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Dungeon Fighter Online, also known as DFO, is a online multiplayer beat 'em up action RPG, developed and published for personal computers by Neople, a South Korean subsidiary of Nexon, and originally published by Hangame in 2005. The game was originally released in South Korea as Dungeon & Fighter (던전앤파이터) and in Japan as Arad Senki (アラド戦記, Arado Senki; lit. War Chronicles of Arad), while published for Chine by Tencent.

DFO is one of the most-played and highest-grossing video games of all time, reaching a total of 600 million players worldwide and having grossed $13.4 billion in lifetime revenue as of 2019. This also makes it one of the highest-grossing entertainment media products of all time.

The game has received Japanese anime and manga adaptations. The first anime titled Arad Senki: Slap Up Party (アラド戦記 ~スラップアップパーティー~) was produced by Gonzo aired in Japan from April 4 to September 26, 2009. The second anime titled Arad Senki: Reversal of Fate (アラド:逆転の輪) was produced by Tencent and LIDENFILMS Studios and was uploaded online in China, while the Japanese dub aired on TV Tokyo from July 4, 2020.


Slap up Party[]

On the continent of Arad in the year 981 after "the cursed light of Kazan" has fallen across the land, a man named Baron sets his adventures across the continent after his arm gets "cursed". After finding a sword that has been possessed by the spirit Roxy, he embarks on a quest to unravel the secret of the curse and meets various people who also join his party.

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