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Divine Melody (仙曲) is a Taiwanese manhua comic series written by Yi Huan. It is published in Taiwan by Tong Li Comics and was distributed in English in 2009 by DrMaster.


Divine Melody is the story of Cai Sheng, a young female fox demon. When a human boy and girl save her from a dog attack, Cai Sheng's caretaker, Hui-Niang marks the pair with special symbols, which will not disappear even when they are reincarnated, so that Cai Sheng may one day repay her life debt to them. Two hundred years later, Cai Sheng has mastered the ability to transform into a male demon, and while in this form, she meets reincarnated versions of the boy and girl from long ago. In order to repay her debt, she decides to play matchmaker for the pair, but the girl begins to fall in love with Cai Sheng's male form, and the boy with her female form.

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