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Crows (クローズ, Kurōzu) is a manga written and illustrated by Hiroshi Takahashi. As of October 2007, it had sold more than 32 million copies worldwide.[1][2]

The series has been adapted into two OVAs by Knack Productions. It has also been loosely adapted into three live-action films: [[w:c:crowsxworst:Crows_Zero|Crows Zero] in 2007, Crows II in 2009 (both directed by Takashi Miike),[3][4] and Crows Explode (directed by Toshiaki Toyoda) in 2014.[5] The first two films have subsequently been adapted into official prequel manga by Takahashi with art by Kenichiro Naitou, entitled Crows Zero and Crows Zero 2.

Plot[edit | edit source]

Harumichi Bouya is a new transfer student to Suzuran High School, a place where only the worst delinquents assemble. Due to its large amount of delinquents who are hated by the general people for their in auspiciousness, similarly to crows, it is also known as "Crows High School".

Harumichi is an insanely strong fighter but has an irresponsible personality. How will he act in this new environment where everyone is a delinquent?

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