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Cyber Blue - Ushinawareta Kodomotachi

Cyber Blue (CYBERブルー) is a manga series that was featured in Weekly Shōnen Jump from 1988–1989. The series was written by co-written by BOB & Ryuichi Mitsui and illustrated by Tetsuo Hara.


In the year 2335 on the plant Tinos (colonized 300 years before by Earth), the planet has been consumed by criminal activity and a corrupt police chief, who has established a secret drug distribution operation to fund his corrupt activities. Due to Tinos having less than half the oxygen levels of Earth, to live on this barren planet, people must wear oxygen life support systems just to survive. These systems, however, are very expensive, and a growing trend among the gangs of criminals is to steal these systems from the weak and sell them for profit. Blue, a street smart orphan, is mugged by one such group of individuals. While gasping for air, he stumbles upon a man "selling" a life support system. However, the man mugs Blue and sicks his gang on him. In the midst of the bedlam, Blue stumbles upon an old maintnence robot with a surprising amount of intelligence, speaking an equally vast amount of profanity. Blue is ambushed while in the alley he found the robot in, by a group of men in league with the gang from earlier. As Blue is surrounded, the corrupt chief of police, a man called Weiser, admits his relations with the underworld of Tinos's society, then orders Blue gunned down. While on his deathbed, the robot, Fatso, sacrifices his own mechanical components to save Blue's life and transform him into the one and only cybernetic being. With 300 years of Fatso's experience and his own 17, he sets out to enact vengenace on the corrupt regime of Tinos, and to delve into the dark secrets that lay beyond...

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