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Desert Coral (デザート・コーラル) is a manga series by Wataru Murayama.

Plot[edit | edit source]

The manga takes place on the fantasy world of Orgos. Naoto Saki is the main character. Naoto was summoned to Orgos by the sorceress Lusia during a battle with her rival, Camu. Naoto, who previously visited the world many times before through his dreams as an invisible entity, gains a body and becomes visible to everyone else in Orgos. Naoto is initially not a welcome visitor among the rest of Lusia's group (who call themselves "Desert Coral"), but their aloof and unfriendly attitude gradually changes over time. The group known as Desert Coral never clearly state what their intentions are, but they primarily seem to be together in order to destroy the Elphis, a sadistic semi-immortal race that lives in the 'superior levels' of Orgos. It is later revealed that Naoto had visited this world before when he was a child. These prior visits by Naoto were apparently a means to escape reality after the death of his little sister. The world of Orgos is also revealed to be a dream created by Naoto to escape reality. It is later discovered that Lotus, Lusia's older brother and in one way or another related to every member of Desert Coral, is trying to steal the world of Orgos from Naoto.

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