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Dawn of the Arcana (黎明のアルカナ) is a shōjo manga by Rei Toma was serialized in Cheese! and licensed by Viz Media.

Plot[edit | edit source]

Nakaba, a princess of Senan is forced to marry Caesar, a prince of Belquat in an attempt to ease the bad relations between the two kingdoms. Because of the marriage, Loki, and Nakaba have to move to Senan's rival kingdom Belquat. Nakaba discover she holds the bloodline for the Arcana of time, a power that was feared, and as a result everyone that was discovered to have the Arcana was slaughtered, but a few have survived. Every Arcana is different to each tribe, and Nakaba's allows her to see in the past or future, dubbed the "Arcana of Time". Ajin are half-human and half-animal, a sub-species and are usually look down upon or mistreated and forced to be the labour force, and the rebellion grows stronger with every day. Nakaba soon finds herself in the middle of a love triangle with Loki and Caesar, a struggle between Belquat and Senan, as well as the battle for equality between Ajin and ordinary humans.

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