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Danzai no Exceed (断罪のイクシード) is a light novel series by Riku Misora with illustrations by Keiichi Sumi.

Plot[edit | edit source]

That night, Fujima Yamato got involve in serial murder and almost got killed but she was saved by a transfer student, Shinonome Shizuma with a magic. Yamato had been awake at her house.

"Why are you naked...? At least cover yourself up."

"Why do I have to be considerate about that for you, you should be the one who should take a mind about me and squash your eyeballs."

"That's just weird!?"

Yamato offers her some assistance for Shizuma who came here to stop a serial murder that was done by a beast, but he gets rejected by her. However, he doesn't give up. Even though he got rejected and follows her but...

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