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Thank you all for participating in our first Masters of Animanga Collaborative Writing Project! The Fading Light: A Tale of Zan is now over! Relive the glory of the project by reading Red Bat and TAO: Rize of the Ying-yang again!

Welcome to The Masters of Animanga: A Wikia Collaborative Writing Project! Join with legendary icons of anime and manga to create three exciting, original stories based on their character designs and outlines.

We've written Red Bat, and TAO! - Rize of the Ying-Yang. Now, join with other co-authors from the Wikia community to pen an exciting samurai-themed story that crosses the boundaries of space and time.

The inspiration for our third tale, Fading Light: A Tale of Zan, is provided by legendary artist Yoshitaka Amano (Vampire Hunter D, Final Fantasy) in the form of an iconic samurai character who first appeared in Amano's graphic novel Deva Zan. The story is executive produced by Kazuo Koike (Lone Wolf and Cub, Lady Snowblood).

We want YOU to co-write this story! And you're also welcome to post any original artwork to illustrate it. Just take a few moments to read the rules, familiarize yourself with the world and characters, then edit this page to begin creating.


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A samurai warrior with no memory of his past, Zan has the power to travel through all of time and space while riding atop Panther, his animal companion.

The many adventures of Zan could never be chronicled in a single volume. In this story, we follow our hero from feudal Japan to Victorian-era England (and beyond) as he meets a beautiful woman who changes him forever, and faces an adversary unlike any he has encountered before.


MOA samuraiMOA samuraipantherMOA samurai2

  • Zan, our hero, is a samurai warrior who has no memory of his past. He is on a quest to restore order to existence, which will ultimately lead him to the discovery of his own mysterious origin. While riding atop Panther, his faithful animal companion, Zan has the power to travel anywhere in space and time.
  • Lord Chataway, the villain of the story, is encountered by Zan when he is transported to 1870s England. Lord Chataway is a British noble who may be more than who he first seems to be.
  • Virginia, the beautiful daughter of Lord Chataway. She is fiercely independent, but finds herself strangely drawn to the mysterious Zan.


It wasn't a memory -- more like a dream. As the silent warrior hid in the shadows, waiting to strike, he couldn't shake the sense that he'd been here before. But he could not dwell on that feeling right now. His sensei had been killed by an assassin from the Shadow Clan, and he was there for a reckoning. Zan lurked on a rooftop near the Shadow lair. He would wait there until the Shadow Master came into view and then exact his revenge. Minutes passed, and then hours… but the Shadow Master did not appear. Surely, they hadn't been made aware of his presence. Or had they?

Calling to Panther, his animal companion -- a black cat-like creature with otherworldly features -- who had been lurking nearby in the dark, Zan climbed on to the big cat, and the pair leaped from the rooftop and into the pathway in front of the temple below. At that moment, Zan knew he was in trouble. He sensed a dark presence, but before he could act, he was surrounded by twelve Shadow Clan warriors. "I can take them," he thought. But just then another two dozen fighters from the Shadow Clan emerged from the darkness.

Zan was wise enough to know he couldn't win. And he knew there was only one way out. He leaned forward to whisper a command into Panther's ear, and suddenly the cat leapt into the air towards the surrounding warriors. There was a blinding flash of light -- Zan and Panther had vanished. --Brian@fandom 17:49, September 23, 2013 (UTC)

"Good Heavens!" He woke up to the cry of a woman who sounded like a noblewoman. Opening his eyes, Zan got up, and found himself in the middle of the street of a strange city that he had not been to, with Panther beside him, surrounding by a crowd of people. Judging from their clothes, they looked like a mixture of nobility, merchants, civil servants, commoners and beggars, yet they all looked frightened at the sight of him since they had likely never seen someone quite like him or his companion before, especially coming out of nowhere as he did! Hoping to take cover somewhere before he caused more of a disturbance, Zan got on top of Panther and began to ride. "YOU, STOP RIGHT WHERE YOU ARE!" Shouted a man with a club that Zan could only guess was a law enforcer. (Anonymius (talk) 17:14, September 23, 2013 (UTC))

In the dark basement of a Victorian mansion, an old man named Lord Amadeus Chataway, looked upon a statue of a great fish. It had long, sharp teeth, and a lure-like thing on top of its head, like a deep-sea fish. "I am quite impressed with this," said Amadeus, "Before long, I-" Before he could finish, his daughter was knocking on the door. --ScorpionTail (talk) 17:20, September 23, 2013 (UTC)

Elsewhere, there was a small village home to many farmers where there was a teenage boy named Ryuunosuke Kageyama who, unlike the others at his age, he ditched the farm work and went to train with duel katanas for he wanted to become a samurai instead of staying as a farmer. As he was on his way back home from training he heard a voice which appeared to be weakly asking for help. Rushing towards the source of the voice, he found a beautiful girl about his age leaning on a tree and he asked, "Are you okay!?! What's your name?" "My name is Virginia," the girl replied, "Please, help me find a man named Zan. He's the only hope left for this world." When she lost consciousness, Ryuunosuke carried her back to his village wondering what was happening. Forest Dragon Slayer (talk) 17:23, September 23, 2013 (UTC)

Little did he know, the girl Virginia had just escaped from a terrible fight with her father, Lord Amadaeus Chataway. Angry that her father seemed to be losing his mind and ignoring her words of advice, she had stormed off but was attacked by thugs looking for an easy target. Unfortunately for them, Virginia was a fierce fighter thanks to her old friend and butler, Charles. She was able to fight most of them off until one attacked her from behind, and the last thing she remembered seeing was a strange man on top of a panther... Grace @fandom (profile)•(talk) 17:35, September 23, 2013 (UTC)

Zan sped off onto top of Panther, who had leaped over the gasping (And he couldn't help but think impressed) crowd of spectators, running away from the law enforcers, using some kind of artifacts as if to get his attention. It would take too long to explain. Heck he wasn't even sure if he could explain it! Besides he was certain that he hadn't broken any alien law! At least he thought he hadn't. Panther leaped onto a nearby building, and scuttled up the wall to the top, before running and leaping off of several buildings to get away. (Anonymius (talk) 17:44, September 23, 2013 (UTC))

Suddenly the world fell apart and light came from everywhere as Zan fell from his panther. Plummeting to the ground, the light and sky changed, and, within a blink of an eye, he was surrounded by huge metal temples with blinking lights. Machines filled the air, whizzing past him, but, before hitting the ground, hundreds of paper origami cranes flocked toward him and carried him to safety. Zan looked at the floating mass of paper cranes that was ascending him to safety with curiosity. The cranes landed Zan on the highest building in Tokyo. The origami paper cranes began to unfold and transformed into his Panther. (Christina Coffaro (talk) --Christina Coffaro (talk) 17:56, September 23, 2013 (UTC)

"Master Mar'riana, Lord of the Seas of Time," said Lord Amadeus Chataway, "I managed to keep my eldest daughter Virginia away for now, so that we can speak about the plan." In that instant, a phantom-like creature that resembled a viperfish or some other deep-sea fish appeared in front of Lord Chataway, the fish's bioluminescent body being the sole glimmer of light in the room. "Lord Chataway," said Mar'riana, "you have done well, but the legends are true, for the hero of the ages has surfaced..." --ScorpionTail (talk) 18:05, September 23, 2013 (UTC)

At Ryuunosuke's house, Virginia began to wake up from her sleep, and she got up in a panic thinking that she was still on the run but she was surprised to see herself in a soft bed. "So you finally woke up, huh, Virginia," Ryuunosuke said causing the girl to panic at the stranger. "Who are you and how do you know my name!?!" "My name's Ryuunosuke and I know your name because you told me yesterday before you lost conscious. Don't worry, I won't let anything hurt you." "Are you trying to flirt with me using those lines!?!" Virginia exclaimed as Ryuunosuke had a nervous smile on his face because flirting was not his intention. Forest Dragon Slayer (talk) 18:29, September 23, 2013 (UTC)

Zan opened his eyes and found himself still on his companion where he was before, before that vision. Having traveled so many times to so many places throughout time he couldn't keep a track of where he's been, and sometimes he has visions or dreams of places he's never quite sure if he's been there before or yet. He looked around and wondered where he was. It definitely looked like a city, but unlike cities he was used to (that were made of wood). This one was entirely made of stone, and was much bigger, and filthier as well. Eventually, once he was certain that he had lost those law enforcers, Panther leaped down into an alleyway where he grabbed a large rag and threw it over himself to cover his appearance. (Anonymius (talk) 18:33, September 23, 2013 (UTC))

The nameless Panther, his ancient companion and the only constant in the tumult of space-time travel that had become his life, stepped forward as his paws shrank to the size of those of a housecat, advancing and decreasing until it was only a black cat with burning white eyes before leaping away far beyond Zan, who shuffled awkwardly in the rag he had hastily cast over himself as the hapless samurai took stock of his surroundings. The alley was filthy, strewn with garbage and feces and the corpses of dead animals, but was given a crawling life by the impoverished who sat in drunken or opium-induced stupors and the children who rummaged amongst the trash in search of cast away treasures. "Sah, sah. sah, sah!" cried one child, a cripple with a dead eye that lolled blindly and teared in its corners, groping with his tiny hands as he begged alms from the strange newcomer. In his travels, Zan had encountered and mastered many languages, but such vernacular was unfamiliar to him. The samurai, taking the plea as an entreaty for money, produced from a pouch hanging at his side a dull golden coin. Whether it would have value in this strange world, Zan could not know, but he wordlessly placed it in the young invalid's outstretched palm and closed his fingers around it. Jottie22 (talk) 19:54, September 23, 2013 (UTC)Jottie22

Like a crystal ball, Mar'riana used the anglerfish-esque lure to observe the young samurai, showing his lackey Amadeus this strange new threat to their plans. "His name is Zan," said Mar'riana. "What do you suppose we should do about him, though?" asked Amadeus nervously. "Let time take care of things," chuckled Mar'riana. Within a few seconds, bubbles began to shoot out of his mouth, and demons from Feudal Japan, in this case the Tengu, appeared, bowing to Amadeus. "May they serve us well," said Mar'riana, vanishing into the dark depths of what looked like a murky ocean trench. --ScorpionTail (talk) 20:09, September 23, 2013 (UTC)

"So, you were talking about some guy called Zan and how he was the last hope for the world?" Ryuunosuke asked as he set some food in front of Virginia. "That is correct," Virginia said with a somewhat sad expression, "I am currently running away from my father who wants to kill Zan and I wanted to warn him before it's too late. I thank you for the hospitality but I must go." As she got up to leave, Ryuunosuke grabbed her wrist and stopped her, saying, "I'm coming with you then, I can't just let you go and put yourself in danger by yourself. I'll protect you the entire way." Forest Dragon Slayer (talk) 20:23, September 23, 2013 (UTC)

After conversing with Mar'riana, Lord Chateley was taking a ride in a carriage through the city, along with his daughter, who was looking bored, so he asked her what was wrong.

"Oh I was just thinking, Father," She told him, "about life in general; like, if there is something more to it than simply saying "How do you do?" and "I am quite well, thanks for asking" all the time, and going to balls and letting boring men trying to court me and laughing at their comments when they're not funny; just about my purpose in life, that's all."

"Your purpose, child," her father told her calmly, "Is to be a dutiful child, and then to be a dutiful wife, nothing more; what more is there for a young lady of your stature?"

As Virginia tried to prepare a rebuttal to her father's unsympathetic response, she overheard some people they were passing talking about a giant cat they had seen and what they swore was a wild man on top of it, an old man swore he had seen it leap down into an alleyway he was pointing at. Curious, and desperate to get away from her father for a while, she got out of the carriage and ran for the alleyway that the man pointed at with her father running after her. (Anonymius (talk) 20:33, September 23, 2013 (UTC))

The First Attack

Virginia sat back down and Ryunnosuke asked, "What is going on and why are you here?" since, judging by her clothes, she was not from anywhere near here. Flustered, Virginia explaned: "This, I believe is Feudal Japan, yes?" This was common knowledge, why she was bothering to state it was puzzling so he questioned her sanity.

"My father was a historian," continued the girl, "This may be hard to believe but I am from the future and a man from this time named Zan brought me here. I believe he I FEAR he may have come here to kill Oda the warlord, before he conquers a 3rd of Japan and starts it's unification," she rasped. Ryunnosuke looked at her with a mixture of shock and suspicion, but he couldn't help but wonder why such a beautiful woman seemed so insane. (Amyar (talk) 21:38, September 23, 2013

Zan could hear the sound of flapping wings. He and his panther companion ceased moving, and quickly looked around. He suspicions were correct; the Tengu, those red-faced crow-men, had found him. With a war cry, some of the tengu warriors sorrounded Zan. Just looking at them told Zan that the only way out of this mess would be bloody... --ScorpionTail (talk) 20:49, September 23, 2013 (UTC)

"So do you see how dangerous this is going to be," Virginia asked Ryuunosuke after finishing her more in depth explanation of what she has to do. "So? I'm still going with you. I'm more than capable to take on whatever's out there." Ryuunosuke said already ready for this trip. "I said I'd stay by your side for this no matter what." This made Virginia blush a little. Forest Dragon Slayer (talk) 21:10, September 23, 2013 (UTC)

The Tengu men let out a loud war cry and flew directly towards Zan and his panther. Zan cut down his opponents swiftly, like a hot knife through better whilst his pet constantly pounced into the air and mauled some of the Tengu men. Things were going well until Zan noticed he and missed one Tengu man, who was flying straight towards Zan to end him. However, the Tengu man was sent flying as an arrows struck him straight in the chest. Zan looked and noticed a man in relatively simply village clothing wielding a long bow, which seemed a bit out of place. Zan's panther growled at the stranger, but Zan calmed him. The villager began walking towards Zan to greet him. --Ezvil (talk) 21:20, September 23, 2013 (UTC)

Zan caught a good glimpse of the boy before the vision faded, and he found himself back in the strange stone city. Hearing the cry of a Tengu, Zan turned around to see more coming at him, so he ran, but not out of cowardice since he knew from that vision where to go next. As he and Panther ran to the end of the alleyway, he leaped onto his companion as he grew to his larger size, and prepared to escape this time. Just as he was, however, the Virginia of this time, unaware of the knowledge that she would later know in life, caught a glimpse of the man and the growing cat; curiosity getting the better of her, she ran to them, not noticing the Tengu. She called out to the man, but he didn't hear her, and her hand just brushed the cat's tail as she was pulled into the time portal with them, with her father just clasping her arm: and the visions she saw changed her life forever. (Anonymius (talk) 21:39, September 23, 2013 (UTC))

Zan Returns to Japan

Zan was back in Japan this time near a village, the archer from before had revealed himself, but then boy revealed his true form as a large red fox with crimson fur and eyes with a sword on his back. "Long time no see, I hear you go by the name Zan now." Zan was confused on how the creature knew his name. "You don't remember me? That's a shame, I was almost positive that my presence would trigger a memory, oh well a promise is a promise either way." The fox took the sword off his back unsheathed and held it in his hand, "before we fight call me Shokuro for now."--Zeromaro (talk) 21:59, September 23, 2013 (UTC)(I told you he'd be back.)

Zan unsheathed his sword, a long, curved beauty. He fingered the worn handle of the blade as the two circled each other cautiously. Shokuro... he had heard this name before. He looked at the fox, assessing its movements - steady and clean, clearly one experienced in fighting. Then, without warning, Zan lunged forwards. The ringing sound of blades clashing echoed through the air. He blocked, Zan thought admiringly, A worthy opponent it would seem.--Alleyworkings00103 (talk) 22:13, September 23, 2013 (UTC)

"Hopefully you'll be able to do more to challenge me," Shokuro said with a smirk, "or else I won't be able to be serious about this." He then went into a different stance signaling a charge attack. The boy charged at Zan who was already swinging his sword. But at the last moment, Shokuro jumped back dodging Zan's attack and then jumped forward once more with a slash attack giving a light cut to Zan's face as he tried to dodge. "I'm not the trickster swordsman for nothing." Why do I remember that? Zan thought. Forest Dragon Slayer (talk) 22:25, September 23, 2013 (UTC)

Virginia looked around. She certainly wasn't very happy to know that she was here, in Feudal Japan, a time period that she had researched often in her spare time. Surely with all of the fighting that took place back then, she'd surely perish. Perplexed by her situation, she asked for answers. "What the bloody hell is going on here?" she asked, confused by all of the ruckus. --ScorpionTail (talk) 22:49, September 23, 2013 (UTC)

"You're the one who said you got dragged here by a time traveler riding a Bakeneko (Cat monster), that's crazy enough." Ryunosuke was still trying to get his head around things, "Wait what's going on over there?" On the pathway to the village, the teens noticed the duel between Zan and a bipedal fox. "That man, he's-" "Zan!" Screamed Virginia, "The man who first taught me how to wield a sword is Zan?" Ryunosuke was getting surprised at every turn.--Zeromaro (talk) 23:01, September 23, 2013 (UTC)

Virginia's Rescue

Virginia and Ryuunosuke were near the edge of the village when Virginia heard the sounds of the duel. "No, not here!" she cried, "This is where I first met Zan! We have to go." Ryuunosuke was confused. "Go? Go where?" Virginia smiled and pulled a very lifelike, beautiful origami panther out of her pocket. "Forward," she said, and as the panther expanded into it's true form they vanished in a flash of light.

TheReturnOfTheKing - O_o I'm watching… 23:26, September 23, 2013 (UTC)

"Where are we?" Ryuunosuke asked as the two teenagers appeared in a new location. "We are in my time also known as the Victorian Era," Virginia replied as she took him by the hand and led him through the busy street. Ryuunosuke was amazed at the new sights he's never seen before. "But why did we have to leave when you wanted to find that Zan guy in the first place," he asked. "It would've caused a time paradox if my younger self saw me," she replied, but Ryuunosuke still looked confused. Forest Dragon Slayer (talk) 23:37, September 23, 2013 (UTC)

Amadeus looked at his two other daughters, Dakota and Carolina, as they walked into the mansion. "What's wrong, father?" asked Dakota, "Where's Virginia?" "That's what I'm trying to find out," answered Amadeus, "I've been looking everywhere for that girl." His mind was set on finding his daughter, who he hoped would never find out his secret... --ScorpionTail (talk) 23:53, September 23, 2013 (UTC)

We should get back to Zan and Shokuro, Zan was exhausted while the fox barely even panted. He never even drew his sword from its saya, and he fought in a way I've never seen before: legwork, acrobatics, different forms of grappling, he even used his tail to strike pressure points or restrain, not to mention those strikes from different parts of his body. "Looks like I'll have to wait until you recover all of your memories before we can fight again, oh and if you meet a young man by the name of Ryunosuke, he's that farmer's child you trained in the basics of swordsmanship. It's good that he hasn't learned your jiku-no-zangetsu-ryu." Jiku-no-zangetsu-ryu is an advanced form of Japanese swordsmanship created by Zan that calculates the distance and timing of an opponent's movement in order to counterattack, its a flexible style that not only uses swords but other weapons too. As Shokuro disappeared, Zan called out, "I apologize for bringing you into this, it's safe to come out now," and a slightly younger Virginia came out of the tall grass she was hiding in.--Zeromaro (talk) 01:23, September 24, 2013 (UTC)

"Who are you?" Virginia asked. Zan surveyed her - she was a pretty thing, this girl, with her shimmering blonde hair that flowed and glowed with light, eyes that were proud and blue, light skin that spoke of femininity and softness. She had high cheekbones, very prominent, and highlighted the length of her curved lashes that brushed skin every time she closed them. She was highborn, he knew, from the way she spoke and the way she held herself. "My name is Zan," the samurai said, "And you are?"--Alleyworkings00103 (talk) 02:53, September 24, 2013 (UTC)

"My name is Virginia, I'm 12 years old." The girl said shyly due to the height difference of the two of them. "Where am I? I want to go home." "You are in Japan right now." Forest Dragon Slayer (talk) 03:00, September 24, 2013 (UTC)

Viriginia was unable to reply again, as she suddenly shrieked as an arrow came flying towards Zan's head. Zan, as though by instinct, caught the arrow in midair without even turning his head to look at it, and then he stared at the villager from before who stood a way's away, with a grin on his face. "So I guess you still have some skills after all, pitiful you lost to that fox though," the villager said harshly, but the smile on his face hinted that he was not seriously condoning Zan. Virginia still looked horrified, but tensions were eased a bit when Zan referred to the villager by his name. "Im confused as to how that boy, er, fox knows my name, Yumoa" Zan told the villager. "Nonetheless, I'm off watch duty for the time being, so perhaps I can help figure out what's going on," Yumoa the villager replied, although he stopped for a moment before apologizing to Virginia and welcoming her to Japan. --Ezvil (talk) 03:04, September 24, 2013 (UTC)

The Path of Insanity

Lord Chataway, who was worried about his daughter and where she was, leaned on the table, pressing his hands against it firmly, sweating from his nervousness. He turned his head to the side, where his butler Charles was and said "Charles get the Royal unit," in a pushy manner. The Royal Unit was Lord Chataway's personal minions carrying out task for him whenever he needed. The butler nodded his head in obedience, immediately getting five men from the Royal Unit, and, when they arrived, Lord Chataway got up from his leaning position to say with a stern voice, "Go and find my daughter Virgina in the city and get her quick, and if you dare come back without her, you will suffer severe consequences!" Judging by the look of Chataway's harmful glare, each member of the unit knew he was not bluffing or joking around and responded with saying "Yes Sir!", having a noticeably nervous look on their face before immediately setting out on the search for Virginia.
DragonKnight99 the DK FB New
07:52, September 24, 2013 (UTC)

Lord Chataway groaned as he got up. "Virginia? VIRGINIA?" He looked around. She was nowhere to be seen. Wait a minute; this feeling; Chataway knew where he was, or rather when he was; he was in Japan, or rather what westerners refer to as 'Feudal Japan', more specifically the Sengoku period. (Anonymius (talk) 08:41, September 24, 2013 (UTC))

Chataway was apprehensive. To be honest, he was often scared witless in Feudal Japan. Foreigners heads often seemed to decorate the grounds beneath the shogun's keep. Blonde hair, red hair, anything that wasn't the usual black of the Japanese's heads; their owners never returned to their homelands. Chataway had a head of brilliant gold - like to attract much stares, curious and disgusted and bloodthirsty looks alike. He was lucky that he entered this world in a remote place.--Alleyworkings00103 (talk) 11:59, September 24, 2013 (UTC)

Suddenly, Chataway started to hear the voice of a strange being. "Do you wish to find your daughter and rule this forsaken land?" The voice had called out to him. "Yes, there's no other way to control these savage swordsmen other than ruling over them. Why even stop there, I could control the whole world." "Then follow my instructions and you shall get the answers and power."--Zeromaro (talk) 14:25, September 24, 2013 (UTC)

"So that's why we had to leave," Ryuunosuke said after listening to Virginia's lengthy explanation about time travel and time paradoxes. "That's why time travel can get so complicated," Virginia commented before they heard the sound of soldiers rushing towards them saying, "There's Virginia, get her!" "Oh man, there's too many, sorry about this," Ryuunosuke said as he picked up Virgina bridal style surprising her and causing her to blush as he jumped and used the soldiers as launch pads to get on the roof of a nearby building before continuing to run away from the soldiers. Forest Dragon Slayer (talk) 14:31, September 24, 2013 (UTC)


The young Virginia turned around to see her father strolling towards her and Zan and she was shocked to even see him here. "There you are, Virginia, you shouldn't go wandering off like that. YOU," He shouted at Zan, "I don't know how but you're responsible for all this, and I DEMAND that you return us back to where we belong!"

Zan did not realise how many lives he had accidentally screwed up; in situations like this, his first instinct is of course to return people back to their time, but something didn't feel right and he felt like something about this man was off. As if a memory, he kept hearing a voice repeatedly saying duty, duty, and, by instinct, Zan grabbed the Virginia's arm and disappeared from that place before her father could grab her. (Anonymius (talk) 15:02, September 24, 2013 (UTC))

3 years before Virginia's 12 birthday : Lord Chataway was strolling the street markets of Manchester port (many foreigners from all arms of the British empire traded goods here, and some were even of historic value which of course meant they were of value to him and justified the long trip away from his London home). As he turned down the makeshift maze of tents and stalls, he came back across an alleyway decorated with oriental trinkets and decorations. His area of expertise was Africa not China, but history was history, and nevertheless he may at the least find an extra present for his daughters 9th birthday. He smiled as he trod the cobblestone road, looking left and right at various dragons, tigers and what not. He stopped as he came across a empty stall, and noticed at the back, at a statue of what looked like an anglerfish? A cold air gripped him, and he would later regret this discovery of his, as well as the man he would later become. (Amyar (talk)16:38, September 24, 2013 (UTC))

While Ryunosuke was still running from the authorities, Virginia noticed some similarities between him and Zan and thought to herself, I know Ryunosuke said that he was trained in the basics of swordsmanship by Zan, by why does he look so similar? Virginia then noticed that Ryunosuke had the same katana-cut scar on his back as Zan, and wondered, Could it be- "That Ryunosuke is Zan before he lost his memories; you're brighter than I thought," an illusionary Shokuro appeared before Virginia's eyes.

I have to send him back to the time he lost everything, I'm so sorry Ryunosuke but you must become Zan to stop all of this. With an origami version of Panther, Ryunosuke disappeared while Viriginia was taken by Shokuro and brought to the event that will make him into a warrior that will assist Zan.--Zeromaro (talk) 16:05, September 24, 2013 (UTC)

Amadeus was more than willing to persist when it came to the plan. His wife, Isabelle, was counting on it. Mar'riana had promised to bring her back from the grave if Amadeus could do something for him. All Amadeus was hoping was that Mar'riana kept his word... --ScorpionTail (talk) 16:20, September 24, 2013 (UTC)

"Virgina where are you!?!" Ryuunosuke yelled out not knowing where he was and was more concerned about the girl's well being than his own. Looking down, he saw that he still had his duel swords as well as the other stuff he had brought with him. Then a voice began calling to him. "Who's there?" Ryuunosuke asked. "You must walk the path of your destiny." the voice said. Forest Dragon Slayer (talk) 16:24, September 24, 2013 (UTC)

Without warning he thumped his fist on the table in anger. What had happened centuries ago felt like only moments, when Zan had escaped with the child back in Feudal Japan. Fortunately, though, his organization had branches then and there, and with their help he was able to return to England and spend the next few centuries in hibernation, but not before informing his past self (who was in a different body at the time) of what was going on when he had awoken and came out.

"So, you lost the star, did you?" His 'wife', Lady Chataway asked, almost mockingly. "She is only temporarily lost," He told her, "But soon we will reclaim her, and I will explain the situation to our brethren at today's meeting." (Anonymius (talk) 16:25, September 24, 2013 (UTC))

The False Farmer Boy

After Ryunosuke heard the mysterious voice he was confronted by a samurai warlord with his army. "State your name peasant," said the general. "I am Ryunosuke, a child of a farmer, with dreams to become a samurai." "Is this boy serious," said a soldier. "Silence, many peasants had become samurai especially now, even Tokichiro was once just a servant after all. Let me introduce myself, I am Oda Nobunaga."--Zeromaro (talk) 20:30, September 24, 2013 (UTC)

"He is not happy with your progress," a sinister voice echoed throughout the room. Lord Chataway turned to find a hooded man, wearing light armour almost entirely covered by robes. "Leave us dear," Chataway dismissed his wife, he turned his attention once again to the mysterious man and started speaking, "What are you doing here, I told M-"

"You failed to apprehend the boy Chataway... The master is not pleased with you," the voice interrupted, and Chataway gulped before asking, "W-what would you have me do?" "Find him, or I will." --CenturyOfChaos (talk) 21:00, September 24, 2013 (UTC)

Lord Amadeus Chataway may have remarried, but his first wife Isabelle was always so kind to him. He'd give anything to have her back, and kick his replacement to the curb. He remembered how he met his second wife Charlotte, who he only married to keep himself sane, as Mar'riana's influence had a rather negative effect on his psyche. Mar'riana would use Amadeus as a vessel for himself if he couldn't complete his end of the bargain, and he could already feel his left hand becoming as scaly as a fish, hence why he wore gloves to cover up this fact. But this time, Amadeus could feel that one of his upper canines was sharper than usual. Amadeus knew he had to act quickly... --ScorpionTail (talk) 21:07, September 24, 2013 (UTC)

That evening, Chataway and his wife attended the meetings in his secret cellar with other members of his order, all wearing and concealed in cowls.

"Brothers and sisters," he addressed the crowd, "For three years the star of the heavens has remained in our custody, and we have been waiting for the right time. But now Zan, the time rider, the hero of ages, has snatched her from us, but we will not let this insult be our downfall! We must spread out across the world, and wait patiently for the rider and the star to appear, there will be no place nor time where we will not find him! For we are Legion, and we are many and forever!"

He then raised a glass, and concluded with "from chaos did creation spring, and down to chaos shall creation return," with other members of their group chanting the same thing. (Anonymius (talk) 21:17, September 24, 2013 (UTC))

"Oda Nobunaga?" Ryuunosuke asked as the man nodded. Virginia told me about him "Boy, if you're wishing to become a samurai, why don't you join my army, we're always open for new recruits." "I thank you for your offer, but I need to rescue someone and even after that, I'll become a samurai my own way." "Insolent brat, you never turn his lordship down!" the soldiers yelled before then charging at Ryuunosuke who easily defeated them with duel sword techniques before running off. "Interesting." Nobunaga said with a smirk. Forest Dragon Slayer (talk) 21:37, September 24, 2013 (UTC)

"My liege, Shokuro the demon fox was seen fighting against master Zan 3 weeks ago near his home village!!!" the servant exclaimed. Oda sighed: Zan was a time traveler, and as such any of his actions meant little without knowledge of where he had been. He looked onward, beyond the many phalanxes of his army at the city of Kyoto; he had raised Zan for many years, and he should be by his side, as father and son should. "I am so disappointed, Ryunosuke" he whispered. His son has sided with the emperor, the tyrant, and this stung more then the death of a thousand men. He thought they both saw the future, a vision of a unified and peaceful Japan. (Amyar (talk) 22:40, September 24, 2013 (UTC))

The Slashed Dragon

The Seas of Time, a legendary location where all eras and all events are all drifting in a never-ending current until they break away into the timeline, with all non-existent eras and events lingering in the current for eternity, never to escape its everlasting force. Mar'riana, a denizen of the Dark Trench, where all deaths and end of eras are chronicled, swam amidst the broken aspirations of the fallen, and his lure and various parts of his body shined like a swimming constellation as his thin, eel-like frame passed by eras that never existed when he entered the current. He found a lost age of enlightenment, one where Japan had become the technological masters of the world, and Mar'riana formed a plan in his horrid mind. He saw a robot codenamed "Slashed Dragon", a killing machine that had the capability to wipe out a village all on its own. Mar'riana knew it could definitely be a threat to Zan, so in that instant, the robot was teleported by Mar'riana out of the aborted era, and into the main timeline. "This will be fun..." said Mar'riana, chuckling demonically as he anticipated the end of Zan, his enemy... --ScorpionTail (talk) 01:39, September 25, 2013 (UTC)

From the distance, a young warrior wearing an ō-yoroi watched as Mar'riana was plotting. Coming from an eternal age of silence and war, an alternate era within the Seas of Time, he silently slipped past Mar'riana and jumped into the current era, the location of Zan and his companions. Upon arriving, he witnessed Virginia, and approached her, grabbed her silently, and spoke with her, "My dear girl, my name is Wisuperu, and I know you are from the future, which is why I must warn you. That man, Zan, is threatening to stop his father's peaceful reign, something he did in my own timeline, and you must prevent this future." He hands her a piece of origami, "This will help take you to the future, and I'll accompany you so we can find my descendant. He still exists regardless of the past's events, so he'll be vital to our plan," and at once, they travelled to the future. -- VictoriousBeckFan (talk) 01:42, 25 September 2013 (UTC)

"So is there any particular reason we bolted away from this girl's father and took her with us," Yumoa asked Zan after he, Zan, and the young Virginia reached Yumoa's house. It was a simple little house, suitable enough for the quaint life Yumoa lived on his own. "My instincts told me something was wrong, and they have never failed me before," Zan replied. "In any case, we cannot hide in my house forever, so where do you suggest we go?" Zan initially refused Yumoa's offer to join him, until Yumoa noted that the two of them stood a better chance of surviving and evading Virginia's search party together than separate; Yumoa also mentioned that he owed a debt to Zan for helping him out of a very dangerous situation. "Very well, we shall grab a few things for the road and leave first thing tomorrow morning," Zan complied, but he and Zan suddenly panicked as they saw Virginia quickly exiting the house, unsure of where the little girl was going until they saw her staring at something shocking in front of Yumoa's house. --Ezvil (talk) 02:16, September 25, 2013 (UTC)

Outside was the robotic solider with the characters that said "Slashed Dragon". Before Zan and Yumoa could act, Virginia accidentally used the origami piece that changed into a panther and pushed the robot to when Ryunosuke had ran from Nobunaga. Ryunosuke saw that the nearby village and his own home was in flames and saw what looked like Nobunaga, "Demon King," he said as he drew his swords. Nobunaga was fighting the "Slashed Dragon" trying to strike its weak points until Ryunosuke arrived to try and avenge his family. "Ryunosuke-dono," said a servant weakly, "Lord Nobunaga has indeed done several questionable acts, but he would never force his family to serve him," Ryunosuke was confused. "You are the son of Lord Nobunaga and a former concubine who married a farmer, it was this machine that attacked your home; Lord Nobunaga wanted to avenge you with the thought that you were dead."--Zeromaro (talk) 03:43, September 25, 2013 (UTC)

'It still seems suspicious.' Ryuunosuke thought as he drew his swords. 'This slashed dragon doesn't seem to be from this time but I shouldn't mention that or I could start one of those time paradoxes Virginia told me about.' "So Nobunaga is supposed to be my father?" He asked the servant who nodded. "I don't think of him as such a person even if we are related by blood but at the very least, I'll help him defeat this beast. But it's only to defend this village." Forest Dragon Slayer (talk) 04:49, September 25, 2013 (UTC)

Amadeus could see the action from a crystal ball in his mansion somewhere in a trophy room above a mounted crocodile head. The Slashed Dragon was quite a formidable opponent, and Amadeus was quite amused by its ability to hold its own. But then he noticed something. The Slashed Dragon is starting to stop fighting, almost as if all of the behavior earlier were because it thought that it was still in its time period. When the Slashed Dragon seemingly stopped fighting to check its surroundings, however, it quickly went back to fighting, this time knowing what it was doing. --ScorpionTail (talk) 05:38, September 25, 2013 (UTC)

"Wait a minute," Chataway realised, "THAT'S NOT THE TIME RIDER! AND WHERE IS THE CHILD? That robot is fighting in the wrong place at the wrong time!" Having his hand across the crystal ball, Chataway could now see the location of the rider, the star and a boy who was of no consequence. "Where on Earth did you get that orgami changing panther from girl?" The boy asked the star. "I-I just found it on the ground earlier," Virginia told her companions, "Just before father came and you abducted me!" (Anonymius (talk) 07:55, September 25, 2013 (UTC))

Zan easily remembering the observation he made from the short glimpse of the robotic soldier, started to speak lowly to himself, interrupted Virginia saying "Slashed Dragon...What is that?" as the random attack made him curious and concerned. Yumoa heard him, momentarily forgetting about Virginia and stated that "Whatever it was; it isn't our problem anymore", with Zan quickly responding "For now at least." They walked back inside the house making sure Virginia followed and Zan couldn't shake the thought off his head that at anytime he could be randomly attacked. "If these attacks keep happening...eventually someone around me will get hurt, so, if you want to go with me, realize what you're getting yourself into when journeying with me, Yumoa," said Zan with a serious look. Yumoa had a surprised look for a second then he slightly smiled responding with "Don't worry about me Zan, I can hold my own; if anything you should be worrying about yourself because your skills off." Zan looked at Yumoa with a face showing that he understood what Yumoa was saying and said nothing else.
DragonKnight99 the DK FB New
08:09, September 25, 2013 (UTC)

Ryuunosuke and Nobunaga continued to fight the mechanical beast with great difficulty as it has anylyzed their movements and was adapting to them. "We have to defeat it quickly or else it'll be impossible to defeat," Nobunaga commented as Ryuunosuke jumped back leaving Nobunaga to fight the Slashing Dragon by himself to the warlord's surprise. Ryuunosuke waited for a bit and then used an attack hitting all of the machine's weak spots defeating it. "Looks like my plan to get that thing to focus on you and then hitting it when it wasn't paying attention to me worked," Ryuunosuke said as Nobunaga looked at him in surprise and perhaps pride because it seems that Ryuunosuke got his ability of strategy. Forest Dragon Slayer (talk) 14:31, September 25, 2013 (UTC)

From afar, Shokuro had watched the fight, "No matter what reality I travel to, Nobunaga is always an eccentric and dangerously unpredictable--this one made his own offspring into a warrior of time, but he's going to need help." Shokuro held a device that contained the consciousness of a friend's sibling, "As I assured, I'll give you a new body to inhabit, but you'll have to share it with that servant. This event will be the birth of Zan." The Slashed Dragon reactivated and attacked while the samurai were celebrating, hitting Ryunosuke on the head near his memory cortex and even extracted the information. Before the machine could attack again, Ryunosuke disarmed it and took its sword while seeing the character on its body, "Zan (slash)", and he then used the high-tech blade to cleave the machine into pieces saying, "I am Zan." Suddenly, the origami from before changed into a panther where the souls from the device and dying servant converged before changing into a full fledged cat-like creature and taking off with the newly named Zan throughout time.--Zeromaro (talk) 14:56, September 25, 2013 (UTC)

Two Men Reborn

After putting Virgina to bed, Zan and Yumoa decided to discuss the situation.

"So, what exactly are you going to do with her?" Yumoa asked the time traveller.

"I'm not sure," was his reply, "But for some reason I feel the need to protect her, like it was a direct order from a liege lord or something." But Zan had no lord to follow, only himself.

"I need to go back and find her father. I need to find out what's so special about the girl (and perhaps find a key to my own past, he added mentally to himself)." (Anonymius (talk) 15:11, September 25, 2013 (UTC))

Zan swam for the first time through the great ocean of our time: he could see entire civilizations laid out from start to end as one great under water tapestry. He saw the streams of other timelines, the beautiful and horrid ways our societies would go. After a while he spotted a time period that looked familiar to him. He traveled towards it and found himself back in Japan, back to the same village he had been fighting in moments ago. "Ryuunosuke, you're back" he heard someone call and he turned round to find a man with 3 followers walk towards him: Nobunaga.(Amyar (talk) 22:40, September 24, 2013 (UTC))

"So that's my name," Zan/Ryuunosuke said, "That name does feel familiar as do these two swords." He then looks at the bag he left behind after realizing it was also his and finds a journal. Becoming more curious, he started reading the neat handwriting that was his own that chronicled his adventures with Virginia. He then remembers Virginia's face which triggers a flow of memories to come back to him and he smiles. "I'm not using this thing anymore," he said while picking up his duel blades, "I"m Ryuunosuke Kageyama!" Forest Dragon Slayer (talk) 17:51, September 25, 2013 (UTC)

Lord Chataway continued to study the scene through he crystal ball, "What are they doing?" he asked himself, before the orb turned black with murky shadow. Amadeus jumped at the sight, but recollected himself, "Master Mar'riana, what would you ask of me?" An image of an almost daemonic fish appeared in the ball, and it gazed into Amadeus's eyes for a moment before speaking. --CenturyOfChaos (talk) 17:46, September 25, 2013 (UTC)

"You and the Order of Mar'riana will have to deal with him personally," said Mar'riana, "I will find suitable eras to toy with, so that the samurai will meet his end there, and all by your hands, of course." Mar'riana quickly went to work finding eras both separate from and a part of the main timeline, finding suitable eras to fling the samurai to, and suitable demons to send Zan's way. Mar'riana was not going to let some random samurai put an end to his reign of terror in the Seas of Time... --ScorpionTail (talk) 17:52, September 25, 2013 (UTC)

Chataway had to prepare himself. He would have waited a week, but if he was to ever face the samurai then he had to become strong enough. He had his eldest daughter (who alone knew the truth of her parents) take the other one out of the country, telling her to explain that he was feeling ill and needed to be left alone with the servants while he recovered. Drinking from a goblet, which would speed up the rejuvenation process, Chataway started to peel off his old, winkled skin and place it neatly in the bath tub, along with his hair, until he had become a young man in his prime.

"You know what to do with these, Charles," He told his butler, handing the old skin to him. (Anonymius (talk) 18:08, September 25, 2013 (UTC))

"I've got to find Virginia." Ryuunosuke said as he started to look as he did before becoming Zan. "She's in danger for all I know. I promised to protect her and I'm going to keep that promise." "Do you even know when or where she is?" a voice said. "If you want, I can lead you to her." Forest Dragon Slayer (talk) 18:22, September 25, 2013 (UTC)

The Search for Virginia

Hello, people call me Shokuro but I am (...Yes my real name is censored for plot reasons), and I suppose now is a good time to explain some physics; the weird thing about time travel, is its never linear, and, like a river, it dissects itself whenever there is an obstacle, this is called the Alternate Timelines Theory where a time traveler causes a change to happen in his/her timeline, but rather than completely erasing events from happening, they actually still exist to stabilize the new timeline.

Let's go to Ryunosuke and Zan, while they are the same person that doesn't mean that events that have unfolded can't change their fates. Zan came from a timeline where he gained the ability to travel through time through Panther and the "Slayed Dragon" did not appear but he still lost his memories and may never recall them just be told about his past; As for Ryunosuke, in spite of being sent to the time when he became Zan, due to the actions of that armored man and Mar'riana, he fought against that machine and even after losing his memories, he regained his former name after the blade he used to defeat "Slashed Dragon" restored them to their proper place (its a special software from the future).

Ryunosuke is now going to have his fate intertwined with Amadeus Chataway through manipulation by Mar'riana, making him believe that he his former teacher and alternate self is an enemy who abducted the young Virginia. As for the Virginias, well, you'll have to see where the preadolescent Virginia will end up, but the girl I brought back to her own time had a different fate--her father tried to sacrifice her to Mar'riana after he completely lost his sanity. She managed to escape but Mar'riana got what he needed from her, and, after meeting up with her old butler Charles, Virginia went into hiding both to study to become a warrior and to renounce herself as a maiden in order to stop her father's plot and to align with man she never stopped thinking about, Zan.--Zeromaro (talk) 18:53, September 25, 2013 (UTC)

Ryuunosuke followed the voice's directions until he was confronted by a younger, sleeker Amadeus Chataway. "This man will serve as your escort," the voice said, "grab onto him and he will take you to the first step in finding Virginia." The two were sent to the Seas of Time, where images of Virginia flew past Ryuunoske. "Virginia!" he desperately called out, stretching out his arm in a futile attemp to grab at an image. "We need Virginia as much as you do, but right now she is being held captive by this man," the voice said as all the images were replaced by the same image of Zan. --Pikapwn (talk) 20:41, September 25, 2013 (UTC)

After returning to where he had (in his mind, he was sure he had) saved Virginia, Zan attempted to find Chataway. It shouldn't be hard finding an alien in his homeland of Japan, yet he seemed to have disappeared without a trace. Or so it seemed, for Zan was eventually able to find out that a man fitting his description had walked into a nearby town seemingly unharmed. He was eventually able to bribe a tramp into revealing that a 'pale-skinned foreigner with funny eyes' had gone into a seemingly abandoned building where no one ventured across. After approaching the building he was confronted by a couple of intimidating men. "Perhaps you should be on your way," the bigger one warned him. (Anonymius (talk) 20:48, September 25, 2013 (UTC))

Mar'riana, through the lure on his head, could see the perfect adversary for Zan. It was a knight wearing black armor, which the locals of this aborted era called "The Black Knight". Mar'riana would not allow his immortality to be jeopardized by the likes of Zan and Virginia, so he had to act fast. sending the Black Knight into the respective time period that Zan was in, Mar'riana expected much destruction... --ScorpionTail (talk) 21:11, September 25, 2013 (UTC)

Without even drawing his sword, Zan used forms of taijutsu (unarmed combat) to throw the men around. Inside the building, Zan encountered a man in black plated armor he had never seen before and had spoken in a very old manner of speech Zan only partially understood. The man took out a flail and threw the iron ball at Zan which he avoided. The Black Knight held a shield in his other arm as he used his flail in a tricky manner. Compared to that fox, this is nothing. As the chain was on the ground, Zan stepped on it and used the shield to strike the armor which dazed the knight before Zan threw him to the ground and struck a dagger into the open part of his visor.--Zeromaro (talk) 23:02, September 25, 2013 (UTC)

Yuoma stood with one hand gripping his bow, and the other stretched over his back about to grab an arrow. He had intended to help Zan, but he did not even time to move from that position before Zan finished the job. "Wow Zan, looks like your skills are starting to sharpen again. I didn't even have to jump in and save ya," he said with a smirk. "Skills are sharp again?" Shokuro said, appearing from behind, "That's what I've been waiting to hear." --Pikapwn (talk) 02:29, September 26, 2013 (UTC)

"Yumoa!" Zan shouted, "What are you doing here? Who's guarding the girl?" "Relax, Zan," Yumoa told him, "No one even knows where your house is, she's not going anywhere!" Yumoa was wrong, however, as the young Virginia, not happy being held hostage, escaped the house when Yumoa thought she was asleep, only to be captured by agents of the Order of Ma'riana. "Sir," reported one of the men to their resident leader, "We have the star." (Anonymius (talk) 09:09, September 26, 2013 (UTC))

Zan’s sharp senses alerted him of the faint red glow that now emanated from the open visor of the Black Knight’s helmet and the body suddenly stirred on the floor. Only moments later, and to Zan’s amazement, the Knight was on his feet again, and a hoarse laughter echoed through the building. He has some kind of regenerative ability, that will make him hard to kill, Zan thought. "Well done, time traveler, I see you’re not only good at running away, but you’ve got fighting skills as well. I hope you’ll be able to entertain me for a while, before I kill you, Samurai", the Knight stated with a raspy voice. With that, the Black Knight advanced on Zan again, equipped with his flail and shield. Stefan (Shikai - "Rust & Shatter") (talk) 13:36, September 26, 2013 (UTC)

Just a while ago, he was speaking in a way I didn't understand, which means... "Panther!" The large cat creature pounced from behind and grabbed onto the knight's armor while Zan and Panther used their time travel abilities to find some sort of connection between the Black Knight and an unknown entity. Panther devoured the extra dimensional beacon on the Black Knight as he lost consciousness, and then Zan and Panther sent the black knight back to his time. "Well done Zan, but as much as I'd like to exchange blows with you, you should help that girl; she's been captured after she tried to escape." "What, Yumoa this is why I told you to watch her."--Zeromaro (talk) 14:02, September 26, 2013 (UTC)

"Where's Zan now?" Ryuunosuke asked his escort. "We are getting closer so it won't be long before we reach him and Virginia." Ryuunosuke clenched his fists around his swords in anger. "I don't care if he was my teacher or another version of me (because Ryuunosuke remembers his time as Zan); I can't forgive Zan for kidnapping Virginia." From above them, a person was looking with a smirk. "The plan has been put into motion." Forest Dragon Slayer (talk) 14:11, September 26, 2013 (UTC)

"Where is she?" Zan desperately asked Shokoro. "I will give the location to your Panther," he told him, "He will know where to take you." The fox boy placed his two fingers on the bakeneko's head. Zan could tell from his companion's expression that he knew where to go. "Right, let's go Panther!" (Anonymius (talk) 14:31, September 26, 2013 (UTC))

Fight for the Star

The man that the agent of Mar'riana reported to had an intimidating presence about him, and he wore light armor below a long robe. The agent recognized this man, the hooded figure who he saw speaking with Chataway much earlier. "Good," the hooded man said as he stared off into the distance, "bring the star to me." The agent bowed to the man "Yes sir!" The hooded man turned to the agent just before she let the room, "If you or your men find Zan, do not engage, he is far too dangerous for the likes of you." --CenturyOfChaos (talk) 15:17, September 26, 2013 (UTC)

Using a local form of time travel, Zan appeared directly after the agent spoke to the hooded man. He held the agent by the neck until she passed out. I will not kill in front of a child. Virginia came out of hiding, seeing that her captor was not dead. "Are you alright Virgina?" "She is, but you won't be," said Ryunosuke who had just come in to the hideout.--Zeromaro (talk) 15:44, September 26, 2013 (UTC)

"You're that child that I taught swordsmanship to." Zan exclaimed in surprise. "Why did you kidnapp Virginia?" Ryuunosuke asked angrily but as he saw 12 year old Virginia he thought Wait, this must be a younger Virginia during a different time travel. Man, time travel is confusing. But then where is the Virginia I know? Forest Dragon Slayer (talk) 17:11, September 26, 2013 (UTC)

"Quickly Zan!" Chataway urged, "If you defeat this man, then you may yet save Virginia's future!"

"My name is Ryuunosuke!" The younger Zan retorted angrily.

Wait, thought Zan. Why did that man call that kid my name? It was when he studied the boy carefully, that he realised that the key to his past was right in front of him, which also filled him with dread, as he could already tell from looking in the other man's eyes what he was thinking: You can't kill this opponent without endangering the flow of time. (Anonymius (talk) 17:29, September 26, 2013 (UTC))

"Lord Chataway, what a surprise," the hooded man spoke with an almost sarcastic tone. "You will forgive me for not getting the Star to you earlier, but it is impossible to work with the agents I was given." He turns his now undisputed attention to the brewing conflict between Zan and Ryunosuke. --CenturyOfChaos (talk) 17:53, September 26, 2013 (UTC)

Virginia Moves

Deep within the Scottish wilderness, the serenity and silence of Rothiemurchus Forest was broken by sounds of crashes and shouting which thundered all the way from its sprawling meadows and through its petrifying woods up to its looming blue mountains. Near a river bank closer to the mountains then the meadows a seventeen year old girl was wielding shortswords in a duel (Zan had taught her the basics with Katanas but this wasn't Japan), and was on the defensive as another tree came crashing down to the wave of Charles' weapon (a hyper sharpened rapier- Charles' second favorite weapon of his).

"You're not reading my moves, concentrate!" he roared as he thrust the weapon for Virginia's heart.

She crossed both swords just in time to block the attack, but the almost inhuman strength behind it propelled her out of the trees and near enough to the river her whole upper body was submerged. She leaned forward gasping for air and said, "Dammit! Dammit all to hell I'm still not strong enough" she sobbed as Charles emerged from the foliage and walked towards her in a cavalier manner, resting the sword on his shoulder. "Strength is not the only thing that makes a warrior, my lad-" Amyar (talk) 20:23, September 26, 2013 (UTC)

"Charles, there's something that's been bothering me," Virginia wanted answers. "Besides frustration at yourself?" "Yes, who are you really; I know you were a mercenary that participated in the war but the way you move and that rapier you wield is much more advanced than anything during these times." Charles paused before saying, "It seems Yako was right about you, I apologize for keeping this a secret," Charles changed into a purple Hokkaido wolf. "Charles... You're a wolf, wait who is this Yako?"

"I'll answer all your questions," Shokuro came out of hiding, "Yako is my real name (which means wild tiger not spirit fox), this wolf's name is Yushin (nicknamed Jubei), the real Charles Bishop died of heart failure after he helped you escape so I requested the wolf's help to train you, he was exposed to a certain source that allows him to travel through time, and you've one more task before reuniting with Zan."--Zeromaro (talk) 20:00, September 26, 2013 (UTC)

"His real name is Ryuunosuke, not Zan," Virginia said, "He's the same same idiot who followed me through time travel and got stuck in time traveling himself, and it's because he's that much of an idiot that I want to be with him now."

Ryuunosuke screamed with rage, charging at Zan. "Look, stop what you're doing!" Zan shouted at him during one point of their duel when they were pushing their blades against each other, "You don't realize-"

"I realize enough!" Ryuunosuke growled, "And I will save Virginia-san!" (Anonymius (talk) 20:18, September 26, 2013 (UTC))

Two Samurais Collide

"I already promised that I'd protect her no matter what!" Ryuunosuke continued. "She's been alone for so long because of her time traveling and I don't want to abandon her and make her continue to be lonely! That's why I'll fight!" Forest Dragon Slayer (talk) 20:25, September 26, 2013 (UTC)

"I will die if that's what it takes to protect her," Ryuunosuke yelled, with an unshaking conviction, as he was becoming the samurai he had aspired to be.

"I have to stop him without killing him, without wounding him," Zan thought. "I'm sorry young girl, but you will have to wait here just a little longer. Panther!" Zan called out as his loyal companion leapt toward him and Ryuunosuke, and, with a flash of light, the two were transported to the streets of Meiji Era Japan. "Samurai fighting eachother? I thought we'd all have modernized by now." an officer said, as he sent soldiers to confiscate their weapons. --Pikapwn (talk) 20:36, September 26, 2013 (UTC)

Mar'riana watched closely. He knew that there would be no way to deal with Zan unless he used members of his own order. And so, he summoned a few of them, with Amadeus Chataway commanding them. "This had better work...for my sake, at least..." said Mar'riana, growing more frustrated as Zan's presence lingered. --ScorpionTail (talk) 20:44, September 26, 2013 (UTC)

"I will pursue them as well,"said the hooded man as he pushed Chataway to one side, who protested "I never said yo-" The man stopped for a second before interrupting, "That's not your choice to make," before looking at Mar'riana for approval. Chataway, seeing the severity of the situation backed off saying, "Of course, Lord Mar'riana's orders." The hooded man stepped into the middle of the room and plunged his fist into the ground, a whirlpool of water engulfed him but when it dissipated, so had he. He appeared near the two combatants, before quickly killing a few of the soldiers with his bare hands, he gave the officer a cold and frightening look "Stay out of this." --CenturyOfChaos (talk) 20:51, September 26, 2013 (UTC)

While the Hooded Man dealt with the two Zans, Chataway was sent back to the building where the younger Virginia was being kept. "It's all right, child," He told her, "I am a friend of your father's. A relative, even, and I have come to take you home." He offered her his hand. "Come." Virginia so wanted to come, she had had enough of adventure, she wanted to come home; but there was something off about this man, who had the same cold, dead stare her father gained, ever since he came home with that angler fish statue. (Anonymius (talk) 21:18, September 26, 2013 (UTC))

Virginia suddenly stood still and became very scared of this man, and it reminded her of the abuse she had suffered back in her home as a child. Virginia pulled out a dagger she had concealed in here clothes. " What do you really want", she said to him. He looked at her with the same cold dead stare. OmegaHideki (talk) 22:02, September 26, 2013 (UTC)

Mar'riana grew impatient, and he could feel his influence on the ocean of time waning. The star of Amaterasu (goddess of the sun) is a gem, which she once blessed with the incredible powers to touch the fabric of time and creation (like she could) to be used if ever she was absent. One day, one of her disciples dropped the star into the waters near China, and a fish happened upon it and swallowed it. The power of the star warped that fish, and it eventually become the powerful adversary we know as Mar'riana. During a battle between Mar'riana and Amaterasu and her disciples, Mar'riana lost and was petrified in stone (with the star still inside him). Many years later, Amadeus happened upon Mar'riana's stone body and took it home out of an unknown compulsion (brought on by the star). Amyar (talk) 23:10, September 26, 2013 (UTC)

Yumoa stood off in the distance in cover watching the two Zan's battling the Hooded man, as he initially had backed away when the two Zan's had been dueling. However, he also saw another man going towards walking off in the distance whom Yumoa considered following. After debating to himself for a few seconds, he readied his bow, drew an arrow, and fired in one quick, fluid motion, striking the hooded man straight in the unarmored part of his neck. Rather than trying to assess what just happened, both Zans readied to continue their own duel, but they quickly jumped away from one another after a flaming arrow collided between them, exploding the instant it hit the ground. "You should not be interrupting a duel between samurai's," the older Zan said. "I figured finding Virginia take priority over that, since apparently this girl is so important to both of you," Yumoa replied instantly, which allowed the two Zans to look at one another, pending the proposition of making a truce. --Ezvil (talk) 22:17, September 26, 2013 (UTC)

"Amaterasu, that wench," growled Mar'riana impatiently, "It would seem that your chosen warrior is doing too well. But not to worry. The Order of Mar'riana will utterly destroy him soon enough..." --ScorpionTail (talk) 22:21, September 26, 2013 (UTC)

"My swords may have been taken away, but I did not train to become a samurai with out mastering jujitsu! I will render you unconscious before you can harm Virginia," yelled Ryuunosuke as he tried to hurl Zan to the ground. "You must listen to Yuoma's words, and accept a truce so we can save the young woman I was with," Zan replied. "Keep calm and trust me, and I can take you to her. We must fight together if she is truly to be saved." "Speaking of that young woman who possesses a special power," Yuoma added, "aren't either of you curious of how I got to this time?" --Pikapwn (talk) 23:56, September 26, 2013 (UTC)

"Whether or not, here is the answer," a woman came up to the dueling samurai wearing a mix of English and Japanese clothing and weaponry before another Panther came to her side and she let down her hood. "Who are you wretch?" Scorned Ryunosuke. "You are," Zan noticed, "Virginia, you look and act different, but I can still tell it's you." "What has this man done to your past self?" "Ryunosuke, this was my choice after you and I split up not Zan's; and you can't fight him, he's you, or at least what you were supposed to become."--Zeromaro (talk) 03:07, September 27, 2013 (UTC)

"I sort of figured that, I'm just glad you're safe," Ryuunosuke said with a smile to Virginia's surprise. "But didn't you have a look of scorn on you earlier Ryuunosuke?" Virginia asked. "That's because at first I thought that man had changed you completely, but now I see that you didn't really change much on the inside." "You really are an idiot," Virginia said with a blush. "See, you're still you." Forest Dragon Slayer (talk) 04:55, September 27, 2013 (UTC)

"Well, this is all very touching," the hooded man spluttered as he pulled the tip of the arrow out of his neck. "But I'm afraid the star must come with me now," he drew a Katana and used a vial of strange water to heal his neck wound. Before attacking however, a voice flew through the air "Do not bother yourself with them anymore Fuzen, you have done well."

"B-but master, I can end this, now!" The Hooded Fuzen pointed his blade straight at the two Zans.

"No, return to me now... I have another use for you," there was no fighting the will of Mar'riana, Fuzen had to comply. He impaled the ground with his Katana, creating a whirlpool and sending it flying towards the group, forcing them to recoil, but before they could react, Fuzen was gone. --CenturyOfChaos (talk) 06:58, September 27, 2013 (UTC)

The Star

"The Star..." Zan repeated. He turned to Virginia, "Why does he keep calling you that?" "I'm not sure myself," Virginia replied, "But from what I learnt from my father, or at least the thing serving that fish god that's possessing my father, the star or the star of the heavens is supposed to be some kind of goddess, an infant princess who was snatched from Heaven and dragged to Earth. A fallen star, if you will, that has been encased in human flesh, and once fully grown needs to be sacrificed to Mar'riana to give the him power of both Heaven and Earth from the child of both Heaven and Earth." "To do what?" Ryuunosuke asked. "To plunge from Heaven and Earth back into the primeval waters from whence they came." (Anonymius (talk) 07:50, September 27, 2013 (UTC))

"To make matters worse, my father and Mar'riana already extracted the gem from me after a certain fox brought me back to that forsaken place, but he's not going to stop with just one Star. That fish is planning on taking stars from across different timelines including from my younger self."

"And you might want to travel back post-haste," Yako was behind them, "this Virginia's father has already met the younger one and is trying to bring her to the angler."

"We need to go back, Panther!" Virginia got on the back of the alternate Panther before saying, "Just to avoid questions later this cat was supposed to go to Ryunosuke when he became Zan, but he ended up becoming my partner and in a way I became Zan instead of him."--Zeromaro (talk) 14:14, September 27, 2013 (UTC)

"I'm going with you, I told you I'd stick with you and I'm going to keep that promise." Ryuunosuke said jumping on the panther before Virginia could say anything and she just nodded before starting the time travel process. Zan got on his own Panther to follow after them and after a flash of light, they disappeared. Forest Dragon Slayer (talk) 14:53, September 27, 2013 (UTC)

Yumoa was scratching his head, trying to figure out what exactly was going on, realizing only that the two Zans and this other Virginia were leaving, potentially without him. At the very last moment before the flash, he grasped the tail of the panther and went with them. Because he wasn't actually riding the panther, Yumoa had a much rougher journey than his companions. As they departed, a short, grey-bearded man clad in robes watched as the panther disappeared. The very large hat on his head covered much of his face, although one could still see a hint of a smile on his face. The old man began laughing as he tapped the katana on his belt, saying, "In all my years I've thought I'd seen everything, guess I was wrong." --Ezvil (talk) 15:56, September 27, 2013 (UTC)

Chataway frowned.

"You dare draw a weapon against your own father, child?"

Young Virginia gasped as she felt her body become paralyzed. As if something was controlling her actions, her right hand slowly moved away against her will and dropped the knife.


"Yes." (Anonymius (talk) 16:00, September 27, 2013 (UTC))

Mar'riana began to think about his plan. Why drag all of Earth into the murk of the Dark Trench? It sounded like a fruitless endeavor; however, a new idea came to him. He would take all of the alternate eras and events in the current, and put them in the main timeline. This would cause so much temporal chaos that time would be forced to start over, and Mar'riana would be looked upon as a god. Needless to say, Mar'riana really liked the idea... --ScorpionTail (talk) 16:11, September 27, 2013 (UTC)

A New Monster Is Born

"You may be our father, but you are dead to me," the older Virginia struck Chataway with the back of her sword, knocking him out. "Are you alright, younger Virginia?" Ryunosuke asked. "We have a problem," Zan appeared on Panther, "I've looked into Chataway but there were none of those ties between him and Mar'riana like with the Black Knight; neither was he tricked or manipulated, he served that demon of his own free will." Yako watched from the Sea of Time, "Everything is in place, time for a little fishing." Yako found Mar'riana, strangely the fish was terrified of the fox's presence and cried out, "No it can't be, you were sealed ages ago!" Before Mar'riana could run or attack Yako drew his red backed katana Guren, swiftly making him into sashimi pieces while the fish's glowing orb dropped onto Chataway, giving the madman overwhelming power.--Zeromaro (talk) 16:39, September 27, 2013 (UTC)

"What's happening to him?" young Virginia said worriedly hiding behind Zan. "This doesn't look good," Ryuunosuke said as they pulled out their respective weapons and prepared for combat. "Now that I have this power, none of you will be able to defeat me!" Chataway exclaimed evilly as the power he received transformed him into a enormous monster. Forest Dragon Slayer (talk) 19:22, September 27, 2013 (UTC)

Everyone was horrified at what they were looking at. Chataway had turned into a giant, bright green snake with a hundred spiked tails and a hundred heads as tall as skyscrapers. He had spikes protruding from his backs and his eyes were glowing red. Suddenly the ground stared to rumble.

"What is this?" Ryuunosuke asked.

They were shocked to see the a tear in reality in the sky. (Anonymius (talk) 19:29, September 27, 2013 (UTC))

The fabric of time and space itself was being opened as inside the tear multiple images of multiples times, past and present flashed through. "My father really is gone," Virginia said with a serious face. "It's okay Virginia," Ryuunosuke replied, hugging her. "No time for hugging," said Yumoa quickly. Zan responded saying "Yumoa's right; we got other problems on our hand." As Zan said that one of Chataway's heads quickly came crashing down unexpectedly in an insanely fast attack at all of them.
DragonKnight99 the DK FB New
21:34, September 27, 2013 (UTC)

"Oh great, I want to fight that monster too, there are never any good fighters lately," Yako was sitting on a special ship. "Yako, don't you think this was a little extreme," the purple wolf Yushin went to join his companion on deck, "it looks like you've only endangered the timelines even more." "This was bound to happen with or without my assistance, and whether anyone likes it or not, Chataway is the prey of the people who became Zan."

"I no longer need you, child!" One of Chataway's heads snapped at the young Virginia, she was protected by Ryunosuke who ended up getting swallowed himself. Don't worry, they're not dead; they're in another reality created by the monster Chataway.--Zeromaro (talk) 22:22, September 27, 2013 (UTC)

Zan had watched that moment pass without movement, his allies all looked to him for guidance, though what they saw next from him baffled all of their understanding. Zan stood there, his body ripping in two, sliding away from itself before sliding back and rejoining before ripping and separating again. They could not tell but he now battled with something completely out of his or their control. The rip in time and reality had broken and yet something else was occuring at the same time, the moment Chataways head had snapped forward at Ryunosuke, Zan was caught in limbo, time moved so slow yet Zan moved even slower, so slow that it would take him ten years to move his finger even an inch. Large fissures began to crack at the earth surrounding his feet, suddenly and rapidly Zan was pulled by a force deep into the earth until he reached a space in time he'd never reached before. A clear white space as far as the eye could see surrounded him. --Deathcloud (talk) 11:21, September 28, 2013 (UTC)

"You know, I was going to sacrifice you to Mar'riana," the snake monster told his 'daughter', "but now that I have his power I guess we've cut some of the red tape, and once I consume you, the child of Heaven and Earth and add your power to the star I already have in my belly, I will use your lifeforce to suck all of existence into the abyss."

"But you already have the star!" Virginia shouted at him, "The gem I mean!"

"Foolish child," The snake monster replied, "that was just a stone. The star, the star of the heavens, the fallen star is you, princess, daughter of the sun goddess, snatched from your celestial crib by my brethren to be given a new life on Earth, and we have been waiting for you to reach adulthood so that your life force can be used to drag all of creation back into the void, TO BE CRUSHED BY DARKNESS, AND I WILL HAVE YOU!" Another one of his heads lunged at her. (Anonymius (talk) 12:05, September 28, 2013 (UTC))

"Time to make a decision, Yako," said Yushin who, despite momentarily being startled by the unusual phenomenon manifesting in the now unmoving Zan, turned his head once more to his companion who he knows that a challenge like this is something that the latter craves for. "If we don't take this beast down, we won't have the gather enough forces for a counterattack." Yet, Yako remains quiet, as if gauging his strength as an exceptional warrior with the horrendous beast before them.

Moments later, Yako sighed and said, "Well, well... we'd eventually be dragged into this mess somehow." Unsheathing Guren hanging by his waist, Yako steps forward to his most challenging foe yet to face, and Yushin is relieved that Yako hasn't turned tail before Chataway's new form. He himself prepares himself for a beatdown, cracking his knuckles and stretching his muscles about. heraldofmeridian♣ 15:10, September 28, 2013 (UTC)

Ryuunosuke kept slashing at whatever was around him trying to get out. After a while, he grew tired and decided to stop for a bit. "You doing okay there younger Virginia?" he said to the girl that was a couple feet away from him. "The girl could only nod as she was still scared of the situation she was in. "Don't worry, I'll get us out of here in no time!" Forest Dragon Slayer (talk) 15:37, September 28, 2013 (UTC)

Champions of the Goddess

Yako appeared carrying Zan under arm, "Chataway, before you devour your daughter allow me to enlighten you on a few things." Chataway was too afraid to fight the one who easily slew Mar'riana and listened, "There's a reason why Zan and this Virginia are able to cross time and space and its not just the panthers it's the shards from the sun goddess' original gem that Mar'riana stole."

The original gemstone broke into pieces which became implanted on several individuals across the multiple timelines, several shards went to different interpretations of Virginia. A more drastic implantation was caused when some of those Virginia's gave up their shards as a cry for help which implanted themselves onto the Ryunosuke that became Zan, the event caused Zan to completely lose his memories of his past but filled him and his counterparts with the desire to protect the person calling out for help, as a result both persons became intertwined with each other. Zan and Virginia had recalled memories of their counterparts from the shards they had left in them after the rest were stolen from them by Chataway, they could even see their younger selves still alive in another reality with Ryunosuke continuing to protect the young Virginia.

"You're their prey so I refuse to slay you, but I will leave with a parting gift," Yako made a fist and with a powerful blow that surpassed space and time shattered the gem shards implanted into Chataway weakening him before saying, "Zan, Virginia, finish him," and disappearing as Zan and Virginia took each other's hand as a sign of companionship ready to finish Chataway.--Zeromaro (talk) 15:41, September 28, 2013 (UTC)

Mar'riana's body began to pulsate. It was starting to revive itself. So long as Mar'riana was in the Seas of Time, and so long as their was time in general, Mar'riana would live forever. Seemingly stronger than ever, he absorbed the power of the star, surprising everyone. He also absorbed Chataway, making them one entity, although Mar'riana was mentally in control. This was going to be a very climactic battle... --ScorpionTail (talk) 15:58, September 28, 2013 (UTC)

Having been watching in silent shock, unable to move for the longest time, Yumoa finally gathered his wits and drew his longbow. He knew anything he tried would do minimal damage to this monstrosity, but if he could draw its attention for long enough, Zan and Virginia could hopefully strike Mar'riana down. He fire one arrow at the beast, which surprisingly still struck into the beast, although it caused no other visible damage. Mar'riana roared a terrifying cry and swung straight at Yumoa, who dodge at just the right moment, quickly firing one of his exploding arrows next. "Go now and..." Yumoa began to shout to Zan and Virginia, but quickly he stopped due to a crushing force striking him straight in the ribs straight in the chest, sending him flying. The beast had recovered much faster than he had anticipated. --Ezvil (talk) 16:28, September 28, 2013 (UTC)

However, Mar'riana was not prepared for his body turning green, and snake-like tails growing out of his body as well as snake heads.

"Do no think that you can be rid of me that easily, you traitor!" The monster Chataway snarled.

Zan and Virginia screamed as they charged at the monster, swords raised. His heads raised, as they started to roar the mouths seemed to be gathering darkness and condensing it into a ball.

"Mouth of the Abyss!"

The snake heads shot out large streams of dark energy at the heroes, with Zan pushing Virginia out of the way for her safety. (Anonymius (talk) 16:32, September 28, 2013 (UTC))

"This fight is dragging on too long, we'll never defeat this monster at this rate." As Zan got off of Virginia, the dark voids from the last attack began to expand. "Zan, the timelines will be erased if those voids keep growing we have to destroy this monster now; oh what am I saying Mar'riana and that monster of father are tied to the time stream, how can we stop it?" "By putting it in a place where time and space does not exist," the wolf Yushin appeared, "a black hole." Zan and Virginia were confused, the concept might have been made in 1796, but it wasn't accepted until Einstein's theory in 1915. "There's no time to explain, but it's the only way to seal this creature forever, without time or space it will degrade into nothingness with no chance of ever coming back."--Zeromaro (talk) 17:18, September 28, 2013 (UTC)

Mar'riana's Final Defeat

The sun began shining a bit brighter than usual at that moment. In a brilliant flash of light, Zan could feel the powers of suns and stars flowing through him. "I, Amaterasu, grant you the power to defeat Mar'riana," said the voice of Amaterasu, "Defeat "Mar'riana, the Fading Light", and restore order to time and space!" With this new power, Zan rushed in to defeat Mar'riana, who now gained full control over his body. --ScorpionTail (talk) 17:28, September 28, 2013 (UTC)

Zan lunged straight at Mar'riana, slicing each snake head as it tried to stop him from gaining distance. One head nearly got Zan, but Yumoa, despite his broken rips, managed to fire another arrow before collapsing back to the ground in pain. Zan moved faster than the speed of sound and light, slicing and cutting down Mar'riana into thousands of pieces, quickly dodging any potential counter attack the monster threw at him. He was knocked back a time or two, but it did not stop him from continuing his onslaught. --Ezvil (talk) 18:11, September 28, 2013 (UTC)

"What the heck is this?" Ryuunosuke said in surprise as he felt power course through his body. "Well, if it can help me get back to Virginia (Present one), I'll take it!" He then channeled the energy into his swords and with a burst of light, he slashed through the darkness before grabbing younger Virginia and jumping out back to Zan and Virginia. "It's time for the real fight to start." He said ready to help Zan and Virginia in combat. Forest Dragon Slayer (talk) 18:17, September 28, 2013 (UTC)

"NO!" The Chataway snake heads roared unaniminously, their shriek terrible, "I WILL NOT BE DEFEATED BY A MERE INSECT! BREATH OF THE VOID!" The snake heads breathed out darkness that threatened to engulf the world. As Zan got caught in it, it felt like it would crush him as if he was in a black hole. But powered by the light of the sun goddess, he sliced through the darkness before performing a vertical slice against what he considered the main Chataway head, which fought the least and talked the most, which shrieked as the light pierced it. (Anonymius (talk) 18:20, September 28, 2013 (UTC))

Mar'riana was being relentlessly cut to tinier and tinier piece by The intense light, but with each cut Mar'riana would just be reborn again. "I can use Amatarsu's power to keep him subdued, but unless I remain cutting at him forever, he won't be stopped!" Virginia thought to herself, trying to think of a way to make a black hole, which she interpreted as a vessel to trap Mar'riana, along with his space and time. "I need to help Zan, but how. Maybe--the statue!" --Pikapwn (talk) 18:23, September 28, 2013 (UTC)

With Chataway being destroyed by the intense light, Mar'riana attempted to summon all of his strength into one powerful technique. He attempted to drag the entire timeline into the murky depths of the Dark Trench! However, something was wrong. Mar'riana could feel his body becoming petrified, and if it were becoming stone. "WHAT IS GOING ON?!" bellowed Mar'riana. Meanwhile, Zan got his final attack ready, using the statue for Mar'riana's eternal prison... --ScorpionTail (talk) 18:30, September 28, 2013 (UTC)

"Let's do this, other me!" Ryuunosuke said to Zan who nodded. They began to combine their power of light to trap Mar'riana into the statue. The power of light began to charge into their swords before they fired it at the enemy. Forest Dragon Slayer (talk) 18:34, September 28, 2013 (UTC)

Mar'riana screamed as he was engulfed by the light, fading as he was absorbed into the statue, which ironically would be his petrified form in the future fighting the sun goddess, a future he saw in the seas of time that he hoped to change by absorbing Virginia's life and reviving his petrified form. The heroes seemed to have won, however the tears in space and time remained. True some had closed, but others remained.

"I don't get it," Ryuunosuke remarked, "we defeated Mar'riana and Chataway, so why haven't the tears closed?"

"Those tears weren't caused by Mar'riana or Chataway," Zan realised, "This is the result of a paradox, and no before you ask the universe doesn't care if two versions of the same person meet but it does care if the older version kills the younger one." (Anonymius (talk) 18:42, September 28, 2013 (UTC))

"Older kills the younger," Ryunosuke was more confused, "but you're not trying to kill me and the younger Virginia is safe." "Before you tackle each other's brains, remember what my colleague said earlier," everyone turned to see Yako, "a black hole contains no space or time, since Mar'riana or whatever this creature would be called now can regenerate power through time (actually through his counterparts throughout time) Mar'riana will cease to exist and be erased from existence. It should stop the paradoxes but not all of them, that part's a job for the Zan previously known as Ryunosuke and the Zan called Virginia (no last name having abandoned it, Zan in a mythic language means time-keeper)."

"Then there's only one thing to do, Panther!" As Zan's companion pounced so to did Virginia and her panther to pull off the ordeal together with the original Zan. Together they pushed Mar'riana's statue to before the event horizon people call the 'Big Bang' (or maybe some other model and event), with no counterparts or time to feed off, Mar'riana crumbled away both from the intense gravity and starvation (Zan and Virginia survived because Zans can remain out of time and live indefinitely), but Zan and Virginia's journey was far from over because there was still the older kills younger paradox so Ryunosuke remained with the younger Virginia to protect her while the paired Zan worked together to fix the paradoxes that threaten the balance of time.--Zeromaro (talk) 19:50, September 28, 2013 (UTC)

Paradox Bite

Yumoa sat alone back in his house in his own time staring out the window. He was no natural time traveler, so the older Zan had told him it was best for him to return back home while the paradoxes were repaired. While his ribs were still recovering, Yumoa was now able to move around pretty normally again. Everything seemed to be normal, although suddenly Yumoa heard a knock at his door, noticing it was the random old man with the hat and katana from before. The old man lifted his hat, showed Yumoa a serious expression, and handed him a odd artifact before vanishing, causing Yumoa to jump back suddenly, saying in panic, "Damn it I gotta find Zan!" --Ezvil (talk) 01:17, September 29, 2013 (UTC)

Back with Ryuunosuke and Virginia, they were still where we last left them. It was there that Ryuunosuke remembered something which made him facepalm. "I can't believe I forgot my promise to stay by older Virginia's side! I'll have to show them that they can't shake me so easily! Younger Virginia, let's go, I have my own way to follow them." He then takes out a piece of paper with symbols and after saying some chants, there was a bright light that engulfed the two people taking them to their counterparts. Forest Dragon Slayer (talk) 03:48, September 29, 2013 (UTC)

Zan and Virginia had tried their best to close the rift cause by a paradox, but it still would not closed: if anything, it just got bigger. All of a sudden, the two startled time travelers were looking at a being who had come out of nowhere, rolling with laughter.

When Zan demanded to know who it was, the being replied, "Oh, I'm just an inter-dimensional being who wanted to get into this collaborative world before time was up, and to mock you as well. Some fixers of paradoxes you two turned out to erasing Mar'riana from existence, you've just made everything worse because without Mar'riana, Virginia's soul would have never been pulled from her heaven in the first place and given new life here on Earth. Without her or Mar'riana, you would have never become Zan in the first place by fighting that robot or getting the panther. Since you two never existed or became what you are now, the people who would have stopped Mar'riana in the first place, you haven't resolved the paradox, YOU'VE JUST MADE IT WORSE AHAHAHAHAAHHAAHAAAAA!" (Anonymius (talk) 09:03, September 29, 2013 (UTC))

"Don't listen to him," Ryunosuke appeared with the young Virginia, "because this man doesn't know what he's talking about; it was your duty to eliminate Mar'riana, that included erasing him from existence, the goddess who gave you your power knew that. Zan are able to exist outside of time after all even if their origins are changed/erased and a paradox follows. I know this because she told me that she had already sent the soul that would become Virginia to the mortal plane by the time I met her and she already had shards from her original magatama gem sent down to another Ryunosuke who would become Zan after losing his memories as a side effect if things went wrong. There are actually two elements at work for causing this paradox: myself and the young Virginia's father. Myself because I time traveled so much without being a Zan and because I still feel bound to my promise to the present Virginia since it is a samurai's code of honor to serve his lord until the end of either life; as for Virginia's father, well, he inherited his future self's memories and with his present wife tried to exploit his daughter's powers for his own benefit which is why I'm still protecting her."

"Ryunosuke," said present Virginia, "I never wanted to abandon you or choose between you and Zan, but the truth is after becoming a Zan myself I'm stuck in this form for the rest of available eternity, so please be less like a samurai and more like a person, especially for my younger self since you will need to continue protecting her once the paradox closes."--Zeromaro (talk) 13:42, September 29, 2013 (UTC)

Ryuunosuke Kageyama

Ryuunosuke looking at Virginia, listening to her

"Virginia I respect you and all, but you can't just expect me to be less like a samurai when I've had the dream of becoming a samurai my whole life and now I finally get to be one!," exclaimed Ryuunosuke. "But alright Virginia, be like that!" Ryuunosuke said in angry manner walking away with a younger Virginia while a tear dropped from his eye. "Ryuunosuke, I didn't mean it like that!" yelled Virginia as she reached out her hand towards him. "It's one thing to tell a person to help; but to crush his samurai will is a different story," said Zan calmly. "To be honest, any will in general is a different story..."
DragonKnight99 the DK FB New
16:03, September 29, 2013 (UTC)

Mar'riana's final commands echoed through Fuzen's head as he walked up the frozen steps: "If I fall, the Sea of Time will have no one to guide it, time would tear, and chaos would engulf all." Fuzen knelt and clenched his chest, the voice came again: "The Sea must have a guardian, a ruler..." He stood up and stared at the great throne lying before him, he violently drew his Katana and plunged it into the mark of Mar'riana lying just in front of the throne. Suddenly, the symbol began to shift and change, it was no longer a daemonic fish, but a twisted 6 pointed star with a flame in the center. Fuzen sat upon the throne and smiled to himself, his body now overflowing with power, he looked into a crystal ball and saw the victorious heroes, "Enjoy your victory while you can, for even if it takes me until the end of all things, your time will too run out." --CenturyOfChaos (talk) 16:11, September 29, 2013 (UTC)

Zan pondered over what Ryuunosuke told him earlier, which seemed to make no sense since some of what he said contradicted what he already knew. From what he told him, it was the sun goddess who sent Virginia to Earth, yet Chataway claimed that it was agents of Mar'riana who were responsible for the star's fall to the Earthly plane. He also seemed to mention that Chataway was alive, yet he was dead, and talked about another version of him in a different timeline. He kept talking about timelines plural, like the fox, which went against everyone Zan knew which told him there was only ever one timeline. If alternate timelines could exist then there would be no such thing as paradoxes because if such a contradiction happened (like killing your past self or ancestor or deliberately changing history) then a new timeline should be created along with the previous one. There was something he needed to check, something he had suspected for a long time. (Anonymius (talk) 16:24, September 29, 2013 (UTC))

"Zan!" A voice shouted. Zan, interrupted from thought, turned over his shoulder to see Yumoa sprinting towards him. "Yumoa, how and why in the world are you here?" Zan asked. "This thing brought me here and is why I'm here," he replied, showing Zan the unknown dark artifact the old man had given him earlier, causing both Zan and Virginia to jump back in shock and terror. Before Zan and Virginia could ask him where he got the item, Yumoa explained to them how a random old man showed up to his house and gave him the item, giving him the impression the item be brought to Zan. "Yumoa, do you have any idea what this is?!" Zan asked loudly, but Yumoa shook his head, causing Virginia to explain everything to him about the artifact and about Zan's current condition. --Ezvil (talk) 18:59, September 29, 2013 (UTC)

Zan, Samurai of Time

Zan inspected the dark stone and could tell this was (or would have been) Mar'riana's special stone and that the emblem was actually the personal symbol of those who have fallen in the deep trenches of the Sea of Time and lost their sanity. Upon time traveling and going deeper into details, the group find that the man called Fuzen was originally Lord Amadeus Chataway who along with his current wife tried to exploit their Virginia for nefarious purposes, but were repelled by her immense hidden power with Chataway ending up in the place that was used by Mar'riana. With or without Mar'riana made no difference now, feeding on the despair of timelines that prematurely ended gave Chataway power; with Mar'riana gone he now had the full domain to himself and the power that came with it.

"There's something I don't understand though," Yumoa spoke, "If this Fuzen really is what we've seen why did he give me this and just mock you later?" "Because that stone is the key to darkest parts of the Sea of Time," Zan inspected the events further, "Which became the burial ground for others who had the title Zan. He's taunting us, believing he's untouchable now; but he'll be proven wrong one way or another," Virginia gave her partner a look of concern as he said that.--Zeromaro (talk) 01:03, September 30, 2013 (UTC)

Comfortable in the Seas of Time, Fuzen could hear all of the samurai and stars' words, all of their thoughts. He chuckled as he listened to Zan's thought process earlier. "Yes Zan, you were right," Fuzen said to himself with a grin, "paradoxes cannot be caused by simply meeting with or killing a past self. The "paradoxes" are a side effect of the Order of Mar'riana. The moment they sensed their leader would be defeated, their focus changed. No longer able to carry out Mar'riana's original plan, they become the Order of Paradox: a reformed organization without a leader that now exists only to cause rips in Time known as paradoxes" --Pikapwn (talk) 01:30, September 30, 2013 (UTC)

"It'd be bad if the rips spread around." Ryuunosuke said. "Any ideas on how to stop it? This is why time travel confuses me even now with all of these paradoxes and timelines." Forest Dragon Slayer (talk) 04:00, September 30, 2013 (UTC)

"These are not the questions we must ask," said Zan. "The question is whether we face the challenge before us, or not."

Zan entered the void of time, again drifting, fighting the current. Excitement quelled his fear, while his trust in Panther steadied his passage. They arrived, and he opened his eyes. Before him lied the fortress of the Shadow Clan.

--B-642 (talk) 07:01, September 30, 2013 (UTC)

Around this time Zan learnt that sometime before his arrival in Victorian London the timeline had been shattered by an unknown phenomenon, which explained all of the contradictions that kept happening, why people gave conflicting information, how one person's conversation suddenly changed direction, or even why the laws of time themselves were in flux. The being he and Virginia encountered earlier, calling himself the overseer, explained that reality had been shattered into at least twenty different timelines with Zan jumping to a different one around every minute or so. He also explained that, on the whole, the timelines had been synchronizing well, all following the main course of events, but even that is now threatened by the revelation that the hooded man Fuzen is the dead Lord Chataway.

However, he told him that at some point today the timeline should become unified once more, and he also helped heal the rifts in time and space caused by the paradoxes of Mar'riana being erased from existence and Chataway dying at a point in time before he tried sacrificing the older Virginia. After fixing the rifts in time and space, the overseer disappeared, but Fuzen and the Order of Mar'riana were still a threat and were likely still to attempt to create more paradoxes in order to rip time and space. Facing the fortress of the Shadow Clan, readying his faithful companion Panther, Zan drew out his sword before roaring as they charged the fortress, hoping to end Mar'riana's legacy at last. (Anonymius (talk) 07:39, September 30, 2013 (UTC))

Zan’s senses suddenly alerted him that he was being watched, but as he spied the area around the fortress he saw no signs of movement. The soft sound of wing flaps made him look up, and he spotted several dark forms, flying toward the group. As the creatures came closer, the rhytmical sound of their wings grew heavier and heavier, until they were pounding the air supporting them. The beasts looked like oversized, three-headed wolves, sporting large leathery wings and long, scaled, whip-like tails. On their backs, riding the creatures, were hooded men, armed with long lances, as well as swords to be used if the lances were shattered. “Here they come, get ready to meet their charge!”, Zan shouted to his companions. Stefan (Shikai - "Rust & Shatter") (talk) 12:50, September 30, 2013 (UTC)

"Bring it on you freaks of nature!" Ryuunosuke exclaimed as he drew his swords. Zan and Virginia drew their weapons as well and got ready to fight. They then charged in swinging their weapons destroying as many as possible. It seemed that nothing could stop them. Forest Dragon Slayer (talk) 14:29, September 30, 2013 (UTC)

"We're wasting time with these monsters!" Exclaimed Virginia. The army only seemed to grow bigger with beasts appearing from several timelines. "There are too many of them, we have to get to Fuzen to end this." A powerful blow of immense force blew back the armies, "I'll handle this, you get to the madman." Yako appeared and drawing his weapon Guren unleashed another powerful blow onto the armies.--Zeromaro (talk) 15:00, September 30, 2013 (UTC)

Within his hall, Fuzen sat on his throne. Hearing the commotion outside, he chuckled. "Perhaps it's time that I join the battlefield myself?" he wondered to himself, standing up and drawing his large sword. Lady Chataway appeared out of nowhere. "No, let me deal with them, my love," she offered. "Very well." (Anonymius (talk) 15:06, September 30, 2013 (UTC))

Fuzen's True Face

Fuzen, unhappy with letting his servants doing all the work, phased outside the temple, just as Yako was finishing off the last beast. Yako, overconfident in his abilities charged at Fuzen, expecting him to fall as easily as Mar'riana, but, to Yako's surprise, his attack was not only repelled, but he had a large gash across his chest! As he fell to the floor, Yako cried "How is this possible? Surely a servant of Mar'riana such as Chataway could never-"

"I am not truly Chataway," the hooded man interrupted "Despite what those zealots would have you believe." He turns to face Yako, "I was created when the first Chataway in the original timeline failed Mar'riana. My master tried to possess Chataway only to end in a cataclysmic failure, I was born from that reaction, that chaos." --CenturyOfChaos (talk) 16:13, September 30, 2013 (UTC)

The hooded man then paused, raising his hand to catch the arrow Yumoa shot at him while still looking at Yako. "Hah! Did you really think that would..." the hooded man began to laugh, until the arrow suddenly exploded in his face, sending him spiraling to the ground. However, the hooded man got up quickly, charging straight at Yumoa with immense quickness, shrugging off the other arrow Yumoa shot at him. The hooded man swung down to slice Yumoa, but he found his blade stopped by a katana owned by a short, old man with a large hat. "Elder, how did you get..." Yumoa began to ask, until he finally guessed who this man was, saying, "Wait, you're not ANOTHER Zan aren't you?" "Not exactly," the old man replied with a smile, before quickly adding, "Now go help your friends, I can handle this one." --Ezvil (talk) 16:57, September 30, 2013 (UTC)

Zan, Ryuunosuke, and Virginia were becoming exhausted from the seemingly never ending row of monsters. "We can't keep this up much longer," Virginia said as the three of them went back to back to back. "I know that but it doesn't really change the fact that we're surrounded!" Ryunosuke replied. Then all of a sudden, Yumoa charged in and started making a gap in the crowd of monsters. "Let's get moving!" he said as the group began to escape from the monsters. Forest Dragon Slayer (talk) 17:10, September 30, 2013 (UTC)

Zan raised his blade to fell another demon. Before his strike connected, a soft breeze filled the air---the demon shattered into thousands of pieces, scattered like leaves in the wind. The breeze became a gust, and his cursed brethren joined him, forming a carpet of blood. A woman in a crimson cloak stood at its end.

Her voice cut the air, "Warriors, your skills need not be wasted on such filth. If you seek the right to challenge my master, it must be earned from me."

--B-642 (talk) 17:16, September 30, 2013 (UTC)

Zan roared as he charged at Lady Chataway, with sword in hand. The woman chuckled, as she raised her finger. "Energy orb!" She shrieked, as a purple ball of energy ejected from her hand. The startled Zan only barely dodged it, falling to the ground. The ball caused a huge explosion when it impacted. The woman smiled. (Anonymius (talk) 17:21, September 30, 2013 (UTC))

"Kyahaha," Lady Chataway cackled, is the explosion threw Zan across the floor. "Is that all it takes to defeat the warrior of time?"

"Mother!" Virginia angrily lashed out at the lady-turned-demon. "All this time you've been using me as well! At least father tried to act as a parent, but you only treated me coldly. Go Zan, defeat Fuzen, and I will defeat this beast," Virginia called out as Zan rushed past Lady Chataway and Virginia began her final battle. --Pikapwn (talk) 20:14, September 30, 2013 (UTC)

"Do you mind if I cut in?" Ryuunosuke said as he readied to fight. "I already promised you that I'd stick by your side no matter what happens. Whether you like it or not, I'm helping you out." "You've always been an idiot even now but you're the good kind." Virginia said with a smile. The two then charged at Lady Chataway and fought with all of their might. In the end, they defeated her with a combined attack that was strengthened from their bond. Forest Dragon Slayer (talk) 20:21, September 30, 2013 (UTC)

The battle lasted mere minutes, but with every second both men were in danger of falling, and Fuzen's relentless assault was only barely repelled by the old man. Again and again they clashed, until Fuzen had enough. "I will not be beaten by some old man!" he shouted as he warped time around him. The old man, unable to get his bearings, was quickly dispatched, and Fuzen laughed and held his Katana high, ready for the final strike. "None can stand before me now!" --CenturyOfChaos (talk) 21:04, September 30, 2013 (UTC)

Just as he was about to kill him, however, Zan stepped in, and as their swords clashed, both men readied for the final blow. Zan roared as he seem to channel the energy of space and time itself, as Fuzen did the same. When their swords met, a huge flash of energy erupted as Zan's sword cut through Fuzen's large blade. The hooded man's scream seemed to fill all of time and space as the sword sliced through him, his particles disintegrating. The battle was won, the Order had finally been shattered. But many of their members remained, and as long as they lived they would bring chaos to the timeline, but that was why time riders like our heroes existed, in order to maintain peace and justice throughout time. (Anonymius (talk) 21:43, September 30, 2013 (UTC))

After Fuzen's Defeat

Zan sipped his tea slowly. Shadow and light mingled as he gazed at the sun's last embers. He knew the coming of night brought fear, but he also knew that night was where dreams dwelt.

--B-642 (talk) 22:07, September 30, 2013 (UTC)

Suddenly, Zan was starting to disappear. Virginia went to her companion to find out why; Fuzen had damaged the shards of the Star Gem, the only thing keeping Zan from disappearing by the acts of the Order. "There is a way to stop this," Yako appeared revealing that the other one was just a biological puppet that he could control and see through, "I can have my copy shapeshift into an improved replica of the shards, but for it to work it needs a vessel that isn't disappearing. Ryuunosuke is the perfect candidate as he and Zan are the same person; he'll inherit Zan's memories and skills (they will become one), but it's possible he'll lose his old identity." "I'll do it, I promised Virginia that I'll stay by her side that includes my other selves as well, even if I lose my identity I'll never forget my promise." Yako obliged and, as Ryuunosuke and Zan combined into one being that transcended time, the words they spoke were to Virginia and the promise; afterwards, Virginia only embraced her partner as they left to find the rest of the order.--Zeromaro (talk) 22:13, September 30, 2013 (UTC)

As the two returned to the entrance of the Seas of Time, they noticed the younger Virginia was gone. "Where did little Virginia go?" asked the new Zan. "She did not belong in this time line, so Amatarasu has taken her to a different reality where she can truly be happy," replied Virginia. She felt a connection to the joy of her younger self, who rested her tired head on the lap of an Amadeus Chataway who never found the statue and lived as a loving and caring father dedicated to making his daughter happy. --Pikapwn (talk) 22:25, September 30, 2013 (UTC)

Looks like things are slowly settling back to normal again, Zan thought. As if I ever had a normal life to begin with. He absentmindedly glanced at the black stone he held in his palm. A nice souvenir, he thought with a smile, before suddenly finding himself thinking of Virginia again. Why do I keep seeing her, and why do my thoughts gravitate towards her lately?, Zan mused, before Virginia’s teasing voice brought him back. “What are you daydreaming about, Zan? Let’s get moving, or the Order might do something wicked again”, she laughed, as they opened a time portal, went through it, and vanished. Stefan (Shikai - "Rust & Shatter") (talk) 22:48, September 30, 2013 (UTC)

As they walked through the time portal he held out his hand to Virginia who took it with a smile and a light blush. "By the way, what should I call you now? You're both Zan and Ryuunosuke now." "Either one is fine, I'm technically both anyway. But what really matters is that we'll be together." They then walked off together hand in hand. Forest Dragon Slayer (talk) 23:52, September 30, 2013 (UTC)

Back in his own time, Yumoa walked amidst the streets of his town, content to once again be on guard duty. Although he enjoyed his journey with Yumoa,he was also very happy to have things be more quaint and relaxing. As he patrolled, he noticed a group of thugs bothering and harassing a beautiful young woman, whom Yumoa figured was about his age. He smiled, drew his bow, and fired a warning shot that stuck into the wall right beside one of the thug's heads. The thugs turned, saw Yumoa, understood his warning, and immediately bolted away in fear. The woman very graciously gave Yumoa a hug and a kiss on the cheek, causing him to say to himself, "I love my job." --Ezvil (talk) 23:54, September 30, 2013 (UTC)

Zan and Virginia had continued their battle against the Order and had whittled it down. Taking much needed rest Zan went to talk to Virginia, as Virginia asked why Zan had come, he replied that he never stopped thinking about her and her safety and presented Virginia a ring with a special gem made from the Time Gem's shards, "I believe it's customary in the West for a man to give a ring to a woman he wishes to spend his life with." "Zan, thank you, I'll happily accept this and your proposal, if you accept another type of company; I've been meaning to tell you this, but being this 'star' allows me abilities like bearing the child of a man she chooses wisely without bodily contact and I have kept the child for a while (albeit hidden within time and space for safety)." Zan was surprised to know he was already in the process of having a child, "The child does not have to be a Zan like you or I and we can choose any time for the child to live in when he we need to let him or her go when ready, and we can visit any time we wish when that happens." "I do not mind having a child, neither do I have any preference for its gender, I only wish that you will stay by my side, this ring will allow that." Zan and Virginia left determined to finish the battle with the order, now that they have a future to look forward to.--Zeromaro (talk) 03:14, October 1, 2013 (UTC)

Meanwhile, in a tea shop across Kyoto, two familiar figures are enjoying some snacks along with cups of green tea. Yushin says with a more serious expression, "Time has yet to restabilize, and pockets of Shadow Clan forces are still at large." Yako nods to this and gulps down his matcha before standing up. "If that is the case, then we should go." Yushin heaves a disgruntled sigh as he finishes up his snack as well and leaves some money on the table. His exasperated expression, however, changes unto a smug grin as he remembers a particular couple that are also doing their part against the Order of Mar'riana. heraldofmeridian♣ 03:38, October 1, 2013 (UTC)

Panther purred as his keeper stroked his fur. He grinned, and placed his eyes upon her. Fortune had brought him to this moment. A spark dashed through his mind: destiny is the realization of purpose. If the future was another name for the path one wished to walk, he knew his course was to continue fighting.

--B-642 (talk) 05:08, October 1, 2013 (UTC)

Virginia and Zan's Happy Ending?

Virginia seemed to immensely enjoy dragging Zan from store to store; making him wear the silliest outfits he had ever seen. “You are to marry into a noble family, so it’s only natural that you learn what it means to be a gentleman, and your wardrobe is a good place to start”, she had stated. Several hours later, Zan found himself sporting a jade top hat, and a matching silk vest, over a white shirt, a dark grey tailcoat, and lighter grey, striped, trousers with a ridiculously high waistline. His mood brightened significantly when he saw Virginia wearing an exquisite scarlet, 12-button velvet suit top and skirt, and a black touring hat; a straw hat form, with black lace details, and crowned with hand dyed, silky red roses.

"Is this really necessary?" Zan/Ryuunosuke said in a tone that definitely came from Ryuunosuke's side of the fusion. "For both sides of me, I was a farm boy you know." "Well, we should still look proper as we're going to be a family of nobilty." Virginia responded as she continued to look for more outfits that made Zan/Ryuunosuke sweatdrop. This is going to take a while Forest Dragon Slayer (talk) 16:22, October 1, 2013 (UTC)

Virginia also had a special love for the opera, and Zan had a growing suspicion that she was making fun of him, when he found out that the play they would go see later that evening featured a plot, where a pirate falls in love with a noble woman, and is torn between his love for her, and his love for the sea. Eventually the lady’s father finds out about the pirate and has him arrested, and the pirate is hanged for his crimes, near the harbor; the last thing he hears being the sound of waves, mocking his foolish decision to forsake the ocean. Stefan (Shikai - "Rust & Shatter") (talk) 14:16, October 1, 2013 (UTC)

Suddenly, Zan heard a familiar voice whisper in his ear, "Fancy meeting you here." Zan and Virginia turned to see Yumoa dressed in more formal attire than usual with the same young woman from before holding hands with him. "You really have a knack for showing up inexplicably Yumoa," Virginia joked, which caused Yumoa to chuckle a bit whilst nodding his head in agreement. Yumoa's date slightly pulled on his arm, however, causing Yumoa to reply quietly, "Sorry we shall talk later; I must get to my seat but, oh, before I go, I just wanted to complement Zan on his outfit." Zan just shook his head in irritation. In one of the higher balconies of the theater, a figure clad in a white suit and a white mask holding what appeared to some kind of smoke bomb stood by another familar figure, who told the mask man whilst looking at Zan and Virginia, "Now is the time, do it!" --Ezvil (talk) 15:06, October 1, 2013 (UTC)

"Oh no you don't! HAMMERSTRIIIIKE!" "What the-?" The masked man and the familiar figure had a giant mallet smashed over their heads before the Overseer hit them into a rift in time and space, which he closed by clicking his fingers. "I'm terribly sorry," he apologized, resting the head of his mallet on the floor, "but I didn't think we had time for another battle before a satisfactory conclusion!" That's twice you owe me, Zan! the Inter-Dimensional being thought to himself, watching the heroes before disappearing from this universe forever. (Anonymius (talk) 16:59, October 1, 2013 (UTC))

"Well that was unexpected." Zan/Ryuunosuke commented on the scene they just witnessed as Virginia just nodded in agreement. "But then again, when do we not see such strange occurances? We're time travelers." She said. "But I wouldn't have it any other way because I'm with you." Forest Dragon Slayer (talk) 17:45, October 1, 2013 (UTC)

Earlier that day, Virginia had seemed to immensely enjoy dragging Zan from store to store; making him wear the silliest outfits he had ever seen. “You are to marry into a noble family, so it’s only natural that you learn what it means to be a gentleman, and your wardrobe is a good place to start”, she had stated. Several hours later, Zan found himself sporting a jade top hat, and a matching silk vest, over a white shirt, a dark grey tailcoat, and lighter grey, striped, trousers with a ridiculously high waistline. Though, his mood brightened significantly when he saw Virginia wearing an exquisite scarlet, 12-button velvet suit top and skirt, and a black touring hat; a straw hat form, with black lace details, and crowned with hand dyed, silky red roses. Stefan (Shikai - "Rust & Shatter") (talk) 20:14, October 1, 2013 (UTC)

Zan and Ryuuonosuke's thoughts and emotions have already been melded into one. The legendary samurai of time understood his past, and the former farmer boy became the samurai he had always dreamed of becoming. He gazed into Virginia's eyes and felt the joy of two fulfilled lives. "Well let's get the celebration started!" Yuoma yelled, "Banzai!"

"Banzai:" said Zan, "To ten thousand years." --Pikapwn (talk) 21:47, October 1, 2013 (UTC)

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