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Dungeon Meshi

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Delicious in Dungeon (ダンジョン飯, Dungeon Meshi), also known as just DunMeshi, is a seinen manga series written and illustrated by Kui Ryoko. It is currently serialized in Enterbrain's Harta from February 15, 2014 and has been collected into 12 tankōbon volumes as of August 2022. It is licensed in English by Yen Press. In late May 2023, an anime adaptation by Studio Trigger was announced to be in production with an expected release in early 2024.


After getting his sister devoured by a dragon and losing all their supplies in a failed dungeon raid, Laios and his remaining party members are determined to save his sister before she is digested. Completely broke and having to resort to eating monsters as food, they meet a dwarf who will introduce them to the world of dungeon cooking - delicious cuisine made from ingredients such as the flesh of giant bats, walking mushrooms, or even screaming mandrakes.

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