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Dear Boys (ディア・ボーイズ, Dia Bōizu) is a sports manga by Hiroki Yagami, published by Kodansha in Monthly Shōnen Magazine. As of September 2023, the Dear Boys series has 92 volumes in total, including the original Dear Boys (23 vols), Dear Boys: ACT2 (30 vols), Dear Boys: ACT3 (21 vols), Dear Boys: The Early Days (1 volume), Dear Boys: OVER TIME (3 vols), and Dear Boys: ACT4 (currently 14 vols). In 2007, Dear Boys: Act 2 was awarded the Kodansha Manga Award for the shōnen manga.


Kazuhiko Aikawa was the captain of Tendōji High's prestigious basketball team. He moves to a new town to attend Mizuho High and joins its basketball team. The goal is to compete in the Inter-High, a national tournament in which all young and talented basketball players from across the country compete. The story of five team members' youths has only just begun.

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