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Cooking Master Boy (中華一番!, Chūka Ichiban!) is a 1995 Japanese manga created by Etsushi Ogawa. Originally serialized between 1995 and 1999, the manga was adapted into an anime television series by Nippon Animation with Masami Anno as director. The manga also got adapted into a television drama called Zhōnghuá Xiǎo Dāngjiā (中華小當家, lit. "Chinese Little Master"), which originally aired in China from 2005.

During the manga's serialization, the character '真' was added, so from 1997 to the series' completion, the title was revised to Shin Chūka Ichiban! (真・中華一番!) A reboot anime following the new Shin title was announced by Production I.G and is scheduled to premiere on October 11, 2019 on TBS's Animeism programming block


After the death of Mao's mother, Pai, who was called the 'Fairy of Cuisine', Mao becomes a Super Chef in order to take the title as Master Chef of his mother's restaurant. However, before he takes his mother's place as Master Chef, he continues to travel China in order to learn more of the many ways of cooking, in the hopes of becoming a legendary chef, just like his mother. During his journey, he meets great friends and fierce rivals who wish to challenge him in the field of cooking.

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