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Cosmo Warrior Zero (コスモウォーリアー零, Kosumo Wōriā Zero) is a Japanese PlayStation game produced by Taito featuring many of Leiji Matsumoto's many sci-fi characters.OVA series. The game was released on May 18, 2000 followed by an anime series which aired from July 6 to September 28, 2001.


The long war between Earth and the machine men is finally over, resulting in a peace that is more of a victory for the machine men than the Earth. Warius Zero lost his family in the war to the machinemen but despite this he still is a member of the Earth fleet that is now working in concert with the machine men. His ship, made up of both humans and machine men, has been given a near impossible task: capture the space pirate Captain Harlock. While Zero struggles to accomplish this task, evidence begins to surface that the peace between machine men and Earth may not be as it seems.

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