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DT Eightron (DTエイトロン, Dī Tī Eitoron) is a 26-episode anime series by Sunrise. It was adapted in a manga series written and illustrated by Iderou Hinoki, published in Monthly Comic Dragon's magazine in 1999.


In the year 2187, Earth is on the brink of destroying humanity due to global warming. As Earth's surface becomes inhabitable, the population create domed cities which later divides the people due to continuing war and the unstable lands.

Among the city domes is Datania, an academy-type dome controlled by Zero, a data program that forces the children into becoming mindless drones for manual labor. A teenage boy named Shu escapes with his friends with the help from, Ein, May, and Dolly from a group of underground rebels named the Returners. Now free and seeking a better utopia, Shu explores the unseen world while joining the Returners into fighting Zero and learn the city domes' true purpose and the mysterious substance called DT that resides within special humans

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