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Fire Force DNA Sights 999.9 (火聖旅団ダナサイト999.9, Kasei Ryodan Danasaito 999.9) or DNA Sights 999.9 for short, is a Japanese manga written and drawn by Leiji Matsumoto, which adapted into an OVA in 1998.

Plot[edit | edit source]

In the year 2024, the Earth was struck by a black meteor and taken over by "Trader Force", a military organization led by the mysterious woman, Queen Photon. It was then, a visitor from the planet Svan arrives to the damaged blue planet, whose mission is to restore the Earth. Among the remaining survivors, a boy named Tetsuro Daiba and a cat named Mello were discovered and taken to the Queen for observation. It was Mello's telepathy that saves them both, where Daiba mysteriously awakens indescribable potential from his DNA memory and pilots a fighter like a real professional. It was a mysterious power in which all sides want, Daiba and Mello were to choose; either stay on a planet that can't support their advanced race, or strike out into the unknown of space?

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