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Dragon Voice (ドラゴン ボイス, Doragon Boisu) is a manga series by Yuriko Nishiyama. It was serialized by Kodansha in Weekly Shōnen Magazine and collected in 11 bound volumes. The manga was licensed in North America by Tokyopop, but the license was dropped after publishing 10 volumes.

Plot[edit | edit source]

The main character is 15-year-old Rin Amami, a gifted street dancer. His dream was to become a singer like his mother, but he has a harsh and unpleasant-sounding voice. However, his chance encounter with the idol singing group Beatmen opens the path to the music industry to him.

The head of the small idol agency called Redshoes (who manages the Beatmen) is certain that Rin's voice is the legendary 'Dragon Voice.'

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