing right now!?!" Recon exclaimed as he and Eugene got back to the group and saw Mibu turn into the fox. "This isn't good." Eugene said. "The clash with their power level will create a backlash that'll kill us all. We've got to snap him out of it and retreat for now. According to the prophecy, Mibu won't be able to defeat her unless he uses his own power. He needs to recover!" Recon nodded as he puled out his guns. "We'll cover for you as long as we can." he said to the group. "Just get Mibu back to normal and get him out of here!" Forest Dragon Slayer (talk) 15:01, September 16, 2013 (UTC)

Khopesh began to stagger, for the Fire Witch was beginning to effect his psyche. "STOP BOTHERING ME!!!" yelled Khopesh, trying his best to clear his mind. Everyone looked over at Khopesh during this ordeal. "What's up with him?" asked Erika. "Ever since we separated from each other," responded Hope, using her fire wand to add more support to the team, "Khopesh began to here and see this "Fire Witch", who I recently explained to him was just a figment of his imagination." Khopesh began looking at Urumi, longing to end her life... --ScorpionTail (talk) 15:11, September 16, 2013 (UTC)

"It's just like the prophecy said," mused Khopesh, "The fox and the monk shall slay the dark Witch, lest darkness envelop us all." Urumi laughed. "No," she cried, "I shall not die, because I am no longer a mere human!" Faster than the eye could see, her hand went through Khopesh's chest and pulled out his beating heart. "I am a god." Khopesh fell to his knees, but he smiled, for he knew that he would not die here. "NOOOOO!" cried Hope, but it appeared to be too late - the life had left Khopesh's eyes, but the spark hadn't died yet.

TheReturnOfTheKing - O_o I'm watching… 19:41, September 16, 2013 (UTC)

Skylarian Falls

"I feel as if one of our allies has fallen," states a meditating Kirasaki, "However, I cannot tell who it is." The barrier stabilized, allowing Kirasaki to get up and try to resolve any current situations. "What is that?!" Kirasaki looks in shock at the fox form of Mibu and immediately casts a spell, "KIRASAKI RESTORATION!" At once, Mibu froze, and he slowly but steadily started to reform back into his former self, with Kirasaki now taking charge as the leader. "Everyone, this spell will take a few hours, so we'll need to devise a way to distract the dark queen from seeing this moment of weakness in the hero." --VictoriousBeckFan (talk) 20:39, 16 September 2013 (UTC)

"I already said that we'd stall for as long as we can for you guys." Recon said confidently. Eugene nodded before saying "Go and hide somewhere. We'll come and find you after we've confirmed that you're far away." Kirasaki nodded. "Thank you Eugene, Recon." She said. "You better not die though! I won't forgive you two if you just go and sacrifice yourselves!" The group excluding the Gun and Katana duo then ran off to find a safe place to hide. Forest Dragon Slayer (talk) 21:05, September 16, 2013 (UTC)

Before the heroes could leave, the four generals of the Legion of Swords, the brutish berserker Zweihander, the aristocratic scientist Scimitar, the insane lunatic Dao, and the cold and calculating Claymore, fought Mizuki, Tang Chin, Erika, and Hope respectively while Mibu fought their DAGGER Units. The battles lasted long enough for the group to get to know their enemies, and after a period of time, all four generals were defeated. However, Mibu knew the group had to split up if they intended on surviving, so Hope and Tang Chin went through a portal while Mizuki and Erika went with Mibu. To Mibu, it felt like going back to square one, just him, Mizuki, Erika, and Toppa, Erika's talking witch hat. --ScorpionTail (talk) 21:17, September 16, 2013 (UTC)

Vicious Tiger, Rising Dragon

As Mibu woke up in his apartment, he thought that everything was just a dream but he saw he was still wearing his glove... and Erika sleeping on top of him while Mizuki was next to him. "Welcome back to earth, I prepared a meal for you and your guests," said a voice. "Uh thanks- You?!" It was the monster fox. "Before you say anything: I'll answer your questions; my name is Shotora, I was imprisoned between realities a long time because people feared my power, I'm a thrill seeker who likes to get my blood pumping through the most exciting events and activities, people got scared I might do unnecessary for my interests, I contacted in your dreams and taught you modern onmyodo not because of that prophecy, it's just for fun, I formed a dimensional nexus with you to help escape my prison so now you can use some of my abilities and experiences (I can use yours too, but I've gone through similar experiences already), so now I can go back to what I do and not be thrown back by spells and what not, I won't kill this Urumi she's your prey, I'll just fight and humiliate her, and yes I can do that; and you can keep that red katana Kurenai it's not really my weapon just a replica but its still plenty powerful," Shotora disappeared.--Zeromaro (talk) 23:12, September 16, 2013 (UTC)

Mibu weighs the replica of Shotora's sword and feels great power emanating from the crimson katana. He hears Hane tell him to try channeling his power into the blade and does so, resulting in the blade becoming engulfed in grey, white and black energy. "Such power," notes Erika as Kurenai returns to normal and Mibu's aura becomes noticeable, "Just holding that sword increased your power..." "Actually, I channeled a little of my Aether power into it," says Mibu with humility, "If Giota, Kirasaki and Hane hadn't been giving me tips on using my powers, I probably wouldn't have as much control over my power." "Who is this Hane person," asks Mizuki, "You couldn't be referring to the Sorceress, Hane Shiro-Tsubasa, could you?" Mibu, with Hane's help, explains Hane, his relationship with her and her loose imprisonment in the Dark Realm, confirming Mizuki's suspicions. --ChaosWyvern-i (talk) 23:52, September 16, 2013 (UTC)

"How weird," said Mibu. Then, Shotora reappeared. "Oh, by the way, here's Khopesh's heart." Mibu blinked, wondering what the fox had just said. Then he handed Mibu a still-beating, bloody heart, and Mibu realized with a sickening lurch that this heart belonged to Khopesh. He promptly threw up, and then, he realized the heart… was still beating… and warm… and sort of glowing a bit… TheReturnOfTheKing - O_o I'm watching… 23:57, September 16, 2013 (UTC)

"The glow of his heart means that he is still alive to some extent." A person said as he came through the window to everyone's shock. "Eugene, you're alive!" Mibu said recognizing the katana user. "What happened to you And where's Recon??" he said after seeing Eugene's wounds. "I sustained them from earlier and Recon is checking on the other group." Eugene replied calmly as usual. "Now who is this?" He asked with suspicion looking at Shotora. "I am Shotora the demon from inside Mibu." "I see" Eugene said. "It seems that you are not a threat at the moment. Anyway, I came to do my job of unlocking Mibu's sword to an even more powerful form. Then I shall teach you to utilize it in new ways so you can become stronger." Forest Dragon Slayer (talk) 00:42, September 17, 2013 (UTC)

The heart seemed indestructable, as any manner of touching it would do nothing to truly destroy it. As Mibu held the heart, he could sense that Tang Chin, Recon and Hope were safe somewhere in the apartment conversing with each other, with Mibu sensing Hope's grief. Mibu knew that Tang Chin could handle the situation, but not only did he want to check up on her, but something important caught his attention. He saw a vision, a vision of two women, one covered in light and another in darkness, and they were in love with a man covered in the color gray, and two women friends would join them in battle against an insect made of fire. Mibu knew who these women were, but there was only one question in his mind. How would Erika and Mizuki truly put aside their differences and work together without making them fight too much? --ScorpionTail (talk) 00:53, September 17, 2013 (UTC)

Shotora appeared in front of Urumi, "Agh... Take this Tao Card..." Urumi's neck was hit with Shotora's sword still sheathed rendering her unconscious. Oh great, another big shot who can't take a hit, might as well travel the multiverse. Shotora left a sign that said: "This is my last appearance in this story, be on the lookout for me in the next project."--Zeromaro (talk) 01:40, September 17, 2013 (UTC)

"Mibu, I sense our friend, Shotora, has left not only this world, but this universe. I don't quite know how, but I can no longer sense his presence, assuming he survived trying to battle by himself." Kirasaki took this moment to devise a plan for attacking while Mibu and the others interacted among themselves. Kirasaki decides then to fuse both Erika and Mizuki together, "Mibu, the prophecy tells of a struggle involving two forces, black and white, with a grey force to help. However, if the two were to become grey as well, their combined strengths, along with yours, could fully defeat the dark queen. However, it might be a risky process since I've only tried this once on my own sister, and you saw what happened to her..." --VictoriousBeckFan (talk) 01:39, 17 September 2013 (UTC)

"Kirasaki, I think you should ask them to do that," responded Mibu after a moment, "The fact that something like Urumi could be borne from that means that Mizuki and Erika will need to be on a similar wave length, right Hane?" Mibu received no answer from the imprisoned sorceress, but Kirasaki nodded at the teen's statement before calling the girls over and repeating what he told Mibu. Erika and Mizuki glance at each other, then Mibu and come up with their answer. "I'll do it," said Erika after a moment, "But only because we may be able to defeat that hag." "I don't know," replied Mizuki, "From what you've said, it seems kind of iffy to try that. Maybe Hane can assist you if we try to do that, but I'll need a little more time to decide." Kirasaki and Mibu nodded before trying to contact Hane to see if she had the ability to help Kirasaki cast his spell, without transforming Mizuki and Erika into a monstrous being, in the event that they agreed to be fused together. --ChaosWyvern-i (talk) 04:27, September 17, 2013 (UTC)

Mibu eventually gained a vision from holding onto Khopesh's heart, and Khopesh's voice said, "I know this should've been told to you earlier, but better late than never. Mibu, I really hate to say this, but you are a prisoner in their world one way or another unless you permanently stop Erika and Mizuki's endless fighting. You see, for a long time now, the Legion of Swords and the Witches have been in conflict with the Maidens, with one side representing Darkness and Evilness, and the other representing Light and Goodness. "The Battle of White and Black", Mibu, is what you have been drawn into, and the women you encountered, Erika and Mizuki, are the last of their kind in this world, fighting because that is all they ever knew before you and the prophecy changed things for the better, and delayed their never-ending feud. But they will fight again, as they are opposites and that is what they are meant to be, and they will be fighting for you to love them dearly now that they have gotten to know you for the valiant young man you've become. Mibu, only you can stop the Battle of White and Black once and for all, and it will be by bringing them together and stopping the Legion of Swords and their ruler Urumi." --ScorpionTail (talk) 05:00, September 17, 2013 (UTC)

Fusion Confusion

Before the ritual started, Mibu had Mizuki let Erika hear her name again as it would hinder the ceremony. By the time it started, there were some complications as the collision of their memories about past experiences came in, Erika had used her magic and skills to steal from people who did not deserve certain objects (from money taken from corrupt business owners and churches) and even abducted abused pets and children before leaving them with kindly people; Mizuki in all her previous lives as a Buddhist maiden had helped others by letting go of what made them suffer, but also had ruined relationships between people including their friends and families that genuinely cared about those particular people. Then there were the times they met Mibu in his past lives, Mizuki as a Buddhist nun had encountered an onmyoji known as Yasonori who after seeing repeats of suffering had thought of using Buddhist methods of enlightenment and met Mizuki even becoming betrothed to her unfortunately he died from a divination that only allowed Mizuki to find enlightenment. Erika had encountered Mibu as a black cat that was abandoned by its family and chased off by everyone, she took pity on the creature before seeing how it affected her power as a sort of familiar and was even able to eat her rat bombs, something no creature had ever done before; the cat then named himself Solo and started to act more like a human and even perform a little magic like appear in Erika's dreams as a human and engage in several activities with her whether it was romantic or helping Erika overcome obstacles (maybe an argument here or there too). However, he was sacrificed for a ritual by a tribe of evil witches for the great power he possessed along with one of Erika's eyes. Things only got more complicated as their thoughts approached the present and things started to get ugly.--Zeromaro (talk) 14:37, September 17, 2013 (UTC)

As their memories became more recent, their old rivalry started up again. "You!" shouted Erika, "You killed me as Julia Arstrom!!" Yes, Erika had gone to Mibu and Fujiwarra's old school under the name 'Julia Arstrom', in order to get closer to Mibu, the reincarnation of the black cat Solo. However, she kept out of his way in case she was recognized, only for Mizuki to hunt her down and try to kill her under the pretence of a freak accident 2 years ago - in which she managed to seal Erika's spirit away in the Darkness for 7 months. "I couldn't let you get close to Yasunori! I couldn't let you take him away from me...!" --Zombomb (talk) 15:05, September 17, 2013 (UTC)

"Both of you, cut it out!" Mibu exclaimed. "It's not the time to be fighting!" Unfortunately, his words fell on deaf ears for the two of them seemed to not listen. Eugene then hits them both in the pressure points to knock them out thus stopping the fight. "Why'd you do that?" Mibu asked with worry for his two companions. "They needed to cool down." Eugene replied. "But now it's up to you to bring them together and rid them of the hatred they have for each other. It's the only way." Forest Dragon Slayer (talk) 15:20, September 17, 2013 (UTC)

Hope managed to get ahold of Khopesh's heart, putting it in a glass jar for safe keeping. "It's okay, Charles," she said to Khopesh's heart, "I'll find a way to restore you. I promise." Tang Chin knew how much Hope loved Charles, but as Tang Chin admired Hope's relationship with Charles, she began asking a question to herself; would Mibu manage to get Mizuki and Erika to love him enough to stop their fighting? --ScorpionTail (talk) 16:04, September 17, 2013 (UTC)

Kirasaki could only let out a laugh at the arguing between Mizuki and Erika, "You both can't honestly be serious, can you?" He walks over to Mibu and nudges him, "I believe only you know what to do. You must use yourself to shed light on the whole ordeal, and reveal to the ladies that if they fuse their lives, they can both be with you in harmony." He shrugs, "Who knows? Maybe when you are reincarnated, you'll live on as one being instead of two separate ones." He winks at both the girls, "It's just a thought." --VictoriousBeckFan (talk) 22:34, 17 September 2013 (UTC)

"Look," Mibu began, "I know you two don't like each other and you don't have to fuse together if you don't want to, but you have to make some kind of compromise." Erika and Mizuki lay still looking at Mibu, "I don't care who I was in my past life, I'm me; now let me point out the ups and downs of your points of view. Mizuki, your Buddhist views have helped a lot of people but sometimes you have to fight, to do things that are questionable like lying so as not to hurt people's feeling, and let's not forget leaving behind the people you care about like they weren't important. Erika, you're a witch who saw the good and bad of society, especially since you were a victim of it; you wanted to help people by doing things that law and order can't do and even made sure they were ethical, but you might put yourself and the people you care about in danger because of that not to mention you'll be alone. Things might look good or bad, but nothing's ever that simple; it's not black and white it's the whole point of a balance between principles." To prove his point, Mibu showed thorough examples of his claims through his Onmyo glove with Kirasaki noticing the depth of the girl's changing souls becoming gray.--Zeromaro (talk) 22:56, September 17, 2013 (UTC)

Chaos and Order

"It's working," gasped Mibu as he saw the two women glow brightly with their respective alignment based auras and elements. Soon, the light became unbelievably bright and everyone, barring Kirasaki and Mibu, wass forced to shield their eyes, until the light faded and a woman around the age of twenty appeared where Erika and Mizuki once were. She had wild grey hair with black and white highlights, lightly tanned skin and amethyst eyes that shined like jewels and wore a grey cowl, that wrapped around her upper torso, above a white,tight fitting, long sleeved shirt that cut off at her midriff, a grey, multi-layered, skirt, long, black, boots, four golden bangles that radiated with power and a white and black, repaired version of Toppa. In her left hand was a lance-like broom and in her right hand was an over flowing, golden, chalice surrounded by floating coins. "I am Eri-Mi, Yin-Yang," said the newly created being with a combination of Mizuki and Erika's voices, "I represent the middle ground and balance between light and dark, chaos and order." Mibu felt his heart beat quicken and his face redden when Eri-Mi turned towards him and smiled, but was snapped out of his trance when Eugene asks him for Kurenai, so that its full power could be unlocked. --ChaosWyvern-i (talk) 04:42, September 18, 2013 (UTC)

Meanwhile, within the Great Forge, the lair of the Legion of Swords, the four generals, Claymore, Scimitar, Dao, and Zweihander, along with a new general, the female assassin Katana, awaited their orders from Queen Urumi, who contemplated what move should be made. Each of the generals discussed possible solutions to their problem regarding the elemental heroes, who the generals believed were yet to to summon "The Ying-Yang", a woman who was born from two other women that represented unified yin and yang, and after giving it much thought, Urumi knew that she needed more troops, as her infantrymen, the DAGGER Units, while being plentiful, had their numbers greatly reduced when Mibu defeated many of them earlier. And so, seemingly within the hour, whole new varieties of soldiers were manfactured. Besides the DAGGER Units, who were the common grunts in the army, there were now the BAYONETTE Units, which specialized in long-distance combat, the LONGSWORD Units, who were the heavy hitters, the WAKIZASHI Units, which specialized in stealth, the HARPE Units, which could fly, and the GLADIUS Units, which specialized in magic attacks. Urumi looked at her new army with pride, as this was a mighty army indeed, and after ordering them to wait for the heroes to arrive, the generals also waited, not realizing that Urumi's brain now had a fiery wasp hive growing inside of it. Just then, the walking corpse of a certain tall, slender man wielding two large khopeshes appeared from behind a door to Urumi's left, the corpse bowing before its new master, just like she had intended for this undead "new" general of her army... --ScorpionTail (talk) 04:48, September 18, 2013 (UTC)

Mibu heard a strange noise. "What on earth is that-?" He began to asked, as a hole emerged in the wall, with the rubble tumbling down, as if something sliced it open. A man wielding two katanas emerged from the hole. "There you are!" He panted, "It took me three days to finally track you all down, but track you down I have! I don't know how you escaped my attack before, but this time you're not going anywhere until I've dealt with you!" (Anonymius (talk) 08:32, September 18, 2013 (UTC))

"MY APARTMENT!!" shouted Mibu. "Who are you?!" asked Kirasaki, already in a defensive stance. "I am Fragbleth, leader of the Seven Swordsmen! I was going to attack you earlier, but because of my incompetent underlings I jumped into the wrong building! This time I listened outside the door to make sure it was you guys before I burst in!" Eugene threw Kurenai to Mubi - "I'll unlock its full power later!", while Fragbleth jumped into the air - "WHIRLWIND OF A THOUSAND BLADES!!" --Zombomb (talk) 14:47, September 18, 2013 (UTC)

As the blades closed in on Mibu, he threw a Kunai with an explosive at the just the right time when an opening revealed itself, but the explosion only wounded Fragbleth. Before the assailant could move again, he was stopped by Eri-Mi. "You are that woman of the Yin-Yang our queen spoke of." "And you shall not tell a soul about me," Eri-Mi used her spear to pierce a piece of Fragbleth's soul that balanced his loyalty and desire to kill to make him a more reasonable person before sending him away. "I also extracted some of his memories so that Urumi won't find out about this." 'Too late for that, she was watching the whole time."Eugene said as he found and destroyed a device meant to spy on people--Zeromaro (talk) 14:57, September 18, 2013 (UTC)

In a far away place two children stood beside one another in a place which looked like a monastery , a boy and a girl with long red hair and blue eyes. Both twins. No older then Twelve. "Are you both ready for the fight that will take place good and evil. Yin and Yang." A man asked the two children with nothing but evil in his eyes. "Yes, we are" They both replied. The man walked out of the room with a satisfied grin on his face. "Although I wish we weren't Axel. I do not wish to fight our friends" the girl replied sorrowfully after the man left. "Alice. Sorry. But it looks like we have no choice" the name rolled down the boy's tongue at the sorrowful voice of the girl. --Zaviour (talk) 15:18, September 18, 2013 (UTC)--Zaviour (talk) 15:06, September 18, 2013 (UTC)

As Fragbleth the Fanatic journeyed to report to Urumi, he encounted his fellow swordsmen. “Well?” Questioned the leading swordsman, “Is the deed done?” “Yes,” the Fanatic reported, “They are all dead; we can report to the queen that the threat has been dealt with.” Hearing this, the six other swordsmen remained silent. “My dear Fanatic,” said the leader, “you know full well that I am a master of lies and deceit; do you honestly believe that I do not realize when someone is lying?” (Anonymius (talk) 16:27, September 18, 2013 (UTC))

Eri-Mi quickly thought of an idea and decided to put it to work. She separated herself into Erika and Mizuki again, only for them to willfully fuse once more. In their minds, it was nice to know that they could become separate people again if they wanted to. As everyone began to prepare for the final battle, Hope could sense something wrong. Khopesh's heart gave her visions of what happened to his body, and the results were terrifying to Hope. "Urumi reanimated your corpse?!" asked Hope in disbelief, mortified by the fact that her lover's body was being used against her and her friends. --ScorpionTail (talk) 17:21, September 18, 2013 (UTC)

By the time that our heroes returned to Mitr[]ga[]yia, they found that things were terribly wrong. The followers of Urumi and Asura had conquered much of the continent of Nimrador, which was made obvious by the airships circling overhead displaying the mark of DAGGER, and when they returned to what had once been the temple they found a massive crater at the heart of what had once been Skylarian City. They stared across the ruins in shock. "Urumi grows more powerful by the second," mused Eri-mi, "and soon I fear... she may take her place among the gods themselves." "What does that mean?" inquired Mibu. "It means..." said Enoch with horror, "it means that she will try to kill the gods and reign supreme, over both the worlds." TheReturnOfTheKing - O_o I'm watching… 19:37, September 18, 2013 (UTC)

A New Discovery

"Boy, wake up! Boy, wake up!" The fisherman in search of fish had gone up river in hope of striking the motherload. After many failed attempts he was going to go home when he saw something shimering in the river.He threw his net and finally, he had caught something! However, this "thing" he had caught was nothing like what he expected. It was not a fish, it was a human! Just as he was thinking about his day, he heard a groggy voice, "Where am I?" asked the man who the fisherman had caught, "You, my lost friend, are in Mitr[]ga[]yia. I answered your question now answer mine : Who are you?" "My name is Sean, I have very little memory of anything that has happened so far, only fragments, but I need to find a man named Ryusei Mibu, I am 17 years old, and I am an Elemental Champion of Light, I control Fire, a woman has taken my powers and I must get them back. I will transfer all knowledge I currently have to you. You may choose to not believe me at your own peril." With that Sean collapsed and the farmer was left shocked with his newfound knowledge. User: Sunami King

When Sean opened his eyes, there was a moment of confusion, when he had no idea where he was, or how he got there, but soon his memories returned, and he remembered being chased, and trying to escape his followers by crossing a river. However he had been exhausted and weakened by the wound in his side, and had lost consciousness before reaching the opposite shore; he only briefly came to when he was hauled into the boat, by a shocked fisherman. As Sean got up he noticed that his clothes were dry and neatly folded on a chair next to the bed, and after feeling a stab of pain in his side, he found that the wound had been cleaned and stitched. He carefully got dressed, partly because of the pain, but also so as not to rip the stitches, then he ventured outside. A woman in her late thirties, sporting long dark hair and a simple green dress, sat on the porch, while mending a large net, and when she saw him she looked relieved that he was up, but then scolded him saying that his wound was serious and that he needed rest. Sean politely thanked her and as he continued to explore he saw three sturdy looking horses, grazing on a pasture nearby, before spotting the fisherman who had saved him earlier, and who was now doing some repairs to a small wagon. Stefan (Shikai - "Rust & Shatter") (talk) 23:49, September 18, 2013 (UTC)

Meanwhile, deep inside of Urumi's brain, a malevolent being began to plot. "Those fools are playing into my hands," said the evil bug-like being, "Wyvern of Aether, Leviathan of Water, Behemoth of Earth, and Ziz of Air thought that I was finished? Urumi has proven to be a useful puppet. And now I, Infernace, shall reign over the minds of every living thing..." Meanwhile, Hope looked at her Wand of Fire. This was her wand that she earned after winning a bet with a man named Sean, and she intended to use that same wnad to somehow revive her beloved Charles. --ScorpionTail (talk) 00:00, September 19, 2013 (UTC)

"No..." Kirasaki felt the dark presence from within the dark queen and had to warn the heroes, "Mibu, Eri-Mi, I need you to prepare quickly!" He grabs both of them, but with the fact of the two beings both containing grey souls, the powers altered Kirasaki himself as well. Kirasaki screams in pain, and falls to the ground, slowly changing from a mere boy to that of a teenager, "Wh-what happened?" The teen Kirasaki looks around as the others stare in disbelief at the transformation. He hugs both Mibu and Eri-Mi, "Thanks to you both, my spell has been broken, and now I may fight alongside of you as the newly awakened third grey warrior." --VictoriousBeckFan (talk) 00:20, 19 September 2013 (UTC)

"This case is becoming quite interesting." Eugene said as he caught up to the three of them. "But all the more reason to start training you with Kurenai at it's strongest form. I'll be teaching you how to use that and I'll teach you all to use grey energy. I hope you're ready." The three nodded. Forest Dragon Slayer (talk) 02:38, September 19, 2013 (UTC)

"Eugene, explain to me again why I'm holding two equally heavy swords instead of holding one with both hands," Mibu was starting his training in using Kurenai. "Ni-ten Ichi-Ryu is a sword style made by Miyamoto Musashi, one of his principles was that a swordsman is able to hold a sword in either hand, while this mainly used for a daisho set it'll help you get a hold on Kurenai." "Why didn't I join the kendo club in high school?" As for the red sword, Kirasaki was preparing a ritual that would unleash the full power of Kurenai. "Mibu when you have a moment, could you come over here," Mibu came over exhausted, "Good," Kirasaki took a piece of Mibu's soul and infused it into Kurenai, "Now you'll be able to fight with Kurenai like it's a part of you." "Great, now let me catch my... breath," Mibu collapsed with Eri-Mi comforting him.--Zeromaro (talk) 03:33, September 19, 2013 (UTC)

Hope approached Tang Chin, wanting to ask her some questions, asking "I don't know if I'm bothering you, but who taught you how to?" "A woman named Akane did, actually," answered Tang Chin while she practiced her swordsmanship, "She always taught me that if I intended on bettering myself, then it would be through non-stop training in all manner of swordsmanship. I haven't seen her for a long time, but I seem to remember that she was always fond of using a katana." --ScorpionTail (talk) 03:53, September 19, 2013 (UTC)

As Eri-Mi comforted the exhausted boy, Mibu found himself drifting to sleep, which brought him into a grey space. As the teen pondered what had happened and where he was, a women wearing a combination of a black and purple jacket with long coattails and flair sleeves, white dress pants with golden sigils imprinted on them, a grey, button-up, shirt, a decorated, black, white and grey, vest and silver, closed toe, heels. She looked around the age of twenty-six and had a light complexion that was offset by swirling, violet, marks around the side of her face and hands, indigo hair, a slim, but curvaceous, figure, and grey aura that shifted between light and dark variations of the color. She smiled at Mibu, who didn't recognize her, but can tell that he knew her. "We haven't formally met, have we Mibu," said the woman as Mibu recognized her voice, "I'm Hane Shiro-Tsubasa and I need you to help me before it's too late, but before we get to that, I think I should test your current level of skill to see if you can at your current state." Mibu nods and enters a, somewhat cocky, battle stance while his tester's aura becomes much more serious, thicker and intense after she summons a gnarled, ebony and ivory, staff with a ring of golden spheres floating around it. --ChaosWyvern-i (talk) 04:30, September 19, 2013 (UTC)

Crimson Soul

As Eri-Mi watched over the sleeping Mibu, she heard what sounded like rumbling. "What was that-?" Suddenly everyone tumbled over as what felt like an earthquake split the dojo they were training in in two. Getting up, the heroes (Apart from Mibu, who was still out cold), looked at the smoke to see a figure walking through. "Oh no," Eri-Mi groaned, "Not this again!" Through the smoke emerged a man in a black cowl and a long brown beard, holding in his hand a large sword that seem to spark and crackle. (Anonymius (talk) 05:44, September 19, 2013 (UTC))

"Who are you?" Eugene asks with a cold tone of voice. "There is no need for names for I'll kill you all!" The man then started swinging his sword lightning streaming out of it. "This isn't good. Mibu is still unconcious." Eri-Mi said with worry. Eugene nods and takes out his katana while getting in a fighting stance. "Looks like I'll actually have to try a little this time and use my own style." He said as calm as ever. "Kofuna Shizen Ryu: Piercing Rain!" Eugene's fast movements bombarded the enemy continuously givng the beaded man no time to react. "Kofuna Shizen Ryu: Cyclone!" Eugene followed his last technique with a more stronger one knocking the enemy away several feet as well as shattering the man's sword. Forest Dragon Slayer (talk) 08:27, September 19, 2013 (UTC)

Mibu dodged a blast of pure aether, attempting to pass Hane's test. "Heir to the Power of Aether," said Hane, "you're getting sloppy." Mibu dodged another blast. "That was good, Mibu," said Hane, "If you keep this up, you'll surpass me for sure! Considering how brave you are, I know you'll defeat the enemy! But for now, keep at it!" --ScorpionTail (talk) 08:38, September 19, 2013 (UTC)

Hane fired another blast of Aether at Mibu, who tried to dodge only for the blast home in on him. Thinking fast, Mibu focused his mind on blocking the oncoming attack and created a barrier similar to the representation for Yin-Yang to block and partially absorb the blast, then forcefully and rapidly expanded his barrier, which caught Hane off guard for a moment, but she only smirked and pointed her staff at him, compressing his barrier and summoning spheres of fire and aether to surround him. "You did well," said Hane, nodding at her successor, "You're, still lacking, but I'm proud that you've progressed this far in a short amount of time." "Can you explain in depth," asked Mibu, somewhat confused by Hane's statement, but he believed he grasped the main ideas of her statement. "I was a Champion of Aether like yourself," Began Hane with a wistful expression, "During my time as the champion, I managed to defeat the threat to the balance of the universe, but because people feared my power and because of the jealousy of a person I considered a friend and comrade, I was stripped of the majority of my power, which is now a shell of its former self, and imprisoned in darkness that slowly began to corrupt and change me, as indicated by the indigo markings on my body. I'll tell you more, but I want- rather need- you to free my from my prison before I lose myself to corruption because only an external source of similar power to the one imprisoned, in this case me, can free them from it and you're the only one, besides the Wyvern of Aether, that meets that requirement..." --ChaosWyvern-i (talk) 12:17, September 19, 2013 (UTC)

Falling to the floor with a grunt, the swordsman gathered himself up. "Hah!" mocked Eugene, "Without your sword you're powerless!" It was hard to tell the man's expression with the hood over his face, but the raspy voice that came out was full of rage. "Do not think that just because you shattered my sword that I am powerless!" Moving as fast as lightning, the Warlord grabbed Eugene by the throat, electrocuting him. (Anonymius (talk) 12:28, September 19, 2013 (UTC))

Mibu sensed what was going on outside his body, "If we're gonna do this, we better do it quickly." Mibu's Onmyo glove started to glow and it grasped the sheathed Kurenai by the handle, the force of ether started to open a sort of gateway for Mibu and Hane to leave. The outside wasn't exactly a welcoming committee though. "Mibu, you're awake!" Eri-Mi was surprised, "Wait who's she?" "I don't think we have time," Mibu noticed that Eugene was down from the electric attacks of the stranger.--Zeromaro (talk) 13:46, September 19, 2013 (UTC)

"About time you woke up." Eugene said weakly. "Next time finish your naps before we get attacked." He then got up to the group's shock. "Eugene, you should rest, you're still hurt!" Mibu said with worry. "Did you really think I was stupid enough to get hurt from that?" Eugene said. "I just used my katana and stuck it in the ground so I wouldn't get shocked so much. Now it's time for your first demonstration of grey energy." He then began to concentrate and then released a powerful grey aura around his body. "Such pressure, it's so powerful." Eri-Mi commented in awe. "And we're supposed to learn to control that?" Eugene then charged at the bearded man who was already charging up for his next attack. "Allow me to show you the neutral power." Eugene said Forest Dragon Slayer (talk) 14:25, September 19, 2013 (UTC)

Meanwhile, Sean had explained his situation to Magnus, who was done repairing the wagon, and the fisherman was now shaking his head in wonder. “That’s quite a mess you’ve gotten yourself into, son, and I don’t understand half of what you mentioned of elemental champions and magical powers. You should listen to my wife’s advice and rest here a few days, cause I suspect you hit your head on a rock before I found you in the water, and that you have a hard time separating dream from reality at the moment.” “I’m afraid there’s no time to waste on that”, Sean replied, “the wand I told you about is very dangerous, and I was a fool to ever let it out of my hands”. “Alright”, Magnus sighed, scratching his beard, “since you’ve made up your mind about leaving for town, and since I must get the fish I caught to the market while they’re still fresh, I’ll give you a ride. You must be starving though, so while I get the horses ready, and finish loading the wagon, why don’t you go see LeAnn about the meal I know she prepared for you?” Stefan (Shikai - "Rust & Shatter") (talk) 15:07, September 19, 2013 (UTC)

Beneath his hood, the Warlord smiled. "Neutralizing energy, huh? Well, let's see you neutralize energy when you can't even see!" Standing up, he raised his hands, and a thick fog appeared. No one could see what was happening. Then, everyone heard what sounded like a whooshing noise and a loud CRACK! (Anonymius (talk) 15:34, September 19, 2013 (UTC))

"I might not be able to see you, but I can predict what you're going to do." Eugene had broken the assailant's wrist after using a leverage throw to counter his speed. "Argh... Predict this!" Before the hooded man could strike he was hit by the blunt side of Kurenai that was enhanced with this 'grey energy' knocking him out and balancing out his soul. "Someone's a quick learner, but we're gonna need a little more time; so I'm gonna give you all the crash course." Mibu was a little nervous thinking back to just holding a katana right.--Zeromaro (talk) 15:43, September 19, 2013 (UTC)

Hope looked around. She could sense that if they were going to do anything about the Legion of Swords, then they needed to do it now, when they had the chance. "We need to get going!", said Hope, "Who knows what Urumi is planning to do right now!" --ScorpionTail (talk) 15:49, September 19, 2013 (UTC)

When Sean had expressed his thanks to Magnus, after arriving at the market, he began searching for the girl, Hope, who now was in possession of the cursed Wand of Fire. There was no doubt in his mind that the Wand was cursed, for ever since the day Sean had found it, he had been through one disaster after another. The most recent incident was when he was accused of cheating at a card game, in which he had bet the Wand, and he had been stabbed and forced to flee from three furious roughnecks, who had proceeded to chase him through the woods, and had probably left him for dead in the river he had tried to cross. Now that the Wand was no longer in Sean’s possession, his luck had already changed for the better, but he still feared for the girl, Hope, who now had the Wand, and who must be going through hell right now. Finding the girl wouldn't be easy, though, she could easily have left town already, and he had to avoid attracting too much attention to himself, or the three men from before would realize their mistake, and this time kill him for sure. Stefan (Shikai - "Rust & Shatter") (talk) 16:03, September 19, 2013 (UTC)

Opening his eyes, the Warlord slowly got up. "Feeling any better?" Eugene asked. "Yes," Was his reply, "thank you friend; I feel more balanced; At peace now." Satisfied, Eugene looked away. Eri-Mi wasn't sure what it was, but it was apparently a glimpse in his eyes that caused her concern. "EUGENE, WATCH OUT!" She screamed, as the swordsman somehow righted his broken wrist, and grasped Eugene's head in his hands and threatened to snap his neck. (Anonymius (talk) 17:50, September 19, 2013 (UTC))

"Am I... Alive?" the figure spoke for the first time in years, possibly longer. The man looks around, but finds nothing but pitch black and finds his hands are bound with dark chains. "The time has come for you to redeem yourself, wicked one." A voice spoke to him, it was a woman's voice, divine and true. "Wicked one?" He questioned "who am I!" But nothing, silence. Seconds later a flash of light engulfed him, and he found himself kneeling down on solid ground. The voice spoke to him again "You are Despair, and you have been chosen to guide, protect." The man found himself wielding a black scythe with a pulsing purple eye at the top of the shaft, he spoke "protect... Guide... Who?" but nothing, Silence. --CenturyOfChaos (talk) 18:29, September 19, 2013 (UTC)

Hane used her power over aether to levitate the swordsman, who, in a state of shock, let go of Eugene. After a few minutes, the warlord was flung several feet and getting knocked out when he landed. "Well, that was easy," said Hane, yawning in boredom, "Well, Mibu, you'v made your mother proud." Mibu was in shock, as the idea that Hane was the mother that he hadn't seen in years was quite a revelation. --ScorpionTail (talk) 18:41, September 19, 2013 (UTC)

However, before there was time to explain Hane and Mibu's relationship, a somewhat familiar figure with pointy ears and clad in monk robes approached the team, whom they all suddenly recognized was their friend Giota. "My apologies for the late return," Giota told them, which surprised everyone. Giota clarified his reasoning, stating, "While you all were training with your powers a while back, I realized that I was not at all sufficient in combat to aid any of you, so I decided to return to the monastery to meditate on the matter and also to see if my brothers had any sort of solutions, and they all were experts in the art of Shaolin combat so they decided they would finally train me." He then pointed to two curved, sickle-like blades on his belt and also to the long, wooden staff he had on his back. "I have also have learned an incantation or two through some meditation," Giota continued, muttering some unknown words and phrases that caused a barrier of pure energy to surround them for a brief moment. Despite the spectacle, Mibu interrupted Giota, as he was very getting anxious to know as to how he could possibly be Hane's son. --Ezvil (talk) 19:02, September 19, 2013 (UTC)

Before he could, however, he heard a groan from the corner, as the crumpled heap that was the Warlord started to come to. Just as he was getting up, however, Eugene aimed his sword at the Warlord's neck, with the other heroes threatening to use their weapons too. "Don't try to use any of your magic tricks," he warned him, "Or you're going to receive a close shave. Man I can't believe I actually cracked that joke!" The Warlord bent his head a little lower, concealing his expression. "This is far from over," He told our heroes, as he burst into a murder of crows, crowing as he fled from the area. (Anonymius (talk) 20:15, September 19, 2013 (UTC))

"Despair... Despair?" He kept thinking to himself, but no matter how hard he tried he could not remember anything. "Is that?" He asked himself as he saw a murder of crows rise from the horizon. Readying his scythe he sprinted towards the area the crows came from, perplexed by his own amazing speed and seemingly unnatural aura of energy. --CenturyOfChaos (talk) 20:21, September 19, 2013 (UTC)

The heroes decided that it was time to go after the Legion of Swords, as everyone was ready for battle. "Alright, everyone," said Hane, "it is time to go after the Legion of Swords!" Hane teleported everyone to the Great Forge, where rivers of molten metal flowed like rivers. In the distance, they could hear the sound of factories and metal hitting metal, as if blacksmiths were forging weapons, and they could see a dark, foreboding fortress. "This is the final showdown," thought Mibu. Everyone was on their toes from that point forward, constantly alert and making sure there were no DAGGER units nearby.........but after awhile, they did meet a woman with a katana.........and a corpse with two khopeshes... --ScorpionTail (talk) 20:35, September 19, 2013 (UTC)

Kirasaki catches up to the group, "That was quite tough, but while battling, I formulated a solution that you might want to sit down for." He motions for everyone, even the two servants of darkness, to sit down and listen for a bit. "Mibu, this might be hard for you to swallow, but that evil man we met earlier is actually your father. He's forgotten everything in his life because of that woman!" He points at Hane, "She is not your mother, but an imposter who helped the dark queen to imprison her in the Realm of Eternal Darkness. In fact, she was using you the whole time as a setup to release her from her eternal prison, your consciousness." -- VictoriousBeckFan (talk) 22:50, 19 September 2013 (UTC)

Before Mibu or the others could react, Hane snapped her fingers and he feels intense pain in his head, which puts everyone on edge. "Relax," she said with a serious, but calm voice, "Kirasaki, for once, you're wrong, but your ignorance of this truth is justified. I am indeed the real Hane Shiro-Tsubasa, the one who was sealed away by the Dark Queen's ability to poison the minds of others and turn them against each other. The false me who was sealed within Mibu is still within his mind, but I destroyed her link to him after she used the dark flame on him." Mibu suddenly roars in pain and a black and violet flame leaves his forehead and smolders, much to Hane's relief and the group's confusion. "It seems like your full power has awakened and the imposter has lost the ability to connect to you mentally," she said as Mibu began to glow a bright grey, then began to explain her previous statement "I used the false version of me to create a connection to Mibu and redirected it to myself, which caused her to take a more direct approach, but that failed after I began to contact Mibu in her stead." --ChaosWyvern-i (talk) 23:38, September 19, 2013 (UTC)

"Clever." Eugene commented. "Well, that makes it one less thing to worry about." "I apologize for doubting you." Kirasaki said apologetically. "It's fine but there are more important things to worry about." Hane said firmly. Eugene nodded. "Right, now it's time I unlock Kurenai's final form and to teach you to use grey energy." Forest Dragon Slayer (talk) 00:01, September 20, 2013 (UTC)

Hope just stood there, frozen in horror as she stared at the Khopesh's zombified corpse. Tang Chin was also frozen, but in fear, as her master, Akane, now called Katana, was with Khopesh's corpse. They both asked several questions to themselves regarding why anyone would use Khopesh's body as a weapon or why Akane would willingly join the Legion of Swords. Another question they asked themselves was why no one was really reacting to any of this. Khopesh's body and Katana quickly separated Hope, Tang Chin and, unintentionally, Hane, from the rest of the group as the rest of the heroes were forced to go on without them, fighting their way through a secret entrance into the castle. --ScorpionTail (talk) 00:07, September 20, 2013 (UTC)

"M-mom?" Kirasaki also looks in fear, just the same as Tang Chin, at the sight of his own mother being a part of the battle, just like his sister. His mind conflicted back and forth at having lost both his family members to the dark side, and he instantaneously lost it, "Ah ha ha ha! Hey, Mibu, got somethin' for ya!" He hands over a metal orb, and it generates an electric force field around the heroes, "Since both mommy dearest and my sis have changed, that must mean I am a bad guy as well!" However, although his mind was warped, his soul was still shining grey, revealing some hope for him yet. -- VictoriousBeckFan (talk) 00:20, 20 September 2013 (UTC)

"Now, now, Hope, give me my wand back, or I drive this stake through your beloved, Khopesh, forever killing him. What will it be, your love or your lust for power." "I don't know how you got here or what you're doing boy, but I never stole anything from you and I'm fighting a war here, get out of the way." Hope was wide-eyes with fear, the game had come to a head, and now everyone, including her zombie love, would know she was a fake. The only thing she didn't understand was how Sean had found her, or why he had chosen this time to show - up, but she had to get rid of him. "I never said you stole anything from me now did I Hope? Give me back my wand, my source of Elemental power, or I swear I will use all the power I have to make sure loverboy here never gets reanimated again." Sean was serious, and he was furious. His wand had been stolen, he had been stabbed, he had come from the brink of death, and now this woman was refusing to give it back, but then he had an idea, "Use the spell of Ultimate Sealing Hope, only a true Elemental Champion can use it, and I can use it, with or without a wand." And with a snap of his fingers he had everyone frozen in time and Sean the Nameless Hero strolled up to the thief named Hope, and took back what was rightfully his. User: Sunami King

The Monks of Prophecy

An hour earlier, and Feeling desperate after asking towns people if they had seen Hope, Sean had returned to the marketplace, where he approached a monk, who was thanking a merchant for the bag of rice, he had been given. When Sean gave a description of Hope, the monk immediately recognized her, as he remembered the powerful artifact she had been carrying. Sean explained to the monk about the Wand of Fire, and Sean being its Champion, and the monk replied that great events were taking place in the world, and that Sean should follow him to consult with his fellow brothers. When they finally arrived, Sean stared in disbelief at the old building in front of him, unable to hide his surprise, and the monk beside him chuckled softly. “I guess you were expecting something a little grander than this run-down old place; however the temple which I, along with my brothers, previously occupied was reduced to rubble, as a result of the invasion of Skylarian City; which pretty much leveled the place, and forced us to relocate to this town.” After informing the gathered monks about the situation, they agreed to use their magic to send Sean to the battlefield, where Giota, another monk, would make the final preparations for the teleportation. Stefan (Shikai - "Rust & Shatter") (talk) 01:06, September 20, 2013 (UTC)

Hope looked around. She held her wand in her hand, a clear sign that what she went through was a hallucination caused by how traumatic her situation was. Her wand was never stolen from her at all, and she was still the Elemental Hero of Fire. But now, Hope was more confident than ever to stop Katana and Khopesh's body. She knew Sean rather well. Years ago, he was insanely jealous of Hope and Charles for all of their accomplishments. Besides, the prophecy mentions four women and one man, not two men and three women, meaning that Hope truly was the Elemental Fire Hero, meaning Sean was a fraud. --ScorpionTail (talk) 01:10, September 20, 2013 (UTC)

However, Hope returned to reality and could now see Kirasaki suffering from his moral turmoil. However, Kirasaki quickly heard soothing voices in his head which calmed him down immensely. Giota finished his incantation and stood by Kirasaki, wielding his twin sickle blades. "Now then, all complications out of the way, let's finally get this fight started!" Giota shouted, eager to test out his new combat abilities. --Ezvil (talk) 01:22, September 20, 2013 (UTC)

Almost at once, his sister's voiced echoed through his head, almost as if she was channelling orders through his consciousness, "Oh no ya don't, Giota!" He charges towards Giota and takes one of the sickle blades and challenges him as the heroes watched from behind the force field. He merely laughs and motions for Katana and Khopesh's corpse to report back to the queen on their capture, "I can't help but feel a little sorry for all the trouble it took for you all to have come so far, and fail so miserably." He laughs, but grabs at his heart, feeling the remorse that his original self felt. Kirasaki instantly looked more filled with life and falls to his knees, "Wait...the inevitable has occurred, and I'm powerless to stop it so long as my..." and Kirasaki rises back up as the mindless evil Kirasaki retakes his place within his body, "Ha, forget that loser. He's gone now, and there's nothing you guys can do now!" -- VictoriousBeckFan (talk) 01:33, 20 September 2013 (UTC)

"Look out," shouted Hane as the darker version of Kirasaki moved towards Hope with great speed and agility. The former ally managed to get within ten feet of Hope before a beam of aether cut him off. "Giota, try to find Mibu," stated Hane with steel in her voice and aloofness in her eyes, "I'm going go all out and anyone who gets caught in my way will be attacked as if they are my opponent". Giota nodded and quickly led the two heroes away from Hane, whose facial marks began to visibly swirl as her aura became deathly cold, and Kirasaki, who only laughed as he readied the sickle-like sword he had taken. "You're only delaying the inevitable," mocked the darker Kirasaki, "Those fools can't beat us." "We'll see," growled Hane as she turned her staff into a colichemarde and charged at her former ally with no inhibition. --ChaosWyvern-i (talk) 01:56, September 20, 2013 (UTC)

Urumi summoned a holographic image of a fiery, draconic wasp-like monster from within her brain, and this creature was Infernace. "Has your latest victim done his job of separating the group?" asked Urumi, who was now much more mindless than before. "Sean, who I gave powers and false memories, has done his job well, my little pawn," said Infernace, "Those idiots think that he is the Elemental Hero of Fire? Clearly, they are dumber than I thought, for they clearly haven't studied their own prophecy enough to know that." Eventually, Sean began to have wasps coming out of his brain, for we was affected by the hive mind...ScorpionTail (talk) 02:05, September 20, 2013 (UTC)

Once Infernace had convinced Urumi that everything was going according to his plan, he released the illusion he had created of wasps in Sean’s brain, then immediately focused on the problem at hand; the true Champion of Fire had arrived, and he alone could tip the odds in the enemies’ favor. As an Elemental Champion, Sean was immune to Infernace’s influence, so targeting him directly would do no good; subsequently when Sean had first come into possession of the Wand of Fire, Infernace had tried to get around that obstacle with a more indirect approach. Using his own Fire magic, Infernace had managed to curse the Wand of Fire, which in turn led to Sean’s life turning into a nightmare. Unfortunately Sean had lost the Wand to Hope, through a chance encounter, and was now completely free from Infernace’s influence. Following this event, Infernace had then temporarily given up trying to eliminate Sean, and had instead focused his mind on controlling Hope, through the Wand of Fire, and had succeeded in infiltrating the group of heroes. Hope had served him well, being his eyes and ears and following the group’s every move until now when, ironically enough, Sean had come looking to reclaim the Wand of Fire. Stefan (Shikai - "Rust & Shatter") (talk) 03:50, September 20, 2013 (UTC)

"I only want what's mine Hope!" "This was never yours to being with!" Before Sean could speak against her, he heard sutra chants. Before coming, Giota had asked his brothers to do a special chant having heard about Sean and being tricked into believing he was the Fire Hero, so they devised a strategy to enlighten him on the truth. The prophecy was revealed that there were four women and one man but also the darker side that revealed the beings of the elements also had avatars to act upon and Sean was Infernance's avatar. Sean couldn't believe it and in anger burned the surrounding area including the body of Khopesh making Hope do the same blowing Sean back which allowed the monks to free him of the fire insects influence and send him home with no memories of the incident.--Zeromaro (talk) 05:51, September 20, 2013 (UTC)

Hope fell to her knees at the sight of where Khopesh's body once stood. True (She said to herself as she squeezed his heart tightly in her hand), her real love was with her, but still, it was his body. "Ah, love. It causes such pain, doesn't it?" Said a woman's voice. Hope spun around, aiming at her wand at the black hooded stranger. "I guess your Swordsman number three right?" (Anonymius (talk) 08:15, September 20, 2013 (UTC))

"Indeed, she is," said a voice coming from a sort of walkie-talkie. "What is it, Scimitar?" asked swordsman number three. "Not much, my dear," said Scimitar through the walkie-talkie, "now be a dear and dispatch the that boy Mibu for me, if you please. This old chap is too busy working on more HARPE Units, and I can't seem to find the time to finish them with all this racket. Care to do this jolly old man a favor?" "Understood, General Scimitar," said the third swordsman while Tang Chin was cursing at Katana for retreating. --ScorpionTail (talk) 08:34, September 20, 2013 (UTC)

Despair had reached the ruins where the monks were chanting, although he had no idea what he was doing. As if guided by some higher purpose, he suddenly felt an urge to draw an array of symbols on the ground with the blade of his scythe. After a few minutes, Despair was engulfed in a blast of black and purple lightning. He appeared above the current battle, and came down like a comet, the black light only gaining Hane and Mibu's attention for a split second. He landed quite a way from the battle, and on impact let out an explosion of lightning similar to before, knocking cold a few DAGGER initiates who were caught in the blast. "Guide, protect," he chanted to himself as he readied his scythe for combat. --CenturyOfChaos (talk) 08:55, September 20, 2013 (UTC)

"Work for them," Despair almost dropped his scythe as Infernace's voice cursed through him. Work for them? "Legion of Blades are waiting Despair. You are the despair which will wreck havoc on the world. You are the Hero of Infernace, mine!" Despair dropped his weapon, his eyes staring at the floor as he stumbled forwards, to what he was about to do. Rainbow Shifter 18:55, September 20, 2013 (UTC)

Blades of the Dark

Turning off the walkie-talkie, the Swordsman known as the Temptress smiled. "Well, I did agree to take care of the Onmyouji," She said, taking off her cowl, revealing herself to be a beautiful (but heavily make-uped) woman with a disproportionate body (Hope couldn't understand how such a frail looking body could support such a large chest), "but I was never forbidden from doing a little destruction along the way." A blade attached to a chain shot out of her sleeve. Hope barely dodged it as it sliced into a nearby stone. The Temptress pulled it back and another chained blade shot out of her other sleeve. She seemed to glide through the air, swinging her blades that seem to change shape and size as well, chopping up the landscape as she attempted to kill Hope. (Anonymius (talk) 19:04, September 20, 2013 (UTC))

All of the heroes were forced to flee, as this woman was clearly much stronger than anyone anticipated, with even Hane being startled by her power. While on their way through the castle, they eventually defeated the rest of the generals, and each defeat was a permanent one. The swordsmen were still around, however, and the heroes were also forced to fight the new troops. Eventually, the swordsmen and the heroes made it to the throne room, each fighter bruised and bloody, but definitely able to continue fighting. The swordsmen were horrified, however, by the fact that their queen looked like nothing more than a vegetable now, having had her mind completely taken over by Infernace's influence. As for Infernace himself, he was now in the physical realm, physically present to combat the heroes in a final battle. --ScorpionTail (talk) 19:15, September 20, 2013 (UTC)

No-one was more shocked by Urumi's zombie-like appearance than Eri-Mi. After all, Urumi was born from all the evil and hate in Erika's heart - were they really strong enough to beat even that? Yet even she was powerless to resist the might of Infernace... Even with both girls working together as one, could they really defeat Urumi and Infernace...? "It'll be OK Eri, I've got your back!" Mizuki sent a telepathic message to Erika's side of Eri-Mi. "Th-thanks Mizuki" blushed Erika, forgetting that Mizuki could read all of her thoughts and worries. --Zombomb (talk) 20:07, September 20, 2013 (UTC)

The voice entered Despair's mind once more "I give you this gift my champion." A strange black energy surrounded Despair, the energy filled him with power and rage like a roaring flame. "Yes... Yes!" Despair shouted to the sky as he was filled with corruption and dark power. "Now, come to my aid my champion," the voice spoke "I have a test for you." Despair took his scythe, a wicked grin across his face. --CenturyOfChaos (talk) 20:13, September 20, 2013 (UTC)

"Tell me," Infernace started to ask, through Urumi, "I'm sure you've all noticed that most members of the Legion of Swords are named after types of blades?" "Really?" Mibu asked sarcastically, "I though that was just coincidence?" "Mibu!" Eri-Mi hissed at him, concerned at irritating the demon. "And it's no coincidence either that the dark half of the dark avatar who became the new leader chose the name of a weapon; anyone know what an urumi looks like?" Making a long flexible sword appear out of nowhere, Infernace swung it at the heroes, who barely ducked as it ate through the stone wall. (Anonymius (talk) 20:20, September 20, 2013 (UTC))

"Need some help, master?" Out from the shadows stepped the evil Kirasaki, still stable from his battle much earlier, "I believe the heroes have failed to realize that the good guys do NOT always win!" With the snap of his fingers, flames encircled the heroes, as well as Kirasaki, and the rest of the room vanished into pitch black darkness. Kirasaki pulls out the sickle, which he still had from earlier, and it transforms into a rapier, "Now THIS is more of my own fighting style!" He charges at the heroes, managing to snag Eri-Mi, "It's too bad you can't hurt her. See, if you even TRY to attack, Infernace's Urumi will appear, and it'll just destroy her in an instance." -- VictoriousBeckFan (talk) 20:22, 20 September 2013 (UTC)

"We were all once five monks back in ancient times," said Infernace, "but the other Elemental Demons were satisfied with their power when we all became demonic. Even though we ruled the demon world, I still couldn't grasp the concept of a free mind, the only safe haven for the oppressed. But then it hit me. I would use Ziz's symbol, the sword, as a motif for my new army, which would physically rule, but I, Infernace, will dominate on a psychological level! Soon, there will be no good or evil, and only MY side will remain! I will be forever glorified as the god of all things, and no one will stop me and my hive mind!" --ScorpionTail (talk) 20:32, September 20, 2013 (UTC)

Despair encircles the group, shrouded in darkness so none but Infernace can see him, even Kirisaki is not aware of his exsistance. The only other who can sense him is Eri-Mi, but even then the signature is very feint. He readies his scythe and examines for weakness, waiting for one of the group to make a mistake, only then would he strike. --CenturyOfChaos (talk) 20:44, September 20, 2013 (UTC)

"I've just about had enough of you!" Eri-Mi shouted. Wielding her scythe-broom (which everyone seemed to had forgotten about) She twirled it in her hand as she pressed her advance on Kirasaki; having a half that was the dark avatar meant that seeing through darkness was not a problem; strong as an axe, swift as a sword, flexible as a staff, Kirasaki's rapier was no match against Eri-Mi's scythe, which cleaved the weapon in two; Kirasaki backed away. "GAH!" he snarled, "What makes you so confident that you can defeat me, you think that just because your the good guys that that automatically assures you victory? Didn't you hear me before; THE GOOD GUYS DON'T ALWAYS WIN!" "Well then it's a good thing I'm not a good guy then; haven't you been paying attention; WE'RE SHADES OF GREY!" She declared as she swung her scythe at Kirasaki's chest, blood flying everywhere, as the villain fell to the floor as if in slow motion. (Anonymius (talk) 21:15, September 20, 2013 (UTC))

"Stay strong!" Eugene exclaimed. "Do not show weakness!" Still, like the others he was struggling to do so with the darkness around him. He was actually starting to become scared. Everyone else was starting to feel the same. due to the effects of the darkness. "Just a little while longer before it's time to strike. They're beginning to weaken." Kirasaki said. Then a voice pierced the darkness."Fear isn't weakness!" Mibu exclaimed. "It shows us our weakness and once we do that, we can become stronger! We won't back down, we won't give in. That's because we're not alone!" Everyone nodded and felt the same. His feelings caused Kurenai to glow with a powerful aura. Forest Dragon Slayer (talk) 21:05, September 20, 2013 (UTC)

Kirasaki, scythe stuck in his chest, could only laugh, "Ha ha ha ha ha, you just walked right into my trap." He slowly pulls the scythe out, gets back up, and swings it right at Eri-Mi, sticking it right in her central core. "KIRASAKI SEPARATION!" With the scythe acting as the connection, the incantation was able to separate the two beings, while Kirasaki continued to swing until Erika's body fell flat on the ground. "You are the embodiment of darkness, and it is appropriate that you act more like it." Kirasaki grabs Erika, and throws her towards Urumi's body, "KIRASAKI CONNECTION!" -- VictoriousBeckFan (talk) 21:08, 20 September 2013 (UTC)

Just before Erika reaches Urumi, Despair grabs Erika by the throat, and shrouds her in the same darkness he is in. Making it seem as though Erika had just disintegrated, Despair was attempting to get either Mibu or Mizuki angry. "Come on little Grey Warrior, let's see that anger," he was almost teasing Mibu, though he knew none but Infernace could hear him. --CenturyOfChaos (talk) 21:23, September 20, 2013 (UTC)

She was gone. It couldn't be. It wasn't possible. Was the Erika he had truly come to love now gone, crushed by the spirit that was her dark half? Holding back the tears, trying not to make a sound, Mibu clenched his glove hand into a fist before he roared, filled with anger and despair, his body flowing with energy, effecting the area, his glove even glowing. He turned his attention to the laughing Kirasaki, mortally wounded from Eri-Mi's attack with the scythe. (Anonymius (talk) 21:31, September 20, 2013 (UTC))

"This is very entertaining," said Infernace, "Even after I used Asura as a trojan horse while I got into Urumi's mind, I never anticipated such amusement!" Urumi swung the urumi in her hand, attempting to slice Hope in half. But a bright light shined from Khopesh's heart, and a young man wielding two large khopeshes stood before urumi, defending his lover. Charles, through the power of Hope's own bond with him, was back to normal, and ready for action, and Erika managed to fight her way out of Urumi! --ScorpionTail (talk) 21:36, September 20, 2013 (UTC)

"Now that Erika is out of the picture, all that's left are you two prophetic heroes, Mibu and Mizuki." Kirasaki paces back and forth, wearing a force field around himself, so as to not get attacked, and finally walks over to Mizuki, "I've wanted to do this ever since the day we met." Kirasaki grabs Mizuki and places his lips upon hers, knowing this might enrage the young hero. Quietly, Kirasaki whispers to Mizuki, "Just play along for now. The master is quite entertained, and we can't end the battle so easily." He removes his lips from hers, and walks away, tossing her onto the ground in distaste. -- VictoriousBeckFan (talk) 21:48, 20 September 2013 (UTC)

Despair places his boot on Erika's back, preventing her from getting up. "There's no point in calling for help, they can't see or hear you." Erika tries to struggle but the battles have left her weakened, and she is powerless to stop him. "Who are you?" She asked the strange man. "Shh!" he interrupts "I want to see where this is going," he then turns his attention to the ongoing battle. --CenturyOfChaos (talk) 21:57, September 20, 2013 (UTC)

"Hey!" Kirasaki turned around to see who was talking, only to get punched in the face by Mibu, with his glove hand of all things! "You may have killed Erika," He growled, "But you will not lay a hand on Mizuki!" His glove started to glow, as he prepared to kill Kirasaki, rendering his body into nothingness. "MIBU,STOP!" Mizuki screamed, throwing her arms around Mibu, clutching him. "Don't kill him," She pleaded, tearfully, "Not like this; don't become a murderer!" (Anonymius (talk) 22:04, September 20, 2013 (UTC))

"Aren't you all forgetting someone?" a voice asked kindly but sarcastically. As everyone turned to look to see who interrupted, a large blast of energy struck all the villians, only slightly injurying them but sending them all flying whilst also revealing to the others that Erika was in fact still alive. Giota ended his blast incantation and drew his staff from his back, readying himself. Giota then looked to Mizuki, Erika, Charles, and Mibu, saying "I'll make sure our old friend Kirasaki doesn't interrupt you all again. Become Eri-Mi once more and all of you, finally put an end to all this!" --Ezvil (talk) 22:10, September 20, 2013 (UTC)

Infernace flew out of the castle to wait for the heroes to arrive. Meanwhile, Urumi was still trying to fight the heroes, now completely unable to think at all. Mibu chased after Infernace while Urumi fought Eri-Mi when Mizuki and Erika merged again. He wasn't going to let Infernace get away with this. --ScorpionTail (talk) 22:15, September 20, 2013 (UTC)

Darkness of Justice

"This Giota will be a problem," Despair said to himself, before carving a single yet complex rune into the ground "but I have more pressing matters to attend to," he then dissapeared. Soon after Despair reappears on top of the castle, merely watching Mibu chasing after Infernace. "When the time is right," he reassured himself. "When the time is right." --CenturyOfChaos (talk) 22:26, September 20, 2013 (UTC)

Kirasaki interrupts Mibu in his path, "I wouldn't go past this point if I were you." Mibu just glares at Kirasaki, "Why should I trust you?" Kirasaki leans in close to whisper, "Mibu, it's still your friend, Kirasaki. I'm trying to hold down this dark side, but it isn't easy to maintain when everyone is acting violently." Kirasaki resumes his previous stance, "Think it over, boy. I'll be with the Malevolent One," and Kirasaki disappeared into the darkness. -- VictoriousBeckFan (talk) 22:32, 20 September 2013 (UTC)

Urumi and scythe clashed with each other, as Eri-Mi and Urumi fought a fierce battle. "You cannot defeat me!" Urumi screamed, as she swung her ridiculously long sword at her opponent, "I am pure evil; I have no remnant of goodness in my heart, therefore I am stronger!" "And that is where your weakness lies, Urumi," Eri-Mi told her, ducking the swipe of her blade, "because a person needs a balance of both good and evil to succeed in the world!" Although personally, Mizuki thought to herself, I feel as though a pure heart is enough. Same here, Erika told her, although not the pure your thinking of, but for the sake of compromise, I guess we have to accept both at the moment! (Anonymius (talk) 22:36, September 20, 2013 (UTC))

"You're coming with me!" Using Onmyodo, Mibu grasped Despair and dragged him into the fight with Infernus. "You knew I was there?" "Not completely, just noticed this dark power coming from you and that giant firefly; now I'm going to use that power against you both." Mibu impaled himself with Kurenai which also struck despair at the heart, "Seppuku, but- wait you're not bleeding?" Mibu had managed to avoid his veins and drain the dark power from Despair, "Infernus there is power in darkness hidden from view, people are afraid of the dark which why they called it evil, but let me show you what happens when that power is used for justice," Kurenai reacted with the dark power and kept it at a stable level while awakening its true form.--Zeromaro (talk) 22:44, September 20, 2013 (UTC)

Mibu took the sword from his body as the sword's true form surfaced, for the sword became black and white, as if to embody yin and yang, and it was also much larger and had the yin-yang symbol on the hilt. "It has surfaced," said the voice of Behemoth, "and now you're ready." "You must stop our brother Infernace," said the voice of Leviathan, "or he will become a god!" "Only you and those women was stop him at this point," said the voice of Ziz. "Perform a miracle and save your world, your love, and your life!" roared the voice of Wyvern. A confused Mibu charged into battle against Infernace, who made the skies blood red as his god-hood was fast approaching. --ScorpionTail (talk) 22:52, September 20, 2013 (UTC)

"Justice?" Despair let out a maddening cackle. Using his scythe for support he pulled himself to his feet. "There are things in motion one such as yourself could not possibly imagine." He then noticed something, Kurenai had taken Infernace's power from him, but left his own behind. He held his hand behind his back and began to mutter an incantation under his breath. --CenturyOfChaos (talk) 22:59, September 20, 2013 (UTC)

As Eri-Mi and Urumi continued to battle, the former managed to shatter the latter's weapon. "You, Urumi," Eri-Mi told her, "Are just a part of Erika Marigold, the avatar of darkness! And it's about high time that you rejoin her!" Separating into two again, Erika slashed at Urumi, before shouting, "Fusion Completion!" Urumi screamed as her very being poured into Erika, the Dark Avatar whole once more. "How do you feel?" Mizuki asked her life-long foe. (Anonymius (talk) 23:03, September 20, 2013 (UTC))

"Different, but in a good way," Mizuki took a step back separating into her goddess selves. "Relax, I'm not gonna attack you, I don't want to make Mibu upset again. Besides darkness isn't evil, people are just scared because they don't understand it. Mibu and I do though, and so should you now." Mizuki reformed, "I suppose so; but that doesn't mean I'm going to lose to you-" "Before we start arguing, let's get the other girls and get back to Mibu," they combined into Eri-Mi again to get Tang Chin and Hope.--Zeromaro (talk) 00:09, September 21, 2013 (UTC)

The End of the Age of Gods

Leviathan and Behemoth faced the monster that was Infernace. The lord of fire smiled. "Hello, my brothers," he said, raising his blade into the air. Leviathan charged, reasoning that water trumps fire, but Infernace knew that water could be absorbed by earth, and so as Behemoth struck at him, he lunged to the side and Leviathan took the full force of the attack. As a shocked Leviathan died, Behemoth cried out in rage as the fire consumed him and Ziz charged forward to avenge the fallen gods.

TheReturnOfTheKing - O_o I'm watching… 00:16, September 21, 2013 (UTC)

The smoke created from Infernace's wings was enough to suffocate Ziz, and as Hope, Tang Chin and Eri-Mi arrived, they couldn't believe what they had seen. Infernace unsheathed his stinger, ready to kill Mibu with it. But just as the giant draconic wasp tried to kill Mibu, Wyvern appeared and pinned Infernace down, for Infernace had forgotten about Wyvern. WIth a breath of aether, Infernace was pinned down more, and Leviathan's post-mortum trick, and soon, it started to rain. "Now, mortals, you must sacrifice me to destroy this villain!" roared Wyvern. With a heavy heart, the group summoned all of their elemental strength and the power of Yin-Yang, and dealt the final blow. --ScorpionTail (talk) 03:08, September 21, 2013 (UTC)

Wyvern seemed to smile before being engulfed in an elemental explosion with Infernace that forced the heroes back. Mibu, Eri-Mi and the others peered at the crater left by their combined might and saw Infernace, still alive, albeit barely. The elemental demon tried to muster the strength for one more attack, but was stabbed through the head by Mibu. "Give it a rest already," he said dully as the last spark of life left Infernace, "You've caused enough pain and suffering, never return." Eri-Mi, Giota and Hane quickly moved to Mibu's side, while Kirasaki, Tang Chin and Hope watched from afar. "We finally did it," breathed Hane before the group began to celebrate their victory, only to stop and immediately leave when the area around them began to collapse. --ChaosWyvern-i (talk) 03:27, September 21, 2013 (UTC)

After the Battle

"Time to go," Forming a yin-yang sign with his movements, a portal opened on the ground that connected to the places of their desires. Mibu and most of the girls were sent back to Earth while the others went back to their homes throughout their world. "I've got a lot of questions; and I'd like them answered ASAP." Mibu noticed that he was in a different place, a house that legally belongs to him as well as Erika and Mizuki who separated from Eri-Mi. "First up, why do I suddenly own a house when all I have is an associate's degree; and why are you two my housemates?"--Zeromaro (talk) 04:08, September 21, 2013 (UTC)

Coming to the realization that they had won the war and were now safe and sound, Mibu’s thoughts drifted back to the mesmerizing battle he had witnessed, right before his friends had arrived to challenge Infernace: ‘’…As the demon Aziz had engaged Infernace, his anger fueled after seeing his fallen brothers, the wind had started to pick up, and as the winds grew stronger, great dust clouds rose from the ground. Mibu had crouched down, while leaning into the wind, and tried to see what was happening with the dueling demons, while using his arms as a shield against the incoming sand. Watching the two beasts ascend higher into the sky had been awe-inspiring, and soon Mibu staggered backwards, when great whirlwinds formed all around him, pulling trees out of the ground, and turning debris into lethal projectiles, which smashed violently into the surrounding structures. Mibu had realized that his lungs were burning with each breath he took, and that one of the demons had been emanating enough heat, to make Mibu think of forges and molten iron. Having felt fascinated and terrified at the same time, Mibu had watched as the two monstrous beings clashed with awesome force in the crimson sky…’’ Stefan (Shikai - "Rust & Shatter") (talk) 04:21, September 21, 2013 (UTC)

Of course, all of this was a mere thought, as the war was officially over, he, Erika, Mizuki, and Toppa were safe, and everything was on the up and up. The three heroes and Toppa received word that Hope and Charles were now engaged, and Tang Chin had begun training under Giota. As for Hane, she was in the apartment as well, fast asleep on a couch. Things were finally beginning to look up, especially when Mizuki and Erika kissed Mibu, surprising him greatly. He, being eighteen-years-old, wasn't used to the possibility of having two girlfriends at once, something that not many people could boast about, and he certainly wouldn't have minded it, and seeing as they would've fought over him if he chose only one, Mibu decided it might be for the best, at least for the time being. Also, it was clear, judging from their behavior toward one another, that Mizuki and Erika were not going to battle each other anytime soon so long as they got along like this, making a fight between them less likely. --ScorpionTail (talk) 04:33, September 21, 2013 (UTC)

Months passed and became years. Mibu, now twenty-five, was now married and the father of two: a boy with dark red hair and a girl with dark emerald hair. Erika and Mizuki had returned to being Eri-Mi and continued the relationship she had with Mibu while divided. Charles and Hope, now married as well decided to live an ordinary life- as ordinary as a former sword master and heroine could have. Giota continued to train Tang Chin until she decided to go on a journey that would allow her to see and experience the freedom that air had... with Giota following as a companion and friend, having vowed to live a life with an intimate relationship with the opposite gender. Eugene, Recon and Kirasaki, now in control of his internal darkness, opened a martial arts academy to train future heroes and heroines. Lastly, Hane, after watching Mibu grow into a good man, left his side and searched for Mibu's father and after, finding him and restoring his memories of his life with her and Mibu, watched over her son and his family until she passed away five years, at the age forty-nine, having finally fulfilled her secret favor for her son and replaced the Wyvern as the Elemental Demon- now called a guardian- of Aether and Neutrality in the afterlife. --ChaosWyvern-i (talk) 05:30, September 21, 2013 (UTC)

"Well, that was, um, interesting," remarked the swordsman known as the Temptress. "Do you think anyone missed us?" Asked another swordsman. "I don't think anyone really cared," said a third remaining swordsman. "So, what now?" Asked a fourth. "Now," said the leader, "We must find a new world to wreak havoc on, with new identities." The five remaining swordsmen stood apart from one another, with the leader crying out "TERRA REINCARNATUM!", causing all swordsmen to glow before a flash of light, and they were gone. (Anonymius (talk) 09:36, September 21, 2013 (UTC))

The End

Toppa, Erika's talking witch hat, hung on a coat rack, watching the children play. Young Cleopatra, daughter of Charles and Hope, was greatly unamused by the antics of Angelo and Lilith, Mibu and Eri-Mi's kids. It would seem that the two of them had fought over a video game called Aero the Griffin, a platform game. "Nothing ever changes, does it?" asked Toppa to himself, laughing gleefully as he does so. And indeed, the long-lasting feud between light and dark had begun anew, much to Toppa's relief, knowing that he can have happy memories of the past come back to him again. The only thing on his mind at that point, was whether or not someone new would step in and bring balance again, and so too would Toppa find some enjoyment in that... --ScorpionTail (talk) 10:05, September 21, 2013 (UTC)

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