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Dennō Bōkenki Webdiver (電脳冒険記ウェブダイバー) is a Japanese mecha anime produced by Studio Radix. It premiered on TV Tokyo on the 6:00 PM timeslot from April 6, 2001 to March 29, 2002.

Plot[edit | edit source]

In the year 2100, the world is interconnected by the computer network. Children become Web divers by uploading their consciousness into the internet and play in the cyber park called "Magical Gate", with programs called Web Knights created to protect the children. One day, a mysterious computer virus appears and begins to destroy the Magical Gate, corrupting all the Web Knights and turning them against the children. The only Web Knight to escape the "brainwashing" is Gladion, who seeks the help of a fourth-grader named Kento Yuki.

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