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Dream Festival! (ドリフェス!, Dorifes!) is an ONA produced by Bandai Namco Pictures in association with the music label company Lantis and is directed by Yuuta Murano. It is a part of the 5D idol franchise of the same name. It began streaming in Japan on September 23, 2016 on Animate Channel as well as being simulcast by Crunchyroll. It also began airing on TV in Japan on October 7, 2016 on Tokyo MX. A second season is currently airing in 2017.

Plot[edit | edit source]

Kanade Amamiya, a bored second-year high school student, was suddenly scouted by legendary idol Haruto Mikami at his part-time job. As a rookie idol, he must work hard to win his CD debut at the agency's competition: Dream Festival!. However, he can't do it alone. Only a strong unit will be able to win Dream Festival! and make their professional CD debut. Kanade aims to befriend his fellow rookie idols in order to form a unit, receive Dream Cards sent by fans, and win Dream Festival!.

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