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Dragon Eye (龍眼-ドラゴンアイ-, Ryū Gan -Doragon Ai-) is a manga written and illustrated by Kairi Fujiyama. The manga was serialized in Kodansha's manga magazine, Monthly Shōnen Sirius.

Plot[edit | edit source]

Forty years ago a terrible virus spread throughout the world, and people and animals alike were infected and transformed into horrible monsters that eat the flesh and drink the blood of the uninfected. These creatures were henceforth known as "Dracules" (after the famous vampire) and what created them the "D-virus". Even worse, because the virus affects the sufferer immediately, a cure has never been developed; the only way to "save" its victims is to kill them. Luckily, there are those who were born with an immunity to the D-virus - they are the VIUS, a Dracule elimination force based in the city of Mikuni who safeguard humanity from extinction.

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